Legions by TRON Warriors - Bringing DAO Creation to TRON

Project Name: Legions

Project Track: Web3

Team: TRON Warriors

Team Member(s): hackhound

HackerEarth Project Link: hackhound962_6a52 - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Info:
Legions offers a platform for builders on TRON to establish a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). It facilitates the management of members, voting on proposals, and treasury allocation. The platform is designed to cater to various DAO types, including multisig, NFT community DAO, and community token DAO. Legions provides a comprehensive suite of tools and integrations to ensure the success and growth of the community.

Project Value:
Legions brings value by:

  • Offering a unified platform for DAO creation, voting, and treasury management.
  • Enabling communities to thrive on TRON with deeper integrations like Mango, Marinade, Helium, Solend, and more.
  • Providing a fully customizable experience where users can leverage the shared TRC20 Governance instance or create their own for enhanced control.
  • Offering near-zero fees in a fully on-chain product.

Project Overview:
Legions is powered by TRC20 Governance, a standard for building DAOs on TRON. It’s asset and DAO type agnostic, allowing for a wide range of DAO structures. The platform supports multiple governance structures, including Multi-Signature Wallets, NFT Community DAOs, and Community Token DAOs. Users can choose their governance structure, invite members, engage with proposals, fund and allocate the treasury, notify members, and analyze key metrics.

Project Testing:
To test the platform:

  1. Choose a governance structure.
  2. Invite members and coordinate them.
  3. Engage with proposals using NFTs, tokens, or veTokens.
  4. Fund and allocate the treasury.
  5. Notify members using various channels.
  6. Analyze the metrics to aid decision-making.

Project Milestones:

  1. DAO Creation: Users can create a DAO using the platform’s intuitive interface.
  2. Integration with TRC20 Governance: Establishing a standard for building DAOs on TRON.
  3. Support for Multiple Governance Structures: Including Multi-Signature Wallets, NFT Community DAOs, and Community Token DAOs.
  4. 3rd Party Integrations: Integration with platforms like Mango, Marinade, and Cardinal.
  5. Customization: Users can leverage the shared TRC20 Governance instance or create their own.
  6. Notification System: Informing community members about important updates and actions.

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What are the qualifications to become a DAO member?

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Welcome buddy to Tron Hackathon S5 and I believe that Legions is a credible and promising project with the potential to revolutionize the way DAOs are created and managed on TRON.