#Tron and #Bttc Integration On CurveFinance

Good morning tronics, I believe most of you have seen this partnership announcement.

What’s your take on this?
Personally I think it is very good to have more Dexes supporting tron and bttc.

Per the tweet it is the second largest dex in the world. This means in terms of numbers, it is one of the best.

How can projects on tron and bttc tap into this and grow their community and/or holders.

I believe some projects here now have started discussions on how to get listed there… @turuglobal @TronNinjas @JustMoney @Chevkev @Sirluke


It’s a new Partnership, Partnership in Crypto space is avenue for growth and development.

The partnership between TRON, BTTC, and Curve Finance is a positive development for both ecosystems.

I hope to see positive improvement in numbers.

Curve Finance is one of the largest and most popular DeFi protocols, and its integration with TRON and BTTC will make it easier for users to access these blockchains and participate in DeFi activities.

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We all believe that the Curve Finance partnership is a great opportunity for projects on TRON and BTTC to grow their community and holders.

But I’m curious, What will be the metrics that will be used to measure the success of this partnership?

oh i think they have a way of pulling transactions of each pairs. So trading volume can be used, that’s my opinion. it can be compared to volumes on other Dexs

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This is really smart move by Justin for this great partnership, hopefully this will yield positivity to the Tron ecosystem