Nexus: TRON-Native 3D Metaverse NFT Marketplace

Project Name: Nexus

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: Nexusverse

Team Member(s): 2 (Tim Nelson, Alex van Buerden)

Live Deployment URL:

DevPost URL:

Project Goal: Nexus is a TRON-native 3D asset marketplace for users in the metaverse to seamlessly create, trade, and showcase their 3D metaverse assets.

Project Info:

The vision of Nexus is to become the one-stop shop to serve all TRON-based metaverse platforms for their on-chain asset needs. We are extremely excited to showcase this prototype and would love to hear feedback from the TRON team and ecosystem community.

Some of the features include but are not limited to:

  • NFT Marketplace protocol for seamless buying and selling of 3D NFTs
  • No-code minting of 3D NFTs (metadata on decentralized storage via IPFS)
  • Interactive 3D model viewer to preview assets before purchase
  • Showcasing of user-owned 3D NFT assets via user profiles
  • Well-documented API to integrated Nexus 3D NFTs into any metaverse

Project Website: (Note: We’ve notice initial page load times can take up to ~3 min depending on geographical location due to delays in unpkg CDN loading times for render assets. Apologies for this inconvenience and appreciate your patience.)

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Connect to app via TronLink on Shasta testnet (might take ~1min to load)
  2. Purchase any listed sample NFT assets
  3. View owned NFTs on profile page
  4. Create your own 3D NFT (see ‘Sample Models’ below)
  5. List your newly minted NFT for sale
  6. Try Nexus NFT API to query user assets for games, metaverses, etc.

Sample Models:
If you don’t own any 3D assets, here’s a few sample models we’ve curated for you to test out our no-code 3D NFT creation tool:

If you feel creative, feel free to download a model (small .glb files bundled with textures are recommended) from and create your own!

Project Details:

According to experts, the metaverse industry is expected to be worth between 3 to 12 trillion dollars by 2030. However, the problem with the current metaverse space is that digital assets available in each metaverse are confined to that environment due to the centralized nature of their storage. So if there’s metaverse A and B, and metaverse A gets deprecated, a user cannot simply migrate the assets they owned from metaverse A to metaverse B because the two environments don’t have a shared storage state.

This is why we believe all metaverse assets in the future will be hosted as non-fungible tokens tied to a blockchain. By doing so, assets will be interoperable across all metaverses and have their ownership verifiable on-chain.

We believe the TRON blockchain has the potential to be the blockchain to power metaverses in this future due to its high-efficiency and low-cost environment to store digital assets.

Now in this future, what if there was a decentralized, engine-agnostic marketplace that anyone across any metaverse can come create and trade their digital assets with others? Furthermore, what if 3D artists can receive their fair share of creator royalties and be empowered, unlike centralized marketplaces that take a large middlemen fee? We believe in order for creators and game developers to easily create 3D assets for the metaverse, there must be a fair platform that allows them to create, trade, and showcase their assets in a seamless manner.

Explore Page

Collection Page

Asset Page

Profile Page

Creator Page


Next Steps

This was simply a prototype built for the hackathon, but we have a lot more interesting features to build this project out into mainnet production. Here are some of the ideas on our roadmap:

  • Integrate NFT indexer to showcase all 3D NFTs
  • Creating an interoperable 3D NFT metadata standard for TRON
  • Adding advanced trading options (limit trades, auctions)
  • Rigorous testing and feedback from TRON community
  • Adding programmatic batch minting NFTs
  • Support metaverse asset conversions (i.e. .gltf/.glb, .obj, .fbx)
  • Adding NFT analytics (price appraisal, floor price tracking)
  • Adding social features (follow, like, comment on assets)
  • Support for dynamic 3D NFTs that evolve with on-chain data
  • NFT verification feature to combat clone projects

Project Milestones:
10/16: Product ideation
10/24: Designs and product flow
11/8: Engineering implementation
11/14: Finalize demo video and submission


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This is a great idea, i wonder why there is no interaction whatsoever. Would love to move my assets from one metaverse to the next and back again. In that way we dont get stuck in one thing and abandon it later to chase after another thing again

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Something I wonder is what will happen for all those copy pasted collections. For instance I don’t think the original collections creators and holders will accept that the exact same monkey or zombie ends up in the same Metaverse. The value of their nft’s would drop to close to 0 ^^

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: 100% clone projects will be a headache as more emerging projects pops up in this crypto space

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Thanks for the kind words @Nana66419. I’m sure there are a lot more awesome submissions than ours in this hackathon, therefore the lack of interactions. Also, we don’t have great marketing skills :sweat_smile: Just builders be building…

@fabsltsa that’s a great point you raise. I think one way we can combat this is by integrating a verification feature where we’ll add a checkmark to ensure the original collection is validated based on their on-chain creation date and original contract address


There are wonderful projects in this hackathon, thats a valid point, but none is addressing the issue you are addressing. This makes your project unique and when i stumbled upon it i was shocked why people were not seeing this wonderful thing you guys are building.

I fell in love at once and i know once people get to know about it they also fall in love with it. Its not too late to push it for awareness. Keep building and we will keep supporting. Kudos to the team behind this greatness.

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Dedicate some few minutes on the platform, i know u will get it in no time. Thank you

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Thanks @Nana66419. We’ll make sure to do some posting around our project.

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Wonderful and wishing you all the best. May the forces be with you

Sadly our project was disqualified from Season 3 due to some missing requirements in our submission. We will be re-submitting Nexus to S4, as recommended by @admin.hackathon. Stay tuned!

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The strength of a man is not measured by how many times he fell, but the number of times he was able to rise after falling.

We are definitely waiting for what you have to offer us in season 4. Thank you and welcome on e again. Wishing you all the best.

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So the ownership will be provided by blockchaun by an NFT so it means that you should ask information from blockchain in game emulator?