Time for IT Specialists, Professionals, and Staff to earn 💰 (for Türkiye IT Service Market Only!)

Time for IT Specialists, Professionals, and Staff to earn :moneybag:

We have always believed in the concept of decentralized and tokenized businesses :pray:

We have built our business models on the foundations of Web3 and Blockchain :building_construction:

Now, it’s time to introduce GMCoin to the stakeholders of the IT sector :timer_clock:

Thanks to #TRON and #GMCoin

For more information, you can visit the provided Medium link.


Indeed this is great but I have question that I need to be clarified.

  • How will GMCoin’s value proposition specifically benefit IT specialists, professionals, and staff within the ecosystem.
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Perfect question!

First, we need to clarify some definitions;

GM Informatics Joint Stock Company: A 15-year-old Managed IT Services Company, lately a Decentralized IT Services Company or an IT Service Company with a tokenized structure.
GM Support Centre: A hybrid marketplace and multitiered (technically, operationally, and financially) decentralized IT Services Platform, specifically designed for the Turkiye market, yet very scalable due to its decentralized nature.
GMCoin: A #DeBu (Decentralized Businesses) token type or an RBO (Real Business Operations) token design. It is not a technically advanced token, but it integrated multiple business processes, frameworks, and workflows for the company (GM Informatics JSC) and the project (GM Support Centre), making GMCoin first in its design. It’s a TRON TRC10 token.

And well, let then answer the question;

There are three different segments that an IT Expert, IT Professional, or IT Technician can benefit from.

  1. Can apply for the BTT Team and handle IT Service Requests from SMBs, connect via remote connection tools, get a ticket resolution, then bonused with GMCoin via Smart Contract mechanism. This is an enhanced Support To Earn token structure. Technically hybrid because their tools contain cloud architectures and some smart contracts. Operationally decentralized, because they are not an onsite personnel member of the company, they may be working for another company from another part of the country and benefit from this structure. Financially decentralized because they earn GMCoin via sophisticated workflows and smart contract mechanism.

  2. Can apply for the SGT Team, delegate some of the help-desk requests they have, and provide more customers to the platform. In this way, they can delegate some of their work to the other BTT teams and migrate their customers to the platform. While retaining high-quality support, they can benefit from our reference models. Once the referenced customer creates a ticket and it’s solved via BTT teams, he gets bonused GMCoin because they were the referer of that customer.

  3. Last but not least, they can advise their company (since they are working for another company as an IT Expert), our company, GM Informatics JSC. Our sales team can quote the necessary needs related to IT infrastructures, from Servers to Licenses, from applications to Network equipment. Once their company buys the units from us, they are airdropped %2 of the invoiced amount. This is an airdrop model based on real-world trades and transactions. The IT guy gets full support for the purchased units and is financially backed up by GMCoin.

We believe tokens must be integrated into company processes, and just gave an example of three ways we integrated our token structure with the help of smart contracts and multiple business workflow logics.

TRON creates perfect ground for #DeBu tokens or #RBO tokens.

GMCoin is the first example of this, with its project GM Support Centre and its backed company, GM Informatics JSC.


Thanks Boss for the explanation.:+1:

Thanks for sharing the link and info @mehmetalidemirci
Do you plan to join hackathon again this season?

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Definetely no, as you may remember last season 5th we even could not be selected to the list. Without no explanation.

Definetely time loss, we have other things to do and really build on TRON…

I want people to question previous season’s projects, where they are right now…

All clear…


Yes, unfortunately I remember all what happened, and followed your all process. Still I was waiting answer from TRON team.

You are right, but still I guess there was misunderstanding about smart contract creation time and project development time.

It’d be nice to see you, cause you created the most detailed texts I’ve ever seen in the forum. Wishing luck to your new works :pray:


Respected :pray:

I hope every user, admin keeps the communication channel open. :wink:

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I am not in IT but congratulations to everyone in IT

This almost feels like a perfectly and carefully thought out initiative, kudos!