Has anyone used the TRON Dapp Chain?

I’m looking for some community developer insight on using TRON’s Dapp chain. I know there were recent complaints that withdrawal from the sidechain was not working but I believe that was fixed.

With Tron’s increased fees I am wondering if any Dapps have looked into it.

  1. Has anyone used Tron’s Dapp Chain recently?
  2. What experiences have you had with the Dapp Chain?
  3. As a developer is there any documentation missing?
  4. Any other comments?

@Tashlion has used the Dapp chain, he can be help to you


Sun Chain , Dapp chain , BTT chain all so friggin confusing :rofl:

Will these continue to operate side by side of will everything at some point merge to BTTC as i was under the impression this should be the leading L2 for tron .


Imo in the long term if Tron wants to keep growing and being scalable it will need more than one L2.
In the future we might see several L2’s for each L1 and they will all have their own purpose (BTTC for DeFi, another one for GameFi, another for NFT’s with specific usecases,…).

What I hope is that those L2’s will all be accessible from Tronlink so we don’t have to juggle with Tronlink and MetaMask.

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So I am assuming you haven’t had any experience with it at all?

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Thanks, I’ll try reaching out.

Sounds like Eth and Polygon’s L2 vision with many L2s. :laughing:

Except that I don’t think that one ecosystem only will survive ^^ I think there is enough space for several L1’s and it’s better to have some competition for both sides.