Kattana - ultimate trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs

Project Name: Kattana
Project Track: Builder
Team Member(s): Ilya Demydonok, Dmytro Bieliaiev
HackerEarth Project Link: TBA
Project Goal: Kattana creates the best, fastest, and most accurate trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs. Support for more than 5M trading pairs on 23 networks, unique trading and analytical tools, unlimited data mining capabilities and much more - so that every user has a flawless experience when interacting with DeFi.

For TRON Hackathon Season 5, Kattana aims to adapt its own limit orders for the TRON Network and all its users worldwide.

Project Value: Kattana with its own complete infrastructure, which is capable of almost unlimited horizontal scaling, allows to record, process, and visualize absolutely every log from every supported network for the end user, as well as interact with these networks:

  • Ultra-fast and accurate trading charts
  • Trading tools: own routing, limit orders of various types, mass automatic orders
  • Magic wallet analyzer with the ability to copy trades (coming soon, stay tuned )
  • Analyzer “Top Traders”
  • Tracker for whale swaps
  • Price alerts

and much more available in Kattana trading terminal right now

Project Info: Kattana - is the ultimate trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs.
TRON Network as well as BTTC are already supported with the most analytical tools of Kattana

Project Website: Kattana trading terminal - try it out!

Project highlights:

Project Milestones: Limit orders from Kattana are already available to all users for EVM networks, the process of development and adaptation for the TRON network is currently underway - the planned release date of limit orders for TRON is by the end of October 2023


Project Test Instructions: the project has public accessibility: here
Smart Contract Links: Kattana isn’t using any smart contracts for its work on TRON Networ

Best Wishes,


Welcome to Hackatron S5 team. I remember you in one of our previous seasons and also part of Web3 stronger together. I will be happy go hear from you what you built on tron and/or bttc the last time you participated.


Welcome to Season 5, your offering is packed and loaded but short. I read the description of Kattana as the ultimate trading terminal for both DEXs and CEXs (Decentralized and Centralized Exchanges), aims to offer a range of features, including support for over 5 million trading pairs on 23 networks, analytical tools, data mining capabilities, and more.
Topmost inquiry was to ask but figured that out whilst reading that the project’s goal for this hackathon is to adapt its limit orders for the TRON Network, this suggests that they are actively seeking to expand their services and adapt to new blockchain ecosystems.
I’ve a few pertinent questions;

Can you provide more information about the backgrounds and expertise of the project team members, Ilya Demydonok and Dmytro Bieliaiev?

Are there any plans for more frequent updates or communication with the community, given that last post was 8 months ago and there hasn’t been a recent post from Ilya?


Welcome back Katana,

Looking forward to what you will provide, seeing this is a improvement from the previous entry you did in season 2 and not a brand new product. I think this should be qualified under the builder category.


Welcome to Hackathon S5,this project is loaded but I have some important questions

Enumerate the unique features of kattana trading terminal that makes it stand out from the competition.

Elaborate the benefits of using kattana for Tron traders. And in what way does Kattana’s limit orders work on the TRON network.

In what way does kattana’s infrastructure allow it to support morethan 5m trading pairs on 23 network.

Explain the risks involved in using kattana, and by what method do kattana protect user data and funds.

In what way does kattana’s trading terminal compare to other trading terminals on the market.


Hey @Prince-Onscolo , glad to answer

So, I posted some time ago the following report about TRON and BTTC integration in Kattana

Since that time it was added some analytical tools above it, like “Top Traders” analyzer, “New Pairs” and “Whale Trades” checkers

Moreover, all the common Kattana’s tools are also available for TRON and BTTC trading pairs, like price alerts, liquidity chart and more

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Hey there, thanks for your reply and questions

LinkedIn is a good starting point, I guess,
Ilya Demydonok - been CEO at Kattana for more than 3 years already, from the very beginning, the idea stage till now. Now - Kattana is actively scaling and providing its product to thousands of users without borders and limits

Dmytro Bieliaiev - also has a long success story with Kattana already, and is always open to new tech challenges

Sure, we noticed a gap in communication across this forum from Kattana’s side, and willing to contribute more regular

thanks for the explanation, @Dendorion suggested something

If this project is not totally new but continuation of the project you built in s2 or s3 then the right track for you is builders :pray:

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Hey @Dendorion ,

Very aptly noted, I appreciate your comment, and indeed it will be more appropriate to participate in the builder track

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Welcome back to Tron hackathon S5. It’s good you pick up from your previous Project with the aim of developing it further. Having read you post I will like to ask a few questions that will help to better understand your project.

  1. What is Kattana’s project goal and what features does it offer for its users in the trading terminal?

  2. What is your plan for TRON ecosystem during and after the hackathon. Will you continue to support Tron ecosystem by listing some of its project’s token to help gain more traders?

  3. What is Kattana’s project value and how does its infrastructure facilitate efficient recording, processing, and visualization of data for end-users?

  4. What are some of the trading tools and features available in Kattana’s trading terminal?

  5. Which networks are currently supported by Kattana, and what unique benefits does it offer for both DEXs and CEXs?

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Thanks for taking out the time to explain, that’ll be all for now but keeping an eye as things progresses, ciao!

Welcome once again Kattana, i know the team has alot up their sleeves to offer.

From reading your forum post i realised you are available on EVM and wants to bring the party to tron.

What are the challenges you have encountered so far in this endeavor?

Also i want some clarification, is your project anywhere related to this project on coinmarketcap

Hey @Okorie , hope you are doing well these days!

  1. Advanced Trading Interface: Kattana offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface for traders, simplifying complex trading strategies.
  2. Multiple Exchange Support: It allows users to trade on multiple exchanges (both DEXs and CEXs) from a single platform, streamlining trading operations.
  3. Customizable Workspaces: Traders can personalize their workspaces, arranging tools and charts to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  4. Smart Order Routing: Kattana employs intelligent order routing technology to optimize order execution across various exchanges, reducing slippage.
  5. Real-time Market Data: Kattana provides up-to-the-second market data, ensuring traders have access to accurate and timely information.
  6. Risk Management Tools: The platform offers risk management features like stop-loss and take-profit orders to help traders mitigate potential losses.
  7. Portfolio Tracking: Users can monitor their cryptocurrency portfolios and track performance within the platform.
  8. Comprehensive Charting: It offers advanced charting tools with technical indicators, drawing tools, and chart patterns for in-depth analysis.

These unique features collectively set Kattana Trading Terminal apart from its competitors in the cryptocurrency trading space.

Kattana already supports TRON network as well as BTTC with a wide variety of its tools and features, however, there are more things to develop like limit orders.

For the end-user it will be very easy to start using limit orders by Kattana.
Connect Tron link>choose the trading pair>deploy personal proxy contract>set the limit order

Kattana has its own hardware that allows tracking, recording, and reprocessing all the logs from all the supported networks via own and public nodes

Kattana uses web3 connect tools and also does not collect personalized data about users

Kattana’s Trading Terminal stands out with multi-exchange support, customizable workspaces, smart order routing, advanced charting, real-time market data, and portfolio tracking, offering traders a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.


I’m glad you explained this to us, this is a very good project

@Ilya please it seems you addressed all the questions but forgot my own. Still waiting for a response.

I know the team is tight but when you get the chance please let me have the answer. Thank you :blush:

Hey @Nana66419 , glad to chat here
Hope you are doing well.

I really appreciate your patience

It is straightforward to check the official links on the page you cited above, if you will see that it is about kattana.io - then yeah, it is related, but it is always important to DYOR.


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Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! For this season, limit orders will be available on kattana for TRON network. Any plans for BTTC limit orders soon? Good luck !

Hey there, thanks!

Limit orders for BTTC will be also developed, however it is not the high priority in the dev roadmap

How to join this trading software ?

Hey there

It is available here