Uruz Finance: Decentralized platform that allows supplying and borrowing of assets

Project Name: Uruz Finance
Project Track: Defi
Team Name: Uruz Labs
Team Member(s): Solo
DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/software/uruz-finance
DevPost URL [Profile]: https://devpost.com/simtj1990

Project Goal: Allow users to supply and borrow assets in an automatic environment.

Project Info: Uruz is a decentralized, non-custodial, pool-based interest rates platform that enables users to supply assets to earn interest, and to borrow against them to unlock liquidity.

How it works:

  1. Fund supply: Users deposit assets to the money markets of Uruz DAO smart contracts, and the assets supplied are the underlying assets. Smart contracts distribute uToken that corresponds to underlying assets to users’ accounts at the exchange rate.
  2. Matching: Orders are matched by smart contracts automatically. There is no need for suppliers and borrowers to negotiate interest rates, loan terms, etc.
  3. Interest accrual: Interest accrues as each block is generated on TRON (which takes around 3 seconds).
  4. Lending: Lending is executed in real time. Suppliers can enjoy interest without any action as long as they hold uToken.
  5. Repayment: Borrow and repay as you go. Borrowing can be done as long as the collateral value * collateral factor > loan value + accumulated interest.
  6. Supplying/borrowing interest rate: The floating interest rate is automatically calculated by Uruz smart contracts based on market supply and demand.
  7. Liquidation: If the borrower’s collateral value falls below the liquidation threshold, Uruz smart contracts will automatically trigger liquidation.

Project Website [Dev]: https://uruz-finance-tron-interface-x3lz.vercel.app/

Project Website: Uruz Finance

Contract Address: GitHub - calmrejoice/uruz-finance-tron-protocol

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Make sure you have TronLink installed. https://www.tronlink.org/
  2. Sign in to TronLink on your browser.
  3. Ensure that you are on Nile testnet and have TRX for transactions.
  4. Get TRX or USDT test tokens from this faucet. https://nileex.io/join/getJoinPage
  5. Go to https://app.uruz.finance, hit connect button to connect your TronLink with Uruz
  6. Hit “Supply” button on either TRX or USDT market. You will need to approve TRX / USDT token for the first time. Hit “Approve” and sign the transaction. Wait for blocks to confirm on Tron network.
  7. After approval, supply button should appear and you will be able to supply to TRX / USDT market (refresh the page if supply button doesn’t change automatically from approve button).
  8. After supplying, you will be able to withdraw, borrow (and repay after borrowing).
  9. For URZ staking and voting, message me with your TRON address and I will send you some tokens for testing.

Project Details:

Project Milestones:

  • Theming, branding, logo and color design
  • Uruz UI https://github.com/calmrejoice/uruz-finance-tron-interface
    • Lend - completed (29 Sep 2022)
      • Supply / Withdraw and Borrow / Repay Modals UI - completed (30 Sep 2022)
      • Individual Lend Market Details completed (10 Oct 2022)
    • Portfolio - completed (4 Oct 2022)
    • Governance - completed (6 Oct 2022)
      • Governance Voting & Details Page - completed (7 Oct 2022)
    • Stake - completed (7 Oct 2022)
  • Uruz smart contracts https://github.com/calmrejoice/uruz-finance-tron-protocol
    • Deployed and initialized contracts on nile testnet - completed (24 Oct)
    • Minted governance token (URZ) on nile testnet - completed (26 Oct)
    • Created uTRX, uURZ, uUSDT borrowing markets on nile testnet - completed (29 Oct)
  • Frontend integration
    • Login flow - completed (18 Oct 2022)
    • Lend
      • Market details api and integration - completed (3 Nov)
      • Lend stats api and integration - completed (4 Nov)
      • Able to supply and withdraw assets on nile testnet - completed (30 Oct)
      • Able to borrow and repay assets on nile testnet - completed (31 Oct)
      • Generate interest rate model and implementing utilization chart - completed (7 Nov)
    • Portfolio - completed (8 Nov)
    • Governance
      • Create proposals, vote on proposal, vote balances integration - completed (11 Nov)
    • Stake
      • Stake and withdraw - completed (9 Nov)
  • Landing page - completed (11 Nov) - Uruz

@stj Looks good, will this work similar to the Justlend platform or will users be able to request new assets to be listed onto the lending platform?

@Simon Thank you. Uruz will be built in such a way that if a user holds x amount of governance tokens, he or she can request new assets to be listed through governance proposals. Proposals will then be voted on by other token holders to determine final listing decision.


@stj Nice one, if more assets can be added then the platform liquidity will increase quickly along with attracting more projects :ok_hand:

Looking forward to seeing this implemented :+1:

@Simon you are right. Thick liquidity and exposure to Tron’s defi ecosystem is key. Thanks again for the warm words.

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[Update #1]

Supply / Withdraw and Borrow / Repay Modals UI

[Update #2]

Portfolio Page UI

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[Update #3]

Governance Page UI

[Update #4]

Governance Voting Page UI
Staking Page UI

[Update #4]

Individual Lend Market Details

Hi, any whitepaper available? Thanks :beers:

nice project. What i would like to know is, will the borrowing and lending be in stablecoin or u can lend and borrow any volatile asset.

Hey, whitepaper isn’t ready yet. Still in the midst of putting it together. :beers:

There will be markets for both stable coins and volatile assets. For example: TRX, BTT, USDT, USDD etc.

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[Update #5]

Login flow for connecting user with TronLink wallet
Pushing mock contracts onto Tron chain with TronBox
API for reading mock data on Tron chain with TronWeb
Modifying mock contract on Tron chain with window.tronWeb

Site design and prototype is perfectly fine, loved that

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[Update #6]

Deployed and initialized contracts on nile testnet
Minted Governance token (URZ) on nile testnet
Created uTRX, uURZ, uUSDT borrowing markets on nile testnet

Contracts code and addressess:

Love the project! Looks promising

Hi mate, I’m still interested in the WP if available :pray:t2:

Hey @fabsltsa thank you for your continued interest, WP is currently still a work in progress. Hopefully it can be finished soon! :pray:t2: