Tron Godot SDK - Connect your Android mobile games to your Tron Wallets

Project Name: Tron Godot SDK
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Team CSFM
Team Member(s): @csfm1993
HackerEarth Project Link: Coming soon

Project Goal
The primary goal of the Tron Godot SDK project is to break free from the constraints that have limited blockchain integration primarily to web browser games. This project specifically targets Android game development within the Godot game engine. By doing so, it aims to empower game developers with a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for seamlessly integrating the Tron blockchain, into their Android games.

Project Value:
The Tron Godot SDK project brings significant value to the world of game development by addressing a critical limitation and offering several benefits:

  • Expanding Beyond Web Browsers: Historically, blockchain integration has been predominantly confined to web browser games. By providing an SDK tailored for Android games within the Godot engine, this project significantly broadens the scope of blockchain integration, making it accessible to a wider range of game developers.
  • Unlocking New Possibilities: The integration of the blockchain technology into Android games unleashes a realm of new possibilities. Game developers can create innovative and immersive gaming experiences that were previously challenging to achieve, including in-game economies, tradable assets, and unique monetization models.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Blockchain-based features, such as in-game assets and currencies, empower players by providing true ownership and cross-game interoperability. This fosters increased player engagement and retention, as players are motivated to accumulate and trade valuable assets across various games.
  • Security: The SDK will use well established tools to allow players to add their wallets to android games without exposing their private keys .
  • Monetization Opportunities: Game developers can explore diverse Web3 monetization strategies, such as the sale of NFTs , blockchain-based subscriptions, and microtransactions, offering new revenue streams and sustainable business models.

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Project Milestones:

  • September 18 : Started project development

Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! Wow so with Tron godot, developers will be able to integrate TRON blockchain with games built with Godot. Good luck in completing milestones !


Welcome to Hackatron S5.

You have a nice idea, this will help game devs a lot. My concern here is connecting wallets.

Now hacks are part of us, scammers looking for ways to steal crypto from people.
How secured is your platform?


The SDK uses Wallet connect to create a connection between your wallet and the game. Every transaction must be approved and signed by you in your wallet before the funds are sent. As a rule of thumb you should only connect your wallet to well established games. @Prince-Onscolo


that’s nice, users must be careful where they connect their wallet to. Thank you


Welcome to season 5.
Just want to clear my doubt.

So your project seeks to help game developers integrate their game with the tron wallet. (I stand to be corrected)

In that case funds can be moved from the wallet to the game and vice versa. If that is the case then its very cool idea.

But its the project built for only tron??

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You can think of it as a tool that will allow developers to add in game purchases using Tron wallets. The devs won’t have access to your private keys .

Let’s say you want to purchase an item inside a game, you would click the buy button and a request will be sent to your wallet . A popup window will appear and you will have the choice to approve or reject the request . The funds will always remain in your wallet, only the amount required to make a purchase will be deducted from your wallet when you choose to make a purchase.

This tool is being built for the Tron Blockchain but it could be built for other Blockchains as well. @Nana66419


That is wonderful. A payment gateway. Tron game developers can integrate this and make their game more attractive.

Keep it up and wishing you all the best

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5, this is great initiative only if you can make it happen, as saying says that action is more louder than words, all the same wishing you all the best

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Welcome to Season 5, this is really interesting to read and exciting since GameFi has been a thing now for a while. From my read, I see the focus is on expanding blockchain integration beyond web browser games and empowering Android game developers through the Godot game engine, by enabling seamless integration of the Tron blockchain into Android games, the project significantly broadens the scope of blockchain use in game development.
The emphasis on security by allowing players to add their wallets without exposing private keys adds a layer of trust and safety to the integration. I’ve a few questions after carefully reading through and it goes thus;

How does the Tron Godot SDK address potential security concerns when integrating wallets into Android games?

Are there specific features within the SDK that facilitate cross-game interoperability and enhance player engagement?

Could you elaborate on the strategies the project suggests for monetization, such as the sale of NFTs and blockchain-based subscriptions, and how they could be implemented effectively?


Regarding security The SDK under the hood uses WalletConnect to allow the connection between games and wallets. WalletConnect is a widely accepted and secure web3 open source tool that creates bridges between dapps and crypto wallets.

Regarding monetization and interoperability, the SDK will allow devs to request players to interact with smart contracts. Let’s say you have a multiplayer game with unique characters, each character has unique abilities, this characters could be turned into NFTs that could be purchased inside game through the use of the SDK since NFTs are smart contracts. Let’s assume two games with different characters ( NFT) want to collaborate, again this could be achieved through the use of this tool to check which NFT the player’s wallet has and do other custom things.

Blockchain subscription also can be implemented through the use of smart contracts which this tool will allow the developers to interact with.

Just like a hammer the SDK is tool, it is meant to make the developers life easier and open a myriad of possibilities for both the developers and the players.



I see only one username in the team members list. Are you developing it alone?
You started to develop 10 days ago, how confident are you about releasing a MVP on testnet within 7-8 days?


Yes I am a solo dev. I am quite confident that I will have the MVP ready. @fabsltsa


Best of luck then :+1:
Any chance to see it going to BTTC as well at some point? Or your audience target is Tron?

Thanks. BTTC will be integrated in the future. @fabsltsa

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Thanks for replying, was really fun reading through your response. From my read, the integration of WalletConnect ensures secure connections, aligning with industry standards. Transforming in-game assets into NFTs through the SDK offers collaboration opportunities and boosts player engagement. Smart contracts for in-game purchases and subscriptions showcase the SDK’s versatility for monetization. The analogy of the SDK as a tool simplifying development aptly captures its essence. I’ve just one question;

How does the SDK handle transaction costs for in-game interactions?

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It doesn’t handle the costs. This is up to the game devs to decide. @manfred_jr

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Ok, thanks for the clarity, wishing you the very best as hackathon progresses, happy weekend.

Hi everyone,

I regret to inform you that, due to unforeseen circumstances, I won’t be able to submit the Tron Godot SDK project as originally planned. I want to express my gratitude for the support and encouragement you’ve all provided throughout this journey. I had a lot of fun working on this project.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I hope you come back next season stronger and better, wishing you all the best