DAFATCAT - Defi application which integrates saving and prizegaming


Project Name: DaFatCat
Project Track: Defi
Team Name: DaFatCat
Team Member(s): 2 team members
HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth
Project Goal: Create a blockchain based saving-platform on Tron
Project Value:
With the integration of Tron blockchain technology, DaFatCat can perform our goal transparently.
Users can not only have a chance to win big but also can track the movement of their deposit fund on blockchain.

Project Info:
Dafatcat-pitchdesk.pdf (4.7 MB)
Introduction Video

Project Website: dafatcat.io
Project Test Instructions:

Earning prizes is easy, but first, you have to make a deposit on Dafatcat. The steps are a piece of cake!
Step 1: Visit Dafatcat.io and connect your Tron link wallet
Step 2: Enter the amount of 2USDLP you want to deposit
Step 3: Approve Tokens for the deposit
Step 4: Click on “Deposit” to complete your transaction

Once your deposit is successful, you are now eligible for all future withdrawals.
Guide video

Project Details:
The Dafatcat is a blockchain-based decentralised and open source software program. Anyone can view and audit the code to verify that the program is fair and secure.

Dafatcat system:

  1. User deposit funds into Dafatcat prize pool
  2. The Prize pool deposits funds to a yield source, generating interest to add back to the prize pool as a reward
  3. After a preset time interval, a drawing occurs to determine the prize winners
  4. Winner are determined in a transparently process

Smart Contract links:


Project Milestones:

Phrase 1 (Done)

  • Develop product and smart contract
  • Update website
  • Update UI/UX

Phrase 2 (Doing)

  • Participate HackaTron S5
  • Building community and gains awareness

Phrase 3

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Develop partnership networks

Welcome to Hackathon Season 5!!
Gook luck for you <3

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Welcome to Season 5, your project name is really giving me a good laugh :joy:
I’d have to circle back with my feedback when I quench my humor haha :laughing:
Welcome to Season 5 once again.


Welcome team, please is this win-win for all depositors? You earn some interest on the amount you deposit and win extra if you are lucky. Is that how it works?


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
Please what do you mean by 2USDLP ?

Thank you very much, let’s build together!

Thank you Manfred,
It took almost a week for us to come up with the name. Hope you like it!

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Actually it’s not for all depositors, but all depositors will have a chance to win the lottery even if they only deposit 2$. For small amount of deposit, you can earn not much interest but it can be a significant amount on Dafatcat!

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USDLP is the token you receive when you deposit on Justlend, you can deposit it on DaFatCat to join the lottery, and 2 is the minimum amount.

We’re upgrading our system so that users can deposit USDD directly on DaFatCat

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Oh wow. Welcome to Hackathon Season 5. Gud luck :heart_eyes:

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Thanks you Vinny. Let’s grow together!

First of all, how did the team come up with the name DaFatCat? What’s the story/history behind the name?

And I clearly read about your transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2 and I can’t help but ask, what major challenges did you face during this transitioning and how did you overcome them?
Thank you!

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So the 2USDLP is equivalent to 2USDD right?

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Meaning some depositors will get nothing? This is like betting, it will be based on luck or


Actually the name was inspired by an Asian Lucky Cat, he brings lucky to his owner

Tbh there are not much difficulties in the first phrase but designing a good UI/UX for the website is a major challenge. But the second phrase is much different, brand awareness is a key for project like DaFatCat to gain trust from user.

Hopefully HackaTron and Marketing Campaigns could help us!

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Yes it is, we are upgrading so users can deposit USDD directly and no need to worry about USDLP

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We don’t call it betting because depositors lose nothing. You can deposit very little but have a chance to win big prize, no lose

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OK so if you do not get a chance to win, will you get your deposit back?


Yeah exactly, you can get your deposit back!

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nice nice we all go win