TheGraph - Is it Needed On Tron?

Hey Devs, I’ve been noticing a few people talking about using TheGraph API and then transferring it over to TRON API. For those Devs who don’t know what the Graph is you can read about it here The Graph

Do you think TRON needs to integrate TheGraph onto TRON? Is it really needed or just a minor inconvenience?

I know TheGraph works with EVM so would it be useful to integrate with BitTorrent Chain?

Also TheGraph integrated with NEAR a non EVM chain so it might be possible to integrate it with TRON.

What are your thoughts?


Thanks for your sharing.

Integrating The Graph with BTTC would be much easier, i would suggest your team run your own sun Graph node before the BTTC chain is officially supported by the Graph team.

Integrating The Graph with TRON would take more time, it would be great if all community projects can raise this request to The Graph team, which may help the Graph Team to decide to support the TRON network.


It would help but it’s not needed per se, you can do everything the graph can by building a server and db for your app


Well, this is what Kattana does - we take a block and parse it into events, transform and store events. You can check/reuse parser code github: kattana-io/tron-blocks-parser, we have support for BT in evm parser.

Kattana has plans to support custom events, you provide contract ABI - we parse blocks, store events, and serve you via API.


TheGraph is usefull for serverless apps btw


Integrating the graph will always be the best in any case


if they lauch for tron network it will help many developers


I hope it’ll be integrated as the protocol is really helpful


yeah, definitely! I am wondering are there any decentralized functions implementations…

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Hmm interesting to know i guess

Interesting post! Thanks

Wow. Interesting, thanks huys6

The graph is awesome. Although, I’m disappointed that they stop support for their hosted instance on Ethereum Mainnet.

Is TheGraph now integrated with Tron?

I am not sure, please correct me if i am wrong.

But The Graph do not support TRON yet.