CharityWave Web3 Project

Project Name:Charity Wave
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: ZaNa
Team Member(s): Zambwe Nasilele
HackerEarth Project Link: nzambwe_0ba1 - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal: The primary goal is to create a transparent and secure environment where every donation, regardless of its size, makes a meaningful impact. By utilizing blockchain technology, Charitywave ensures the traceability of funds, enhancing accountability and trust among donors and beneficiaries alike. Moreover, the platform is committed to promoting financial inclusivity, enabling people from all walks of life to participate in philanthropy and support causes close to their hearts.

Project Value: At the core of Charitywave are its unwavering project values, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and compassion. Transparency is upheld through open-source blockchain technology, allowing donors to track their contributions in real-time and see exactly how their funds are utilized. Integrity is maintained by partnering with reputable charities and organizations, ensuring that the donations are channeled ethically and efficiently to create a lasting impact. Compassion drives every aspect of Charitywave, fostering a community where empathy and kindness thrive, inspiring more people to engage in charitable activities and make a difference in the lives of others.

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Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:
There are two option, Donor/Contributor or Recipient

Step 1: Connect your wallet by clicking on connect wallet option
Step 2: Browse through the list of post or search for user and click donate.

Step 1: Connect wallet
Step 2: Sign up, fill in the details and 12 mnemonic word modal will pop up, which can be used to reset password.
Step 3: Create a profile (Only one Account for each address)
Step 4: Create a Post , stating the purpose

Project Details: Charitywave provides a user-friendly platform accessible via DApp, allowing individuals and organizations to create fundraising campaigns, donate to existing causes, and track the progress of initiatives they support. The platform offers comprehensive profiles of vetted charitable organizations and projects, enabling donors to make informed decisions about their contributions. With a secure payment system and robust data encryption, Charitywave prioritizes the safety and confidentiality of all transactions, fostering a sense of trust among its users. Through these initiatives and values, Charitywave continues to redefine the landscape of charitable giving, creating a future where compassion knows no boundaries.

Smart Contract links:

Project Info:

Project Milestones: A donation log will be added. And the application for name clearance of Nazama Foundation has been completed.

Since this hackathon is an ongoing funding program, projects that have great potential and 
good community engagement are likely to win and receive additional funding after the initial hackathon. 
Therefore, participants should update their project posts to be as detailed as possible and
answer any community questions during the hackathon period.

Indeed this is great​:muscle: and I sincerely appreciate your efforts in taking your time :pager: to educate us more on how project should be.:+1: buddy u did well


Team you got a lot to update, no website no project goal and others. kindly check and do the needful


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season5
Please update your infos, even teams name are not available, do the needful ASAP

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I’m withholding my applause till you update your info, thank you!

I would like to apologise for the late update, as I was behind schedule and application of name clear for the Organisation just got approved.

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You did get it in as at the time you did, I think that matters a whole lot. Now moving forward, I see the project CharityWave strives to establish a transparent and secure environment for donations using blockchain technology, emphasizing transparency, integrity, and compassion. Based on the note of trust, I’d like to know about the additional information or features that could be useful for potential donors to make more informed decisions about their contributions on CharityWave, thank you!

The first part is verification, (donations can still be made to unverified account). A verified account means the platform has taken time to look into that organisation. Now verifying accounts can be overwhelming and may take time, and not very effective when it comes to accounts that are in dire need of funds. And that’s were the concept of affiliation comes in. They can ask for affiliation from an already verified account, an organisation near them.

The second part, is keeping record of each donation for made, who and how much watch was raised in specific time. Which gives donor an overview and can aquire on how the money was spent.

A late on feature, will be just a “normal post” option were,(especially organisation) can give updates on progress made and other activities.

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Thanks for replying
Incorporating a verification system for accounts and allowing affiliations with already verified organizations? Hmmm :thinking:
You think this will add credibility and trust within the CharityWave platform?
And I’d like to know how does CharityWave plan to streamline the verification process to ensure timely and effective verification of accounts, thank you!

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It’s a pleasure, to answer all your questions.

Definitely, as a donor the first question would be, “is this account genuine?”. The second question would be, “is the money reaching the intended recipient?”. On a platform open to anyone, anybody can open an account and its a question of whether its genuine or malicious and a verified account simply means has gone through the screening process. And the platform wound be held accountable. If account B is affiliated to account A. What that simply means is “hey everyone i account a acknowledge that account B is genuine” . As for the second question, blockchain technlology is the answer.

Verification is a timely process, but its necessary for security purpose. To ensure effective verification, accounts will be required to submit proof of identity documents i.e National id, registration documents and the platform will perform the necessary steps. It is the platforms priority to ensure that verification is done as quick as possible and the concept of affiliation was introduced to help speed up the process or “bypass” verification.
In that context is sounds like a security flaw but let me give a scenario, say SaveTheChildren (a well know foundation in my area) is registered and verified with the platform. And there is an individual in need of help. An account can be created for the person and SaveTheChildren can offer affiliation. What this means is that, even though this account is not yet verified by the platform, SaveTheChildren acknowledges it as being genuine. And i think people will be inclined to help out.

Thats great and wishing you all the best.
Charity is a very big endeavor and donors are always checking to see if their money is being used for it intended purposes.

You said charity organizations will be vetted and approved before they can accept any form of donation on your platform.

In Ghana, the head of procurement, created non existing companies and awarded state contracts to these companies. Later it was revealed that, all these non existing companies were all in his name (Alias’)
So after procuring the state contract himself. Then he sells it for profit.

How can you convince me as a donor that, you are not going to thread this same path???

Your whole model is really interesting from your explanation, but one thing I’d like to know is; you’ve plans to educate users and potential donors about the significance of the affiliation concept and its role in ensuring the credibility of accounts?

The reasons great men fall is either they get greedy or succumb to pressure, and i always pray to Jehovah Almighty i never go down any of those.

To answer your question, one of the reasons for creating CharityWave was because; 1. Some charity organisation don’t get a fair share of donations made due to middlemen or because they are in very remote places. And CharityWave aims to cut out the middleman and give a platform for all.
2. Some organisation get a decent share but just enrich themselves and very little is done to develop the community. But with the power of blockchain, CharityWave aims to give a min statement of how much was raised, in a specified period of time. So donor can have an overview of how much was raised and if so request a report on how that money was used. And of course CharityWave will keep checks and balances on these organisations.
Its a sense of just and fairness that such measures will be put in place and that can’t be achieved if I or the platform do not stay true to the cause.

Of course, that is one of the main topics in the FAQ section and it will also be highlighted in ads and also one of the slides on the home page.

Alright, got that loud and clear, thanks for replying.