To TRONLINK admins if they are here?

TronLink to Turkish Language and Turkish Community Support?

Hi, this is Mehmet Ali. I am the CEO of the company GM Informatics JSC, a managed IT service provider and a web3 solution provider for many projects.

We use your product with thousands of corporate customers; help them with their onboarding processes with Web3 authentications.

We are open to partnership and ready for the translation of TronLink to Turkish, as well as providing community support.

We do not require any payback, cashback or any alternative method of money. We are ready to do those for Turkish Web3 community.

Please comment…

#tronlink #wallet


I dont know if tronlink has a discord channel, I believe that will be the best place to seek their consent. And also tagging the @admin.hackathon, @StevenTRON @EMerchant and @WindsOfChange92 can really help you in this regard.

Thank you

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We love to see communities and projects coming together like this to provide solutions to irl problems, this is low-key like for the greater good of humanity.