Kattana - ultimate trading terminal for DEXs and CEXs

Hey @Tae-Yeon thanks for your interest

We have been interested in this topic for a long time. At the moment, Kattana uses AI of its own development, which evaluates and classifies official news related to one or another project

Also, in the future, there are plans to develop this algorithm and link it with already existing text AI in order to compose individual news selections according to the user’s watch list



Hi guys,

Great work by the way I love :green_heart: your project!

As far as I understood compared to last season you are planning to add limit order.
I tested a bit your app and it seems like the swap interface it’s not ready yet for TRON (I tried using TRON LINK) network and we are passed the deadline for project implementation.

It’s not an issue per say but I would expect to try something by this time as tomorrow starts the community votes.

I checked the website it’s certainly a well-established project, I find it amazing that you have deployed a TRON node as our resources were limited we use TRONGRID for data query which presented the problem of requests per second.

The project is scalable it can be seen by the load time which is amazing fast, faster than most websites out there and you are doing also some heavy data processing.

If you find the time while developing I invite you over to check our project we used trading view charts but on Android not on the Web and only daily as a timeframe.

Thanks :green_heart:

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Hey @Ilya and Kattana team,

We’re really curious to learn more about your project’s journey and how it’s evolved. Specifically about how your project started in Season 3 of the hackathon and what has changed until for S5!

Can you share:

  1. What major technical milestones or accomplishments have you achieved between your first submission and the current state?

  2. The most exciting technical achievements from your initial submission to the current state of your project?

  3. How has your project’s codebase and architecture evolved as you added features and supported multiple chains?

Our goal is to ensure projects resubmitting for the hackathon demonstrate meaningful progress over time. More insights into your product’s journey so far will help us validate that.

Looking forward to your response, and thanks for taking the time to share your journey with us!

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Hi Ilya. After trying to connect app.kattana.io with Tronlink it gets redirected to Tronlink.io.
Then nothing happens.

So it looks like your product is not working on the Tron or BTTC blockchain. Can you please explain?


One of the top projects and well-known figures from season 5. In comparison to the previous season, what do you believe has changed—not in your project, but in yourself? For instance, having greater expertise, knowledge or equipment.

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That seems great and so advanced man I didnt know you were so improved the project and are u on the voting as well? @Ilya

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Can we still reach to ur previous project on forum?

Hello buddy, welcome to Tron Dao forum,
Yes you can browse around to read more about previous projects

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Thank you so much and they are always on Hackathon part right? @Gordian


Each on the session 1 till this session

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We want to start by saying a big thank you for your interest in the Kattana project. We really appreciate it!

To keep things simple and not repeat what we’ve already covered in previous discussions about technical stuff, here’s the scoop: We’ve made some great progress, and one of the most exciting things is that we’ve got our platform running super smoothly. This means our terminal can now handle TRON and BTTC transactions in real-time, no matter how many users are doing it at the same time. That’s a big deal!

Once we got that part sorted out, we naturally decided to build some tools specifically for TRON and BTTC trading. These tools include things like routing options, limit orders, and wallet copying features, just to name a few.

Your support means a lot to us, and we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride as we continue to make exciting developments in the Kattana project.


Hey @MarcoPolo - thanks for your question

Taking a look back, we were pointing out some blockers regarding outside trading here:

We’ve tackled those issues and found our way forward. We’re all set to push ahead, complete the development work, and soon release the results for limit orders, routing, and swapping on TRON and BTTC

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Big appreciate the warm words
We can definitely see an increase in the overall level of expertise in Kattana’s team
Both in technical and in other aspects, continuing to actively promote and move positively in any market conditions


For me it is still not working. Unfortunately your token is not on the Tron chain yet. You should be having more interaction with the Tron chain to get my votes. Getting your trc20 token listed on a DEX would be a good start. Best of luck in the future.

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@Ilya Can you please explain the integration flow of CEX and DEX ? Also If you list down CEX and DEX list whom you are targeting for going Live.


Thanks for your interest, @adeel

Regarding DEXs, the key is to initially integrate the entire network, which automatically connects all DEXs deployed on that network.

For CEXs, less development work is required, but it’s crucial to establish strong business connections and arrangements upfront.


@Ilya Thank you for answer. I would love to know in more detail how spot trading will be integrated with all Dex’s deployed on tron networks.

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Via Kattana’s routing
Users will be able to choose any trading pair or just any 2 tokens > choose the token A amount a proceed with the swap

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Thank you sm excited to take a look @Ilya

That sounds impressive! Kattana’s Trading Terminal seems to cover a wide range of essential features for traders. I’m particularly interested in the customizable workspaces and real-time market data. Can you tell me more about their fee structure and whether they offer a demo version for testing? :thinking: