Meta Gallery - Metaverse x Marketplace

Project Name : Meta Gallery
Project Track : NFT
Team Name : Brolab
Devpost Link: Meta Gallery | Devpost


What is Meta Gallery ?

Meta Gallery lets you build a beautiful 3D gallery to display all of your NFTs. Easily transfer collections in Opensea into 3D version gallery. Or minting your own NFTs with our marketplace.

Easy to play Meta Gallery runs on the browser of a computer, laptop or even on a mobile browser, users can use it without downloading any other software or apps.

Personalize Meta Gallery provides powerful tools to help users personalize 3d avatars and customize/create their own 3d galleries.

Integratable The product structure Meta Gallery is the hubs of the microverses, making it easy to scale the system. We aim to be an open source project - easy to integrate with other systems

A public beta is available at


Huge user base In the NFT segment, the number of users is expected to amount to 64.45m users by 2027.

Revenue Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 27.26% resulting in a projected total amount of US$8,412.00m by 2027.

How it works

Create Collection

Mint NFT

=> Metagallery generate your 3D NFT Collection

NFT Staking

What’s next

Meta Gallery is open source and very willing to collaborate with developers that want to improve the project even further. New ideas are always welcome!_