TronGallery - Online 3D gallery of NFT collections from TRON blockchain

Project Name: TronGallery
Project Track: NFT

Team Name: TronGallery team
Team Member(s): @keyllli223
Dorahacks Project Link: TronGallery | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal: To allow users to view NFT collections from the TRON blockchain in an interesting and fun way.

Project Info:

TronGallery is an online 3D gallery of NFT collections from TRON blockchain

Description of the problem:
In the TRON blockchain, as in many other blockchains, there are many fans of NFTs: some users like to collect NFTs, other users trade NFTs for profit, and some NFTs are even used as in-game items, etc.
As we can see, the goals and purposes of the NFTs are very different. But it can be said with certainty that every NFT holder would like to look at his collection of NFTs as if they were art objects in real galleries.

TronGallery will make this possible by creating a metaverse where each user can immerse themselves in a 3D browser world and view their NFTs in a new, interactive and entertaining way.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Open gallery app;
  • Insert the TRON wallet address and click the “Search” button;
  • Select from the list of collections the ones you want to see;
  • Click “Join Gallery” and immerse yourself in the metaverse
  • Use WASD and mouse for move-look control

Project Details:

Project Milestones:

TronGallery is fully functional and performs its main task perfectly. Users can already use it.

Below are additional things that will improve the experience of using the application and which will be added soon.

Future plans / To do:

  • Add more NFT collections;
  • Increase the capacity of the 3D gallery;
  • Integration of TronLink and other wallets;
  • Ability to save the state of the gallery and share the link;
  • Add background music;
  • Improve UI/UX design;
  • and other features;


Bienvenido a este S4, esperando más información.


Welcome to season 4, kindly add more meat to the bones.

By the way, is the team behind this project

The same as the team behind TronGallery??


I can’t wait to read more about this project because this is going to be a great initiative in the tron community. Please try to update us with what you guys are cooking up for us

Hi. Thanks for feedback. More info will be added soon.

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Excited about the 3d aspect. Awaiting more info.

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Hi. Thank you for your feedback.
No, we are a different team. I didn’t see this project before.

More info will be added soon.

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Thanks alot for the clarification. Waiting for more infos and updates

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@keyllli223 Thanks for posting on S4!

Great idea you presented here, is there any plans to create configurations with Virtual Reality headsets like Meta Quest or HTC Vive?

Another question I had was how did the TronGallery maintain security of the user wallet address issues after parsing NFT metadata? Was that a concern that was met with a solution?

Thank you and looking forward to your response!

Hi @EMerchant
Thanks for feedback.

  1. At the moment we are focused on more important things. But in the future, we will try to integrate the option of using VR in our project.

  2. Since you do not need to have or connect a wallet to the application to get NFT metadata (you just need to enter the wallet address in the text field), there is no reason to worry about this.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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Hello TronGallery, all the best to your project

First, I understand your project goal to be:-
A concept like Nfts album collection
Where you user can view.

I just went to your website.
Input my address.

I have up to 2 nfts in my wallet.
But it showing zero!

Please, did I missed a step??

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Hi @Gordian . Thanks for feedback.
At the moment, not all collections have been added, so it may show that you do not have NFTs. We will be adding more collections over time.

Well, I don’t understand how you mean
Do you mean, you will have to add each of
The collection to to your project?

How please?
Help a Brother with understanding thanks.

As we said before, not all collections are currently available. They will be added gradually, but we have plans to create an automatic aggregation of all NFT collections.

Your site looks pretty sweet, I would be more happy if there was a short section describing what I would do as a user when I entered the site.

Everything else was perfect. I hope you get what you deserve in Season 4, I wish you success :dizzy: :pray:

Thanks for feedback.
We will take this into account and try to make the user experience as pleasant as possible.

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Is this like a marketplace for 3d nfts or what?
I don’t really understand.

This is a project that you can use to look at NFTs that a specific wallet have in 3D mode.
But in the future, we have ideas to add more features, such as direct interaction with the NFTs through our application.

The galleries look decent. Keep it up!

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Thank you for support !