Kattana now supports TRON and BTTC

Greeting everyone!

KATTANA is a trusted cross-chain trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs with lightning-fast execution, advanced order types, and an analytics suite that would make quant funds jealous.

Working with Trading Big Data, Kattana gives users the ability to trade in real-time on DEXs across multiple networks.

Up to 24 advanced charts for free on one screen and use of tools like unique limit orders, wallet analyzer, data analysis, data providing and data mining, price alerts across a personalized watchlist, social sharing, and other innovative tools with the all-in-one trading terminal of the future for web and mobile web!

Try it out now: Kattana - Cryptotrading terminal

*Direct trading on TRON via Kattana is completely ready for use, but there is a small issue related to TronLink Wallet regarding sign-in process:
Signature support · Issue #345 · TronLink/tronlink-extension · GitHub

Kattana as a trading terminal was created on the principle of one stop platform.

Own database, which records absolutely all trading data from 9 supported networks (including Tron and BTTC), allows to create unique solutions for trading on DEXs.

Real-time charts, trading directly through the terminal, limit orders of several types of execution, news aggregator, analysis of P&L wallets, various alerts,
MM buys/sels and much more

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Hola, he estado leyendo toda la información en el Blog, está muy bien detallada con cada paso muy bien descrito, una persona que se adentre por primera vez en el mercado de los pares de monedas, no le tendría que ser dificil, buenas herramientas. Me parece perfecto, sólo me falta conectar la billetera y probar para ver que tal funciona. Gracias por la información.


Great news and great info
keep building

Follower of Kattana for quite some time.
Love what you’re building. DeFi gonna be strong this year, and you’re helping it to grow.
Please keep it up!

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