DemeterCoin - A gift with a story

Project Name: DemeterCoin - A gift with a story
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Demetercoin
Team Member(s): Steve Thijssen,MD Baha Uddin, Jill Thijssen
DevPost URL: Steve Thijssen’s (steve-thijssen748) software portfolio | Devpost
Project Goal: Donation events as a service, to create the most easy, transparent and fun NFT charity auction on Web3, by using the power of TRON to help organizations raise additional support for a for a better world!
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It’s been six years since the world has embraced the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. Via diverse SDGs they create awareness and support thematic issues such as poverty, technology, and science. Unfortunately, there are still many challenges and problems that are being faced. For instance, in Africa there are more than 25 million people living with HIV which makes it a leading cause of death among women around the reproductive age from 15-44 years old. Globally there were more than 1.4 million pregnant women with HIV in 2017. Almost 86% of the estimated 160.000 children newly infected were in the WHO African Region.

Thankfully because of charity organizations we have communities that provide a better
environment and solve problems in our society and more important do research. Through love
motivation and opportunities, they help people thrive and become self-sufficient. Donations are
strongly needed to support these charities. As a team we want to do something for the world,
especially for SDG 3 and 5. This is the reason why we started a research to understand how we can help. Based on our research, for example with Yvette Rafael from the charity APHA in South Africa, we found out several difficulties for charity organizations:

  1. Get access to care and treatment at the right time and location.
  2. The payment infrastructure is not always transparent for donators
  3. Donation processes create a lot of administration
  4. Engaging donators with charity events, like auctions, is difficult and expensive to organize

What it does

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DemeterCoin: Donation events as a service, to create the most easy, transparent and fun NFT charity auction on Web3, by using the power of TRON to help organizations raise additional support for a for a better world!

DemeterCoin is a new way of donating by bridging the two major markets, namely donation ($470 billion in 2020) and digital NFTs ($40bn in 2021), which will grow extremely in the coming decade. Besides the unique proposition, DemeterCoin:

  • creates a transparent process of donations and gives an automatically overview which donators can use for tax-free donations
  • provides charities/organizations a payment infrastructure with multiple wallet integrations to pay from wallet to wallet
  • makes it possible to create events, like auction events, in just a couple minutes. The platform provides a bid infrastructure and there is plugin which makes it possible for organizations to setup an event on their own website
  • DAO integration, to create a transparent way of voting process
  • create events in the Metaverse in just a couple minutes!

DemeterCoin is the platform that provides everything in one place to make donations fun and help organizations to setup events easily without expensive organization costs.

The revenue model of DemeterCoin is simple:
(1) The platform with all the functionalities is free for organizations
(2) For each transaction on the platform we ask 5%
(3) Other revenue comes from ads on the platform

  • The MVP is live, and we are raising ±200k USD to make the product ready for the first pilots in Q4 2022.
  • From 14 - 18 November we will present DemeterCoin at AIBC World Summit in Malta (AIBC Europe - World Leading AI and Blockchain Conference), which is one of the leading events globally for blockchain, AI, crypto, and other emerging technologies.
  • Getting partnerships with organizations/charities, to build new integrations and creating pilots

Project Milestones:

  • Milestone 1 - Create the smart contracts (completed)
  • Milestone 2 - Create the backend (completed)
  • Milestone 2 - Create the frontend (completed)
  • Milestone 3 - Publish the project (submission to the hackathon / completed)

Devpost for details:
DemeterCoin | Devpost