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Greeting of the day Family:

Updates for Today:

Started with Phase 1 of UI & UX development, Will share sneak peek Screen Shot of UI Soon.


Oh~ so the development of the project has started running smoothly before the hackathon started (like what you stated three months before)? Quite impressive and dedicated :clap:

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:blush: Thank you for your support. :open_hands:

But you need to check carefully, as development before hackathon is strictly prohibited.


Your commitment to user privacy and data protection is admirable. The measures you’ve implemented, such as data encryption, user consent, access controls, regular audits, and two-factor authentication, collectively create a robust security posture. Clear communication can often alleviate user concerns and foster a sense of confidence in the platform and to further enhance user trust, could you elaborate on how you plan to communicate these security practices to users?

The transparency and fairness you’re aiming for in avatar pricing are commendable. Historical data, community involvement, and algorithmic pricing strategies are all great ways to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of how prices are determined. Could you share how you plan to balance user involvement in setting prices while also maintaining stability and consistency in the marketplace?

It’s prudent to consider regional compliance and adaptability, especially given the diverse regulatory landscapes around the world. Could you provide an example of how you plan to navigate regulatory differences across various jurisdictions while maintaining a consistent user experience?

As the metaverse ecosystem evolves rapidly, staying up to date with the latest technologies and best practices is vital. Could you elaborate on how your platform plans to keep pace with advancements in security measures, blockchain technology, and other relevant fields to ensure that your security framework remains robust and aligned with industry standards?

Lastly, with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, how do you ensure that regional compliance measures don’t impede the fluidity and universality that users expect from metaverse platforms?


Yea sure,

  1. Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: We will have a comprehensive privacy policy and terms of use that clearly outline our commitment to user data protection and security. These documents will explain how we collect, use, and protect user data, as well as the security measures we have in place.

  2. Website and Platform Messaging: We will prominently display messages on our website and platform, highlighting our dedication to user privacy and security. This messaging will emphasize our use of encryption, two-factor authentication, and regular security audits to safeguard user data.

  3. Regular Blog Posts and Updates: We will publish regular blog posts and updates that highlight various aspects of our security practices. These posts can cover topics like the importance of data encryption, the role of two-factor authentication, and insights into our security audit process.

  4. Notifications and Alerts: Within the platform, we will use notifications and alerts to inform users about any security-related changes or updates. For example, we might notify users when they successfully enable two-factor authentication or if there’s an unsuccessful login attempt.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Our FAQs section will include a dedicated section about security, addressing common questions and concerns users might have. This section can cover topics like how their data is encrypted, how often security audits are conducted, and how to report suspicious activity.

For setting prices while also maintaining stability and consistency, I have already mentioned our future plans which will include:

  1. Historical Data: Displaying historical sales data can help users understand the avatar’s market value and make pricing decisions accordingly.
  2. Community Price Voting: In some cases, we might involve the community in price-setting decisions through voting mechanisms. This democratic approach empowers users to collectively determine fair prices.
  3. Algorithmic Pricing: Utilizing AI-driven algorithms to analyze market trends, demand patterns, and rarity, we can suggest optimal price ranges that consider various factors objectively.

considering blockchain advancement and other upgrades. As mentioned earlier, system that we are building is robust and there wont be much problem for us to adapt any changes or upgrades.

With respect to regional compliance measures

Our platform is designed with flexibility to adapt to different regulatory requirements. We establish regional compliance guidelines that consider the specific laws and regulations of each jurisdiction where we operate. Also we will have cookie policy and other important terms and conditions in place, which will help us lot.

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Hey buddy, you welcome to Tron HACKATHON
According to you, this is your first Hackathon in Tron.

Please reading from your project values and the rest
I have this question.







Thanks for replying in such a short notice. Reading through I can see your approach to communicating security practices is comprehensive and user-centric. Having a transparent privacy policy and terms of use, along with clear messaging on the website and platform, will go a long way in building user trust. Regular blog posts, notifications, and a dedicated FAQ section provide ample opportunities to educate users about security measures and keep them informed about ongoing efforts to protect their data.

Given the evolving nature of the metaverse ecosystem, your plans to adapt and upgrade your platform’s security measures are reassuring. Could you elaborate on how you plan to educate users about these system upgrades and changes to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential confusion or disruption?

The methods you’ve outlined for determining fair prices for avatars are well-considered. Historical data, community involvement, and algorithmic pricing together provide a balanced approach. To enhance transparency, could you share how users can access the historical sales data, participate in the community price voting process, and understand the algorithmic pricing recommendations?

Regarding regional compliance, while your platform aims to be adaptable to different regulations, could you provide an example of how you plan to handle scenarios where regulatory requirements across different jurisdictions conflict or present challenges in terms of implementation?

As the metaverse evolves, user preferences and expectations may also shift. How does your platform plan to gather feedback from users about their evolving security concerns and adapt your practices accordingly?

Finally, considering the potential cross-border nature of the metaverse, how does your platform plan to ensure that user data protection and security practices remain consistent and effective, regardless of the user’s geographical location?

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@manfred_jr - your response has a strong taste of ChatGPT especially at the beginning haha :joy: Good use of the technology


@tanzhixuan it is helping me a lot and I am enjoying to answer it :wink: :blush:

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Here are answer to Your Query:

Could you elaborate on how you plan to educate users about these system upgrades and changes to ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential confusion or disruption:

I think this is natural process and does not require more efforts. Once user are addapted to Your Planform, they will be very comfortable to new upgrades or changes which will improve quality of interaction.

With respect to educating the Users: Our interface will be easy for smooth navigation, using global standard.

For jurisdictions conflict as mentioned earlier Legal Expertise , Regional Compliance are some points we are taking into consideration.

User data protection and security practices: I have already answered this question. If you read carefully, above comments you will get the answers.

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Thank You so much @Gordian for Your Questions. This are amazing Questions.

Let me answer them for You.

WHAT WILL THIS YOUR PROJECT IN THE AI TRACK: Currently We are not planning anything wrt to AI. but definably in future as I have mentioned earlier in my comments that we will be using data analytics for avatar pricing. We will surly go with this.


We are focused on maninly 2 Points:

1 - Giving Utility to Avatar NFT. As You know NFT without utility has no values and Bored Ape Yacht Club is one of the few examples. We will be more focused on giving value to users purchase or creation.

2 - Platform is focused to All users who want to come into crypto and metaverse space. As normal user suppose I want to invest in any nft, I would like to have some returns on this nft, or atleast some thing in return of my investment.

Our Platform will help this type of users to earn rental income on their nft.

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What kind of plans which you see that it can bring real utility to real life? As most of the popular NFT collection do embed utility inside but fail at the end. How your idea will solve this kinda scenario

Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

My question is based on monetization,
How would your users benefits from the monetization?
please how do you plan to raise funds for monetization?

How would the payouts look like, daily? Weekly? Monthly ? Or Annually?

Which payment options do you plan to use?


Glad to see using easy to use UI as a way to educate users as I’m very concerned and particular about Outlook cause I wear glasses often from an eye defect. And yeah I did read through and no you guys are confusing my fluency in English for ChatGPT, I am IELTS certified tutor amongst other things. Goodluck on your journey moving forward, would be watching keenly as hackathon progresses and would definitely circle back with more questions when there are more updates, ciao!


Hi @Nweke-nature1.com Thank You so much for your question:

Here are answer to it:

How would your users benefits from the monetization?

  • Monetizing avatars will give them a passive income stream, which can be very usefule for people who do just 9-5 work and looking for some extra income. Also it will benefits to lots of talented students across globe, who are still studying and looking for some financial automation in their life to fulfill the education cost.

  • I still remember of doing 10-12 projects per month on freelancer and other site just to pay my education fees.

  • Also as artist it will be +1 point, they can put their work for sale and earn some income from through sale.

Please how do you plan to raise funds for monetization?

  • We will not have to raise any fund for monetization, Monetization system itself run on renting basis. So whoever user rents the avatar will have to pay rent to the avatar holder, + some platform fee.

How would the payouts look like, daily? Weekly? Monthly ? Or Annually?

  • It will be based on threshold, Once user reach particular threshold he can request for payments and it will be processed by admin/automatically which ever is preferable.

Which payment options do you plan to use?

  • currently we are fully focused on crypto.

Thank You for your valuable question @manfred_jr . It really helped me lot.

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Greetings Family!

Updates for Today:

Home Page design is Done, starting with Implementation.

What do you think color scheme should be?

Thank you for your response,

but is there any utilities or values that will convince a user to rent an avatar in your platform?

Am aware that your payment option should be crypto but do you have any specific crypto to be accepted like Trx, usdt or you are planning to accept all crypto in general even shitcoins?