Mancer - play to earn MOBA

Project Name: Mancer
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: Lingesuwaran
Team Member(s): Number of team members: 1
Forum username: Lingesuwaran
DevPost URL:
Project Goal: My goal in this project is to create an MVP of the MOBA game with play to earn model.
Platform:Android and Windows
Project Info: Mancer is a MOBA that features 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5.
-------------------------Game info------------------------------------------
Players get to create character skills and modify attributes unlike any other MOBA out there.
Players can sell their character as NFT in the marketplace. (for future development)
------------------------Crypto usage---------------------------------------
The game has a built-in TRON wallet that players can use to recharge to buy crystals(in-game currency).
With the crystals, players can start a match(1 crystal) if the player or team wins their match they will get 1+1 crystals which can be then exchanged to TRON crypto using the built-in wallet.

Project Repo/Website:

Project Details:
Mancer trailer video

Mancer game tutorial guide video

PC screenshot1

PC screenshot2

Android screenshot1

Android screenshot2

Project Milestones:

Why android instead of PC

I chose Android cause it has a high potential for bringing in new users to the Tron ecosystem. If you consider other blockchain games most of them are built for browser-based PC games.
If you see each and every normal android game they would have at least a thousand downloads.
A few examples (not play to earn but just normal games):


  1. Creating a Tron wallet while signing up.
    When new users sign up a Tron wallet will be created for them automatically which will make transactions easier without giving your main wallet details(Private key).

  2. Users will be able to create Mancer NFTs
    Users will be able to create Mancer characters and save their data as NFTs like the following
    Character NFT

    Weapon NFT


    Mancer type NFT


    Legends for NFTs (weapon and mancer type)

  • Grey for common rank
  • Green for uncommon rank
  • Blue for rare rank
  • Red for unique rank
  • Purple for Legend rank
  1. Gacha (Weapons and Mancer types)
    Players will be able to play gacha(lucky draw) to obtain weapons and mancer types or players can buy from other players in the NFT marketplace.

  2. After the android and ios build are completed
    PC production will start
    Screenshots of PC build (development version)

Landscape (MOBA map)

Landscape (MOBA map)

Landscape (MOBA map)


Tron Shasta is a test network? Will you integrate it into the main network? Does the ingame wallet link with tronlink wallet?

When do you think the full game will be functional?

Also, do you have a website coming?


@Lingesuwaran Hopefully we can see some more in game play footage soon? also will you have a open beta for Tron users to test at some point or early access?


Tron Shasta is a test network? Will you integrate it into the main network?
For this hackathon, I will not integrate with the main network as it will cost real money and this is just a prototype so there are several security issues. Unlike other games, I’m not selling nfts or minting instead players will create just a normal character like in another MMO.
To create a character user must buy a slot that requires crystals (in-game currency).

Does the in-game wallet link with tronlink wallet?
As of right now, players cannot use tronlink instead they must provide details like wallet address(will be stored in the database) and private key(will not be stored in the database) to buy or sell crystals. So, players are requested to create a fresh wallet to test.
If I finish the prototype game then I will create a website to buy or sell crystals from pc using tronlink.

When do you think the full game will be functional?
The prototype version will be available for testing a week before the hackathon ends.
If I raise enough funds in this hackathon then the full version game will be available within two years.


Hopefully we can see some more in-game play footage soon?
A gameplay video will be released soon.

will you have an open beta for Tron users to test at some point or early access?
Of course, Tron users will get an open beta.
Early access will be available for backers.


@Lingesuwaran great will love to be an early beta tester on this :pray:


How do you become a tester? I think this would be fun to play!


Definitely good to see improvements in GameFi sector.


It doesn’t seem your devpost URL is connected to a submission. Have you submitted your project yet to the TRON Hackathon?

No, I haven’t submitted it yet. I will submit it within 3 days, so chill :cold_face: guys.


Guys, I have submitted my game and updated the links in the post.(I will release a tutorial video soon)

do you guys want a PC build to test?


That would be awesome.


Great one for the gamefi category, good job team.


Thank you guys for cheering me. I complete both the android and windows version MVP be sure to check it tomorrow.

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Yay! That is super exciting. Great work!

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I have just uploaded a tutorial/gameplay video. Since I don’t have a microphone voice is a bit iffy. So, if you guys have any doubts just write a comment I will answer them.


I want some suggestions guys
For character NFTs, I thought of creating QR codes as NFTs like this
Character NFT

Mancer type NFT
Weapon NFT

will this be appealing for NFT collectors such as yourselves?
please reply

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Looks interesting. Are you also available on other blockchains. Will you launch your own token ? thanks

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As of right now I am not going to implement any other block chain maybe after the official release if the players want to then I will.
I will be release my own token during the beta testing.

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