Avatar Lab - "Your Signature Look in the Metaverse"

Project Name : Avatar Lab
Project Track : Artistry
Team Name : MetaChronicals
Team Member(s) : @metachronical
HackerEarth Project Link :
Project Goal:
Introducing a revolutionary project in the metaverse era, where personalized avatars take center stage. Our platform democratizes avatar creation, offering pre-designed options, customization, and even the ability to craft new ones. But the innovation doesn’t stop there: purchased avatars can be resold or rented, transforming into valuable assets for passive income. We’re also cultivating a creator ecosystem for avatar design. Beyond our platform, these avatars can be utilized across games and metaverse applications, adding utility to their uniqueness. We’re shaping the metaverse’s present and dynamic future.

Project Value :
The project aims to enrich users’ virtual experiences by presenting an extensive array of avatars, allowing them to vividly express their distinctive personas and boundless creativity within the digital realm. By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology and the BTTC network , the platform orchestrates the transformation of avatars into unique, valuable, and enchanting entities. This metamorphosis imbues avatars with a sense of scarcity, a touch of uniqueness, and the potential for delightful exchanges.

In this transformative journey, users are bestowed with the true essence of ownership, transcending the conventional digital landscape. This empowerment enables users to seamlessly exhibit their avatars as symbols of individuality, and even partake in a burgeoning realm of avatar-based commerce. The project aspires to cultivate a dynamic and spirited community, where aficionados, creators, and collectors converge to contribute their passions and insights. This spirited convergence further amplifies the platform’s intrinsic value and propels its evolution into a boundless space of creative ingenuity.

  1. Empowering Digital Self-Expression: The project empowers users to express themselves authentically in the metaverse, bridging the gap between their physical and digital identities. By enabling users to create, customize, and own avatars, the platform fosters a sense of individuality and belonging in virtual communities.

  2. Nurturing a Creative Community: Beyond just an e-commerce platform, Our project aims to foster a thriving community of artists, designers, and enthusiasts. This community will contribute to the creation, evolution, and curation of a diverse range of avatars, enhancing the overall quality and appeal of the platform.

3.Monetization Opportunities: The ability for users to earn passive income by reselling or renting their avatars introduces a new dimension to the metaverse experience. This aspect can attract users seeking investment opportunities and financial empowerment within the virtual realm.

  1. Democratizing the Metaverse: By simplifying the process of avatar acquisition and customization, the project democratizes access to the metaverse. This inclusivity aligns with the broader mission of Web3 technologies to create decentralized and accessible virtual spaces for all.

  2. Enhancing Virtual Economies: Through the concept of avatar ownership and exchange, Our project can play a role in shaping the emergent virtual economies within the metaverse. Avatars become valuable assets that can impact social status and participation in virtual communities.

  3. Pioneering Metaverse Business Models: The introduction of resale and rental options for avatars introduces innovative business models within the metaverse. This can inspire further exploration of how virtual assets can be monetized and utilized beyond initial purchase.

  4. Supporting Digital Artists: The platform’s future expansion to allow avatar creators to market their designs provides a marketplace for digital artists to monetize their talents. This supports the broader creative ecosystem within the metaverse.

  5. Driving Cultural Shifts: As the metaverse becomes more integral to our lives, its influence on culture and society is undeniable. Our project contributes to shaping the cultural landscape by influencing how individuals perceive, interact with, and value their digital identities.

9.Collaborative Potential: Our project has the potential to collaborate with other metaverse platforms, game developers, and virtual world creators. This collaboration could lead to cross-platform compatibility and integration, enhancing the overall user experience.

Project Info :
avatar lab.pdf (5.7 MB)

Project Website : myavatarlab.com

Project Test Instructions : [Adding Instruction Coming Soon :innocent:]

Project Details : [Video Coming Soon :innocent:]
Smart Contract links : [Smart Contract Link]

Project Milestones :

Phase 1: Pre-Development Preparation (3 Weeks)

Week 1 - Project Kickoff and Planning:

  • Requirement Gathering: Document detailed specifications for each feature, including avatar customization, creation, blockchain integration, etc (Done)

  • Set up communication channels for effective collaboration. (Done)

  • Create a detailed project plan with timelines and milestones. (Done)

Week 2 -

  • Design Planning: Outline the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design for the platform.

  • Legal and Compliance: Consult legal experts to ensure compliance with NFT regulations, intellectual property rights, and user data privacy.

Week 3 -

  • Platform Architecture: Develop a comprehensive technical architecture plan, including database structure, backend infrastructure, and user authentication.

  • Prototype Design: Create wireframes and initial design concepts for key user interfaces.

  • Technical Feasibility: Assess the technical feasibility of avatar customization and creation tools, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Phase 2: Prototype Development and Testing (4-5 Weeks)

Week 4:

  • Avatar Marketplace: Develop the foundation of the avatar marketplace, enabling users to browse and purchase avatars.

  • Avatar Customization: Build the interface for users to modify and personalize pre-created avatars.

Week 5

  • Wallet Integration: Integrate Tron wallets to manage user avatars and transactions securely.

  • Backend Development: Develop the backend infrastructure for NFT tokenization, user management, and avatar ownership tracking.

Week 6

  • Avatar Creation Tool: Develop a user-friendly avatar creation tool, allowing users to design avatars from scratch.

Week 7

  • Community Features: Implement social engagement features, including user profiles, chats, and forums.

  • Avatar Exchange: Build the functionality for users to list avatars for resale or rent, incorporating smart contracts for secure transactions.

Phase 3: Testing and Refinement ( 1 Week )

Week 8

  • Alpha Testing: Conduct in-house testing to identify and address bugs, usability issues, and performance bottlenecks.

  • User Feedback: Gather feedback from a selected group of beta testers to refine the user experience.

  • Iterative Development: Implement refinements and improvements based on feedback received during testing

Phase 4: Launch and Post-Launch

  • Marketing Strategy: Develop a comprehensive marketing plan, including branding, social media presence, and influencer outreach.

  • Public Beta Release: Launch a public beta version to a limited audience, collecting additional feedback and identifying any last-minute issues.

  • Platform Optimization: Fine-tune the platform’s performance, security, and user experience based on public beta testing results.

Phase 5: Future Expansion and Enhancement

Beyond 2 Months:

  • Creator Tools: Begin development of the creator tools feature, allowing artists to design and list avatars for sale.

  • Collaboration and Integration: Collaborate with other metaverse platforms and Web3 games for cross-platform compatibility and integration.

  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly update and enhance the platform based on user feedback, market trends, and emerging technologies.


Hi Family, I am participating first time in Tron Hackathon. Your inputs for any changes and corrections will be very helpful for me. Please feel free to fire all You questions. I will be very much happy to answer them.

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If I get it right, you are building a metaverse platform?

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Yes @Prince-Onscolo . But this will be completely different. It will Include all community members from game to simple user using other metaverse applications.


Looks like we will need to be a bit more patient to see the website. 19 days to go. You’ll have to remind us when the countdown goes to zero :see_no_evil:
Good luck for your avatar and marketplace, avatar lending platform :+1:


:innocent: I will try to get it Live within 19 days. Thank you for your support :blush:

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Welcome to Season 5, goodluck on your journey and I see you’re a first timer to the hackathon. After I careful read, my assessment is; The Avatar Lab project, presented by the MetaChronicals team, aims to revolutionize avatar creation and ownership within the metaverse. By offering personalized avatars, customization, and the potential for resale or rental, the project seeks to empower users, nurture a creative community, and contribute to the emerging virtual economies. I only have two questions after carefully reading thoroughly from start to finish;

  1. The project introduces an innovative concept of avatar ownership and exchange, capitalizing on blockchain technology and the BTTC network. How does the team plan to ensure the security and integrity of these transactions, especially considering the potential financial implications of avatar resale?

  2. The ability for users to earn passive income through avatar resale and rental is intriguing. Could you provide more details on the mechanics of this process, including the role of smart contracts and potential challenges?


Hi :wave: So it is basically a mix and match builder for a cartoon avatar in the metaverse?

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Welcome :pray: to artistry.


Hi @manfred_jr Thank You so much for great comment. Here are answer to your questions:

1 - Ensuring the security and integrity of transactions within our platform is a top priority for us, especially given the potential financial implications of avatar resale. We have implemented a robust security framework that leverages blockchain technology and the BTTC network to address these concerns.

Here are some key measures we have put in place:

a. Blockchain Security: All transactions involving avatars are recorded on the blockchain, creating an immutable and transparent record of ownership and transaction history. This ensures that the ownership of avatars is indisputable and resistant to tampering.
b. Smart Contracts: Our platform utilizes smart contracts to automate and execute transactions. These contracts are programmed to execute only when specific conditions are met, ensuring that transactions are carried out exactly as intended and agreed upon by all parties involved.
c. Decentralization: By leveraging the BTTC network, we are tapping into a decentralized infrastructure that enhances the security of transactions. This reduces the risk of single points of failure and potential vulnerabilities.
d. Encryption: We employ advanced encryption techniques to protect user data and sensitive information, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
e. Multi-factor Authentication: We encourage users to enable multi-factor authentication for their accounts, adding an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access. As You already might know when binanace system was hacked, many users accounts were secured because of 2FA in place.

2 - Mechanics of Avatar Resale and Rental:

  1. Listing Avatars: Once a user owns an avatar, they have the option to list it for resale or rental on our platform.
  2. Setting Terms: The user can set the terms of the resale or rental, including the price, duration, and any specific conditions.
  3. Smart Contracts: Smart contracts play a pivotal role in this process. When a user lists an avatar, a corresponding smart contract is triggered. This contract executes the transaction when the terms are met.
  4. Ownership Transfer: In the case of resale, the smart contract ensures that the ownership of the avatar is securely transferred to the new owner upon successful payment. For rentals, the avatar remains under the control of the original owner but is accessible to the renter during the agreed-upon rental period.
  5. Automated Payments: Smart contracts handle the financial aspect of the transactions. Payments are made in cryptocurrency, and the contract ensures that funds are securely transferred between parties without the need for intermediaries.

Role of Smart Contracts:

  1. Trust: Smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries and facilitate direct, trustless transactions between parties. This increases the security and transparency of the process.
  2. Automated Execution: Smart contracts execute transactions automatically based on predefined conditions. This ensures that the terms set by the parties are met before the transaction is finalized.
  3. Immutable Records: Transactions recorded on the blockchain via smart contracts are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered. This guarantees the accuracy of transaction history and ownership records.

Potential Challenges:

  1. Market Dynamics: Establishing fair pricing for avatar resale or rental can be challenging, as it depends on market demand and user perceptions.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Depending on the jurisdiction, there might be regulatory considerations surrounding digital asset resale and rental that need to be addressed.
  3. Scalability: As the platform grows, ensuring the scalability of the smart contract infrastructure to handle a large number of transactions is essential. But we have lots of experience of building Platform such that it will be easy scalable later on.

Let me know if all your doubts are clear. I will be happy to answer more questions.


Thank You so much @Kojopapo. I would be very happy to have your inputs in project. Your experience will help me a lot. Thank you once again.

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Hi @tanzhixuan,

Absolutely, you’ve got the essence right! Our platform does offer a mix-and-match avatar builder for the metaverse. However, our vision goes beyond that. While users can certainly create and customize their avatars, we’re taking it a step further by providing utility to these avatars. They won’t just be confined to the realm of appearance; they’ll have practical uses across various applications and platforms within the metaverse. This integration of utility elevates the concept of avatars and transforms them into versatile tools that enhance the overall metaverse experience.

If you have more questions or would like further details, feel free to ask!

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Weren’t you in the hackathon season 3, NFT gallery

No. This is my first Hackathon in Tron.

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Thanks for the elaboration. It does sound promising with all the ideas on this project. However, seems like you’re an individual hacker. My curious is:

How can you implement those ideas in your project in this timeframe? As from what I see, your project does too much and lost the focus. Maybe you can clarify more on the implementation plans.


I’ve dedicated the last three months to working on this project, and I’m pleased to share that a substantial portion has already been implemented. Given the timeframe, my current focus is on the Proof of concept (POC) aspect. I’m ensuring that the user flow impeccably showcases all the major functionalities of the project.

As outlined in the timeline, my immediate priority is to finalize the user flow and integrate smart contracts seamlessly. With a skilled team of over 10 members, I’ll be orchestrating their onboarding to ensure a smooth transition for future developments.

If you have any further questions or need more information, please don’t hesitate to ask!


It’s impressive to see the comprehensive security measures you’ve implemented to ensure the integrity of transactions and the protection of user data within the Avatar Lab platform. Leveraging blockchain technology, BTTC network, and advanced encryption indeed establishes a robust security framework. Given the increasing concern over data breaches and unauthorized access, could you provide more insight into how user privacy and data protection are integrated into your security measures?

The mechanics of avatar resale and rental, along with the role of smart contracts, seem well-defined and thoughtfully executed. The utilization of smart contracts to handle ownership transfer, payments, and automated execution adds a layer of trust and efficiency to the process. As you mentioned the potential challenges surrounding fair pricing and regulatory compliance, could you elaborate on the strategies you have in place to monitor market dynamics and adapt to changing regulatory landscapes in different jurisdictions?


Thank You @manfred_jr for your valuable comments :blush:

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You’re welcome, there are some questions attached to the comments if you read carefully.

Yea Sure:

To answer your first question:

User privacy and data protection are paramount concerns in our platform’s design. We’ve implemented a comprehensive set of measures to ensure the highest level of security and safeguard user data from breaches and unauthorized access, which includes

Data Encryption: All user data, including personal information and transaction details, are encrypted using advanced cryptographic techniques. This ensures that even if data is intercepted, it remains unintelligible without the decryption key.

Consent and Transparency: We adhere to strict data privacy regulations and guidelines. Users are informed about the data we collect, how it’s used, and who has access to it. User consent is obtained before any data collection or processing occurs.

Access Control: Our platform employs role-based access controls based on tokenization to limit data access only to authorized personnel who require it for specific tasks. This reduces the risk of internal breaches.

Regular Audits: We conduct regular security audits and assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities in our system. This proactive approach allows us to address security gaps promptly.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): We strongly encourage users to enable two-factor authentication for their accounts. 2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring an additional verification step beyond the password.

With respect to fair pricing and regulatory compliance, we have following focused strategic points:

Transparent Guidelines: We establish clear guidelines for pricing avatars based on their attributes, rarity, and demand. This ensures transparency and helps users understand the factors influencing pricing.

For Future updates:

  1. Historical Data: Displaying historical sales data can help users understand the avatar’s market value and make pricing decisions accordingly.
  2. Community Price Voting: In some cases, we might involve the community in price-setting decisions through voting mechanisms. This democratic approach empowers users to collectively determine fair prices.
  3. Algorithmic Pricing: Utilizing AI-driven algorithms to analyze market trends, demand patterns, and rarity, we can suggest optimal price ranges that consider various factors objectively.

Although Price for resale of the Avatar completely depends upon the owner of avatar. We will keep no controller over it.

Adapting to Regulatory Landscapes:

  1. Legal Expertise: We will maintain a team of legal experts who stay updated on global regulatory changes related to digital assets and NFTs. Their expertise ensures that we remain compliant in various jurisdictions.
  2. Regional Compliance: Our platform is designed with flexibility to adapt to different regulatory requirements. We establish regional compliance guidelines that consider the specific laws and regulations of each jurisdiction where we operate.
  3. User Geolocation: To address specific regional regulations, we might implement geolocation-based restrictions and controls. This ensures that users from certain jurisdictions are guided by the appropriate regulatory framework.
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