Crypto Museum - Crypto History told through tokens

Project Name: Crypto Museum
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: Crypto Museum
Team Member(s): 1
HackerEarth Project Link: ( - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons)
Project Goal: Documenting history of Blockchain through the collection and presentation of Crypto tokens
Project Value: Community will be able to explore history of the involved Blockchains and can contribute to provide content or donate tokens.
Project Info: Crypto Museum is a platform that provides info about blockchain projects to its visitors while also offering a gamified reward system for helping to build the Museum. Contribution in any way is rewarded with badges the more you contribute the more badges you can earn.
Project Website: soon
Twitter profile:
Project Test Instructions: soon
Project Details: Crypto Museum is a public museum motivating the crypto community to contribute. Contribution will generate contribution badges (NFT’s) and if the project gets to be cash positive, part of the revenue will be shared with badge holders…
Tron Hackathon

Smart Contract links: to be added
Project Milestones: Details will follow. Crypto Museum will be covering all blockchains in time but will start will building a museum wing for Tron, BTTC and Polygon at first.


Finally here, nice nice

You have a great idea, people can visit your museum and learn about the various blockchains we have and tokens too. Will be best ro featured in a metaverse. You can contact @TuruGlobal, they are building a nice multi chain metaverse called #TuruVerse.

Please how do you plan to generate revenue?


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

Do you have any utilities embedded to your NFTs?


Please are you talking about Palm :palm_tree: investment :eyes::joy:


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Thanks for the suggestion. Would be good to partner up with a MetaVerse where we can show our collection.

Anyway we try to build our museum one Blockchain at the time. Started with BTTC as there are not that many tokens available. On Tron with the long history there is much more.

The intention is to bring traffic to our website and promote reference links to generate income. Also we are hoping to attract sponsors and win some revenue with this Hackatron.

We will give more details soon, but people donating tokens (dead or alive) to our wallet during the Hackatron will receive a special Hackathon giver badge as featured in our introduction message.

We are looking for active Tron and BTTC projects to engage with. We have found some so far like TronNRG, ICR, Turu, Pman, USTX and others, but any suggestions are welcome


Unfortunately I miss this “insider” joke. :smiley: :smiley:


The NFT’s will be distributed for free to people who are supporting the Crypto Museum in different ways.

At first they are like achievement badges which you can get for doing certain achievements. They are distributed as NFT’s and they will have a royalty for us in case they are sold on secondary market. (which might bring in some funds).

If we are able to achieve a positive cash flow, a significant portion of that will be shared over the holders of the badges.

We will explain in more detail later how these dynamics will work.


Ok good, thanks.
Here are some more suggestions. We have #Tronbies @LineHammett, $Shit on bttc, Wulfpack @Chevkev @Deba215, #JM @JustMoney @fabsltsa and can also check previous winners


I know you as a good farmer :joy:


Do I have to earn anything for holding the nft or just a jpegs?

You can earn NFT’s by donating tokens to the museum, sponsoring the museum or by supporting us like being a Telegram moderator

I think he is asking about the benefit of holding these nfts, will holders eaarn something. i think that’s where the revenue sharing comes in right?

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Yes, but to be clear, this is not a guaranteed thing. The intent is to share revenue as soon as we are in a positive cash generating mode

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The prime purpose is the gamify element of rewarding community with a badge for supporting the project.

BTTC Hackathon

For example this badge will be given to people who sent tokens on BTTC chain to our BTTC wallet (0xf2b0dbB18bC1459E637c841f851353Aaa4106C91) for the Crypto Museum.

This is a sample of tokens we have collected so far on BTTC


I was wondering about for how long you guys have been “investing” on NFTs (IF SO) :saluting_face:

We own some tApes and Tronpunks. to give you an indication. But we focus on tokens rather then NFT’s

lol these nfts are Shit or?
I own some and worth nothing

Yes these NFT’s are worth nothing :frowning:


Welcome to Season 5, as an African I’m intrigued and fascinated about museums, artifacts and art collection. Watching this closely as Hackathon progresses, do tag me to future updates, ty.