Horse Racing Bet Game 🐎 by Amazing - Lets Bet With Multiplayer

Project Name: :racehorse:Horse Racing Bet Game :racehorse:
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Amazing @amazing.vive
Team Member(s): 1
HackerEarth Project Link: CLICK HERE

Project Goal:
Experience the thrill of horse racing on the BTTC blockchain network. Bet on your favorite steeds, compete against friends and global players, and win with provably fair gameplay. Practice or play real Bet race.

Project Value:

Dive into the exhilarating world of “Horse Betting on BitTorrent Blockchain”, a cutting-edge multiplayer game that blends the thrill of horse racing with the transparency and security of blockchain technology. Players can engage in real-time bets or hone their skills in practice mode. With each race event, participants contribute to a pool prize, awarded to the victorious bettors. Harnessing the power of web3, all transactions stand as open and transparent, ensuring a fair and trustworthy gaming experience on the BitTorrent blockchain network. Join the future of betting, where strategy, luck, and technology gallop side by side.

Project Info:
This innovative project introduces a horse betting game built on the BitTorrent blockchain network, harnessing the capabilities of decentralization, security, and transparency. Designed to attract both enthusiasts and newcomers, the game offers a multiplayer feature and two modes for participation: real bet and practice.

Key Features:

  1. Blockchain-Backed Security: Leveraging the BitTorrent blockchain, the game ensures a high level of security for all transactions, making tampering virtually impossible.
  2. Multiplayer Experience: Players from around the world can interact, compete, and discuss strategies in real-time, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  3. Versatile Betting Modes:
  • Real Bet Mode: Players can place bets using cryptocurrency, with winnings automatically credited to their respective blockchain wallets.
  • Practice Mode: An educational approach for newcomers or those wanting to refine their strategies without risking actual currency.
  1. Event-Centric Betting: Players bet on horse race events, with all bets feeding into a pooled prize. Winners of the bets claim a share of this pool, ensuring a dynamic and competitive reward system.
  2. Web3 Integration: The use of web3 technology ensures all game transactions are transparent, verifiable, and publicly accessible. This promotes trust and openness within the gaming community.

Project Website:
Horse Racing Bet Game - Click Here

Project Test Instructions:

  • Login With Metamask Wallet
  • Add BTTC Mainnet/Testnet Chain
  • Add BTTC Mainnet/Testnet Coins in your account
  • Load Game & Login from PC
  • Ready to play

Project Details:
A multiplayer horse betting game on the BitTorrent blockchain. Choose between real or practice modes, place bets on race events, and win from the prize pool. All transactions are transparent through web3.

Video Link


Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:

  • Creating Basic 3D Environment For Game

  • Developing Game Core Login

  • Implementing And Design UI/UX

  • Practice and Real Bet Modes

  • Developing Multiplayer Mechanism

  • Creating Smart Contract For Betting And Other Interaction

  • Implementing Smart Contract To The Game

  • Creating Global Leaderboard

  • Deploy On Testnet For Testing

  • Deploy On Mainnet

    • Update 18-11-2023
      • Launched on Mainnet
      • Optimized Game Size and Game Play
      • Upgraded Smart Contract For Random Number Generation

Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! Interesting project idea, feels something like WINnftHorse. Waiting to see your project details soon. Good luck !


Winnfthorse was a game, I might be wrong but I think this one is a betting dapp for real world horse racing.
Can’t wait to see more details on that.
Do we bet with BTT? Are the gains in BTT? Do you have a licence for a betting dapp? Or is it planned to have one?


Thanks @HODL and @fabsltsa .
This is not connected to real world horse racing bet but I’m creating virtual 3D game experience where multiple players can bet on horse race and enjoy and move in mini stadium kind of area.
so this is virtual horse betting game. based on game random logic every time random horse will be the winner.

and yes this will be on BTTC. as this is virtual 3d game betting so no license is applied till now.


Ok so I was totally wrong :joy:
That’s ambitious to build it alone. How far are you? Will you have a MVP for October 5-6?
Good luck!


Welcome to Season 5, not alot has been disclosed here but watching closely as updates unroll, be sure to tag community members to it, goodluck!


well i imagine this gonna be cool!


My bad,sorry I just checked that game on internet. seems similar concept. and yes already started working on it but I thought deadline is end of oct but my mistake. so trying to complete MVP as soon as possible with basic graphics.

Thanks for sharing information.


Your project submission for hackaTRONs5 must be by Oct 6th. After that you will have to time to deploy on mainnet till end October. To be eligible for 100% prize your complete project must be live on mainnet by Nov 10th. Good luck !


You are welcome.
This remind me of winnft horse.

Waiting for demo to see how this will look like.

I have been betting but no luck maybe this will bring luck :joy:

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5, but when competing with a friend, how do the payments looks like? Hope we win real cash rewards or just for fun?


Thanks for positive words and support @maaz @manfred_jr


You should expect basic prototype only. Actually there is no comparison between my basic demo and nfthorse. Because single person handled stuff here and they are kind of great quality and work. Still I will do my best.
No worry even if I don’t win but atleast will gain good experience from this project :star_struck:


Noted. thanks for clarification


alright, yes that’s should be the focus for all projects and not solely the prize


As a past bettor, i have betted on dogs, horses and the likes.

To place a bet on a horse or any other animal for that matter. One has to first check the statistics of the previous winnings the horse has made to help guide the bettor to make an informed decision…

Since this is not real life horse race betting.

What statistics will one get to make informed decisions before placing his or her bet.

And if there is a statistics based on a pre determined algorithm, wouldn’t every bettor choose the same horse with a greater possibility of winning.


You’re always welcome, keep building.

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This project is in the wrong track @admin.hackathon

Hi @Jacks.Bryant1 , can you please suggest and explain which track this project can go for ?
Thank you :innocent:

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Yes exactly for if we put predetermine statistic then it may possible maximum users bet on same horse so currently for testing I have set to random horse winning which gives best possible chance to user to bet and balanced economy. Currently every 12-24 hour betting game be available. and rest of the time player can practice in test match.