TIXO - Bringing Event Ticketing On-chain via TRON

Project Name: Tixo

Project Track: Artistry

Team: Tixo

Team Member(s): maxhart

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Project Info: TIXO is a Web3 decentralized ticketing platform leveraging the TRON Blockchain to redefine the connections between artists, venues, promoters, and fans at live events. It aims to address the flaws in the current ticketing market by ensuring ticket authenticity, traceability, and maximizing user convenience.

Project Value: The current ticketing market is plagued with issues like fans being duped, artists combating fraud, and inflated ticket prices due to scalpers and bots. TIXO, by harnessing blockchain technology, offers a transparent solution to these problems, ensuring consumers make informed decisions and artists get fair value.

Project Overview: TIXO provides a seamless, branded ticketing marketplace that enhances the profitability of events through programmatic sponsorship, ticket resale ownership, and loyalty tools. It allows organizers, artists, and venues to connect intimately with their audience, offering a platform where tickets can be purchased using traditional credit card payments and fiat payouts.

Project Testing: The platform boasts features such as event ticketing creation tools, token-gated private event ticketing, a mobile-first ticket purchase flow, QR code-powered ticket verification, and integration with FTM and Stripe API for payments. It also provides both custodial and non-custodial ticket vault solutions.

Project Milestones:

  • Development of frontend using technologies like NextJS, Chakra UI, RainbowKit, and wagmi hooks.
  • Integration of payment methods through TRX (crypto) and Stripe API (fiat).
  • Server setup using ExpressJS, Hardhat, and Web3.Storage.
  • Future plans include:
    • Launching a React-Native mobile app for v2 prototype.
    • Introducing tiered ticket sales and seating selection for large venue events.
    • Adding ERC-20 payment methods for token communities on TRON.
    • Enhancing the host event dashboard with advanced metrics.
    • Initiating marketing and partnerships for beta testing the platform launch.
    • Enabling export of custodial ticket accounts via private key export.

Welcome team, one problem they face having this product is usage. How to get event planners to utilize these ticketing platforms.

How do you plan to solve this? Getting event planners to use your platform

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So where is your (working) product? And tron token or smartcontract? :blush: welcome to the Tron community btw!

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Hello Buddy, welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5.
Your project is making me wonder what will the unique features in it as we had similar projects in previous sessions.

Take a look at this.

  1. Zkticket

  2. TIXO - Bringing Event Ticketing On-chain via TRON

  3. Detronevent

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5
Please how can you magnet audience in issuing this ticket :ticket:?
What are easy means to get this tickets if properly convinced?
Any startment or pegged price for this tickets?

We have had similar projects in the past hackathons and they all become obsolete immediately after the hackathon. How are you going to work on the sustainability of your project?

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It’s amazing seeing a project centred on ticketing, we’ve TicketMaster and other web2 solutions down here for that.
Could you explain further on the marketing and partnership strategies for beta testing the platform.
Thanks and welcome to Season 5.

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Welcome buddy to Tron Hackathon S5 wishing you all the best of luck