WBTT & EasySwap - Trading Any Token between TRON and BTTC

Project Name: WBTT & EasySwap
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: EasyBTTC
Team Members: 8
Project Goal: Trading Any Token between TRON and BTTC
Project Repo: GitHub

Project Details:

EasySwap is dedicated to swap assets on multiple chains directly, without having to swap assets across chains first. After the swap is completed, the corresponding assets on the corresponding chain are immediately available. We are currently developing it on BTTC. The WBTT infrastructure is already provided for BTTC. Please visit wbtt.io for details.

Project Milestones:

2022.02: Launched WBTT project

2022.03: Launch EasySwap on BTTC [under developing]

2022.04: EasySwap support TRON

2022.05: EasySwap support trading any token on/between BTTC & TRON

2022.09: Support swap-mining


Welcome to TRON DAO Forum @easyBTTC
You have a nice and clean-looking website there and it explains the WBTT use case quite well.
Can you provide an actual real-world use-case example for those who may not understand what they would use EasySwap for?

What are some rough fees estimation for users to use EasySwap?

What are the requirements for token owners to list their tokens on EasySwap (i.e. fees and liquidity-wise)


How is this different from another WBTT by https://unifiprotocol.com/ that already exists on BTTC?
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Vote vote vote guysss


Really impressed about this project


Any ideas to expand over other BCs?

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How to used BTTC chain for staking or crossed :chains: chain

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Bttc is great and i think bttc will do better in the future

sounds good, good luck :heart:


I think this can be promising, good luck

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Looks interesting :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Lovely Artwork and Design

Surely this is huge and Acceptable by many I’m sure This will go a long way