Mar Finance - Decentralized Asset Menagement leveraging ERC6551

Project Name: Mar Finance
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Mar Finance
Team Member(s): 2 team members: Bryan and Luiz

HackerEarth Project Link: Mar Finance - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: basically implements Decentralized Asset Management with ERC 6551. We want to give the opportunity to investors sees their money been managed with full security and auditability

Project Value:
1 - Innovation: There are no solutions (or few) that implements a full descentralized flow in the asset management industry (only crypto funds represents more than 1 billion dollars, but the solution can be extended to other markets), primordialy because the recent creation of ERC 6551 that can allow better the action of hold assets

2 - Autonomy and Control: Investors and managers have more control over their assets and investments, without the influence or interference of centralized entities (that is one of the strongest principles to buy crypto today).

3 - Cost-Effectiveness: By eliminating intermediaries (like the custodian), the platform can potentially reduce the costs associated with asset management, including fees that would normally be paid to distributors and custodians.

Project Info:

Demo: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom
Github repo: GitHub - luiz-lvj/tron-hackathon

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: You can test the smart contracts in the mar_finance folder of the repository, runnning forge test.

Project Details:
This project uses ERC 6551 to allow managers to hold assets from investors. In this way, we can basically make a descentralized asset management using EVM. The platform is designed for the two publics: The investors, who will be able to invest their tokens in really great funds around the work in a safe way, and the managers, who will be able to manage and hold investor tokens and can have a profit to themselves. This ERC allows an nft owner to have control over an account, but with customizable features, such as limitations to the possible transactions made. The marFinance contract implements the ERC721 tokens (NFT) and creates the controllable addresses, which we call Safe Accounts. Also, every fund has a quota (or share), which is an ERC20 token, also deployed when the NFT is created. With these features, the investors are able to invest with a stablecoin (say ZUSD) and get 1:1 quotas in exchange.

Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:

  • Idea done
  • Frontend done Connection with Firebase done
  • Smart Contracts deployment done
  • Working in integrate better the web3 connections with frontend
  • Working in populate the firebase database and best connection with the website

Hmmm :thinking:
A decentralized asset management, makes me wonder; are there measures been implemented to enable autonomous asset management and control for investors?

Buddy after going through your writing I think your project is very promising.
I am particularly interested in the use of ERC 6551 to enable decentralized asset management.
I believe that this technology has the potential to revolutionize the asset management industry.
I wish you all the best in the hackathon


It’s in the roadmap. The quota tokens are implemented as ERC20 (or BRC20) so we can easily inplement voting propositions in different funds. We believe this feature is useful in some funds, but not necessarily all of them have to use it.

oh nice, welcome to Hackatron S5.

Please where do you guys invest funds to get the best for your customers.

I saw “be a manager”, does it mean you only provide the platform and enroll managers for users who use your platform to manage their assets?


The idea is connect investors with managers, there is a lot of cost involved in this flow currently in the “traditional” financial market, so we believe in the potential of the project.

So, the platform has features to users that want to invest and earn profits and also managers that want to manage assets and earn fees from this work.

We already work in the traditional financial market. We have experience in Equity Research and know some contacts with banks and hedge funds (not any deal yet). Now, actually, we are in the path to develop the idea and we are seeking for opportunities to go through a pilot test project with a hedge fund.

Is there any other doubt about the idea?


oh I am OK, I got the explanation. Thanks

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It’s really great to hear but, the voting feature useful in some funds and not necessarily in all of them have to use it seem kinda confusing and it’s something I’d need more clarity on and that’s where education got alot of role to play, how do you plan to educate both investors and fund managers about the availability and benefits of the voting feature?
And, considering not all funds might utilize the voting feature, how do you plan to offer flexibility to cater to various fund structures and preferences?

We see Mar Finance as a way to improve costs and safety to the investment funds industry, and in order to do that we want to translate the relations we have in traditional finance. For example, a hedge fund with focus on public equities investment is translated to a fund that interacts with decentralized exchanges, such as Uniswap, a fixed income fund is translated to a fund that interacts with lending protocols such as Aave and Private Equity Funds are translated to funds that own and trade NFTs.

In this way, any investment in a fund (decentralized or not) is made thinking about risk return to the investor. In some cases, the investors are willing to have less control over the decisions of the fund’s manager, in order to receive a better yield, so a lot of voting proposals could make it difficult. In other cases, the investor might prefer choose a fund that works as a DAO, and any trade needs to be approved and there’s no real manager. Our goal is to provide a platform that offers all these possibilities and the investors can choose the best one for their strategy. The idea is that the fund’s manager will create the fund and set its characteristics (liquidity, allowed times to invest, defi platforms that will be used and what can be voted or not). With all of this on-chain, the investors will be able to choose what fits best.


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It’s very impressive to hear about Mar Finance’s vision in bringing traditional finance principles and structures into the decentralized landscape.
To fully understand how Mar Finance plans to ensure transparency and clarity regarding a fund’s characteristics, I’d appreciate it if you provide insights into how these fund details and parameters will be presented to potential investors, thank you!

Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5 wishing you all the best

Luiz, it’s been 1 week since you shared your project.
I could only see it now because I was busy

Everything seems they going very well, Would like to know what kind of updates you plan to make about your project.