LaunchBox - Business Builder AIA

Project Name : LaunchBox
Project Track : AI
Team Name : Paracosm Labs
Team Member(s) : @wescosmic
HackerEarth Project Link : [soon]

Project Goal : Our goal is to empower local entrepreneurs using a combination of blockchain, ai and education technologies. LaunchBox aims to create a series of existing/new real world + web3 businesses with earning opportunities for entrepreneurs via a mixed reality simulation game. Players must learn about and operate a startup with the help of an AI Advisor. The game is designed to be educational and fun, teaching players about different businesses and running them successfully.

Project Value : LaunchBox offers 3 unique value features -

  • Free Course and NFT upon successful completion
  • Access to an interest free equipment loan for the chosen business for 1 year
  • Access to an AI Advisor, free for 3 months

These not only enhances the gaming experience into a learning journey with value but also introduces players to the practical applications of blockchain technology for accessing resources to run their business.

Project Info : [Soon]

Project Website : [URL to access your project publicly]

Project Test Instructions : [Soon]

Project Details : With Launchbox, players learn about and run their business with the help of an AI assistant. They can choose from various templates -

Level 1

  • 360-degree photography
  • 3D printing
  • Drone Photography

Level 2 [Future]

  • 3D Modeling
  • VR/AR Development
  • Launch your X

Players register to take the free course to learn about their chosen business, and upon completion and passing a quiz submission, they receive an NFT which serves as collateral. Players can then stake their NFT along with a certain amount of gStables or stablecoins to receive the equipment for their business.

Revenue Strategies [Under consideration]

  • Addon subscription plans
  • Collaborations and Sponsorships
  • Themed LaunchBox Experiences
  • Sharing economy for tokenized equipment

Smart Contract links : [Not applicable at this time]

Project Milestones : [Tentative and may change during first half of submission period]

  • Milestone 1: Course Development

    • Curate, train and craft AI-generated content for Series 1 courses.
    • Implement UI with progress tracking and quizzes.
  • Milestone 2: AI Advisor Integration

    • Develop and integrate a basic AI Advisor into the course.
    • Conduct testing and adjustments.
  • Milestone 3: NFT and Staking Implementation

    • Design NFTs for course completion and develop basic staking functionality.
    • Test and adjust NFT and staking systems.
  • Milestone 4: Sorrel Business Contract Account Setup

    • Develop and integrate basic business contract account functionality.
    • Conduct testing and adjustments.
  • Milestone 5: Game Testing and Refinement

    • Conduct comprehensive game testing.
    • Make necessary adjustments and prepare for launch.

Hey all, please let us know your thoughts on this. Would it be useful to you or someone you know?

Good To Have you in our Forum.
Lovely Project name Launch Box… reminds me of Food…

Feel good to Have you in our AI track.
All the best


Hi Wes, welcome back to the Hackathon.
I would like in the future to see courses about integrating AI in the DeFi area. Would be very interesting IMO.
Good luck for this season 5 :handshake:


Thanks! This is a high level overview of the mechanics being considered:

LaunchBox will include some easy to understand blockchain content that helps the user understand how defi is helping to power their experience Launchbox. There can be a variety of optional learning addons in the future, with some sponsored by other projects.


Bienvenido de nuevo a este S5, como veterano espero ansioso lo que nos traes de nuevo.

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Congratulations, happy to see you again. Education is very important. From the courses you outlined, after successfully completing these you just need the necessary equipments and some practicals to start your own business.

Good project and I am happy it’s free for all too.

Keep building


Welcome to Tron hackathonS5 ! Very interesting use of AI to educate audience in game. Looking forward to see more details. Good luck !

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Welcome @wescosmic!
It’s good to have you back. I’m excited to see you as the first project in the most interested track by the community. Using AI to foster education in blockchain technology is a great idea and a project everyone will benefit from. I will take more time to brainstorm on how LaunchBox is going to achieve this and come back with my questions. Hoping to see more details on your project by thenp.


Welcome @wescosmic to Tron Hackathon season5.

It is good to see that you are already making strides in the one of the most anticipated tracks of the season.

It is innovative of you to create a solution for the local entrepreneurs using a combination of AI,Blockchain technology and education technologies. I will be looking out for Lunchbox keep Building.


Bro is dominating the market like lion :rofl: :rofl: Welcome forum again with your creative idea, Wish u good luck :heart_on_fire:


Welcome to Season 5 and goodluck on your buidl as the journey progresses, I’ve been on a break for days tending to my health and paying attention silently, what you’ve going on is interesting and @wescosmic seems like a regular on the forum.
After a careful read, I could summarize the project goal as; LaunchBox empowers entrepreneurs through a mixed reality game, teaching them about various businesses and how to run them successfully. I’ve handful of questions but for starters;

Can you provide more details about the AI Advisor? What specific functions and assistance does it provide to players in running their businesses?

Are there any limitations or prerequisites for accessing the interest-free equipment loan?


thanks folks

@manfred_jr to answer your ques:

1 - The AI Advisor is designed to guide players through the process of running their chosen business. It will provide info, advice, and suggestions based on the player’s progress and decisions. The AI Advisor will be able to answer questions, provide feedback, and offer strategies for success. It’s like having a personal business coach available at all times.

2 - The interest-free equipment loan is meant to be made available to players who have successfully completed the course and passed the quizzes. They must also stake their NFT along with a certain amount of gStables or stablecoins. The specifics of the loan, such as the amount and duration, will be determined based on the player’s performance and the requirements of their chosen business. The exact mechanics of this will be decided upon later when we get to that milestone.



Some progress of early UI mockups:


Thanks for the response, in your first answer you mentioned the AI being a guide similar to a business coach to players, that brings me to my next question;

Will the AI Advisor have predefined responses or be able to adapt its guidance based on individual player preferences or circumstances?

Moving forward, in your second answer it’s fascinating to see how players can be eligible for the loan but I’d like to know;

Will players have the opportunity to increase or modify their loan amount or duration as their business progresses, or will it be a one-time allocation?


Quality works :v:t2::raised_hands:t2:

Great graphics, love it

1 - The AIA is generative and can respond in an adaptively, so players would each have a somewhat unique experience even though it may be the same course name with same resources as seed data. This also means the quizzing and scenarios will differ based on player interactions. It can be considered as a semi-personalised journey.

2 - For the hackathon submission, its intended to be a one-time allocation.

Here’s some approaches being considered -

  • We could seed initial “equipment liquidity” relevant to the courses. For instance a 360 photography course will require LaunchBox to have some 360 cameras, monopods etc available to support this. This means that access to equipment can be heavily location dependent (ie player must be in the country the equipment is in).

  • We could auto-order the equipment as needed and send to the player which has some greater location flexibility.

In these cases some sort of seed liquidity is required but the result is that the player basically gets access to discounted equipment via staking their NFT+stablecoins. Their stake is locked for 1 year + until equipment returned.

The “secret sauces” are in how we utilise DeFi protocols within this to build a sustainable LaunchBox while abstracting away the complexity of this from players.

Please keep the questions flowing. This helps us in co-creating something of value that folks can use :+1:


This is really getting interesting as things unfold and your time taken to clarify is quite commendable. About the seed initial, but;

In the approach of seeding initial “equipment liquidity” based on course requirements, how will the availability and location dependency of the equipment be managed? Are there plans to expand equipment availability to accommodate players from different locations?

And then again, everyone in Web3 loves a good stake as it’s an undeniable means to passive income and in the words of Warren Buffett - “if you don’t find a way to make money while asleep, you may likely work till you die”, so;

Regarding the stake of NFT+stablecoins, could you elaborate on how the value of the stake is determined? Are there any mechanisms in place to adjust for fluctuations in equipment value or changing market conditions?


To my idea I strongly believe that this can enlightened our business and also help us to expand our business.

Hello Buddy,
I got the following questions for you.

After the completion of the free course and nfts is awarded as collateral, Right.

  • What is the fate of the Awarded nfts?
  • Any Future plan for trading them on secondary Nfts marketplace?

Q. Another, your project will offer free access to AI advisor for 3month.

  • What will be the next Pricing or subscription models
    For users using the AI advisory services?

Good to have your project into the AI track.
Will it be fully AI automated or partly?

Thanks buddy,
All the best to your Project