T-Rex Punks & how we move!

The Resurrection of the T-Rex

Project name: T-Rex Punks

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: The Rexians

Team: 5

Devpost: Mr. Rex's (Trexpunks) software portfolio | Devpost

During the hard times of COVID we were scrolling Twitter, trying to pass the time when a tweet jumped out from danluxcrypto.

“Why hasn’t anyone created a T-Rex on TRON?”

We were all sitting around bored on lockdown for a year and decided that the TRON Network needed some Dinos, and T-Rex Punks was hatched. Six hundred ten T-Rex Punks have been created, making this one of the most limited projects on TRON.

Mrs. Rex and I also started the dream coffee shop we always wanted. We plan to involve a lot of NFT projects into our coffee shop. Planning to showcase some amazing tron NFTs on our wall for people to learn and enjoy. We have come so far and plan to keep building!

$TREX Token:

Since the launch of TREX on February 1, 2022 on justmoney.io,the token has increased by five hundred percent.

Our burn mechanism within the contract plays a big part in this! Jerry from just.money is the creator of our contract.

What is the big deal about this part of the contract you ask? Every time a T-Rex Punk gets minted on trexpunks.com at the current price of 1000 TRX, 733 TRX goes to the burn wallet while the other 267 goes towards the wallet that will pay you incentives when minting is completed.

Every Friday we take this 733 TRX and divide it.

  • Half of this is used to purchase TREX for the burn.

  • Half of the TREX purchased goes into the staking wallet to prepare the wallet for the NFT Staking contract that is in the process of being written.

  • The other half of the original 733 TRX is sent to liquidity holders that have tokens in the TREX/JM liquidity pool.

Breakdown on how it works:

  • 733 TRX gets split from each NFT sale, so 366.5 TRX buys TREX token!

  • Then half of that TREX token that was bought goes straight to the fryer and gets burned.

  • The other half of that TREX goes into the staking wallet.

  • The other half of that same TRX which is 366.5 TRX gets sent to the liquidity pool on JM to share with liquidity providers.

Working on staking for TREX token to give you every opportunity at passive income!

NFT Staking:

There is currently a staking contract in the process of being made where the holders can stake any edition of T-Rex Punks

When staking is enabled we will let the holders stake any collection of T-Rex Punk they have, here is a list of all the stake-able collections:

We plan to give you the ability to stake your T-Rex punks and also lock your $TREX token for extra rewards once the contract is live more details soon!

NFT Graveyard:

The NFT Graveyard was successfully launched and wallet address is: TMYhVbEA5snJXCL6NwdUGpYohXWXYoEw7W.

The NFT Graveyard is a way for users with TRON NFT’s that they consider “dead” to send them to be buried and in return, earn 6K TREX Tokens per NFT they send in. We will most likely increase how many tokens you get over time. Although lionx team has some exciting staking news for these “dead” NFTs in the future, if that interest you. If not, we will pay you a set amount of $TREX per NFT sent to the graveyard.

TREX 100 Milly Club:


Have you ever imagined having a T-Rex made after you? If not, you have now. This new club can fulfill those dreams and another opportunity to earn passive income.

After anyone holds 100,000,000 TREX Tokens for six months, a 1/1 NFT will be made personalized to them. A custom designed T-Rex that the holder will get to pick the attributes of!

This 1/1 T-Rex Punk will go up for auction on Kraftly. The person that the 1/1 was created after will get 25% in TRX from the sale price. Another 25% will go towards the buying and burning $TREX token, the other 50% will go towards project development.

We are launching and putting the first NFT from the milly club up July 29, 2022!

T-Rex Punk NFT Game


We plan to really take this serious as we move forward! This is something that I stress will take time unless we win the hackathon. Mainly because we run our coffee shop, but we want to make this a real thing for the people.

When this does happen we plan to have our token up and running for Coast To Coast Coffee (C2C token). This way you can earn C2C token and use them for things like redeeming for bags of coffee and merch directly from our website for Coast to Coast Coffee!

Our game will hopefully look like the old game rampage, this is the goal anyway. Very early thoughts from some great people in this community.

Minting live on TREXPUNKS.COM


If you head over to our website you will be able to mint directly from our site (trexpunks.com). This is something we have had before most projects on tron. A full functional marketplace! Our new site is amazing and done by one of the greatest in the game (name shall remain nameless).

We are listed on apenft market place as well. We are not verified on there yet, we tried but ran into some complications.

Our community

Without our community we would not be here! These projects on any blockchain need a good community.

The only way to get that is by showing improvements and being as active as you can. Again we run a coffee shop 7 days a week and without our admins we don’t know where this project would be.

So thank you to the whole community you are definitely loved and appreciated.



T-Rex Punks is a nonprofit project. All the TRX earned from minting goes straight back into the project and our Rexian community!

There are a lot of things planned for the feature, like a game and lore story. Great things take great detail, which takes time but one thing we have is dedication and loyalty to our newborn project.

We are so confident and community-based in our project that we are willing to share our project development wallet address so everyone can see that we are true to our word and our TRX is used for what we said.

Creators of T-Rex Punks also run a small coffee shop called Coast To Coast Coffee. Within the coffee shop there’s talks of a loyalty program where you can earn TREX by purchasing coffee both in store and online. This is one of many brewing ideas on our caffeinated minds!

We currently have a total of 610 NFT’s, making us one of the rarer projects on TRON. We are a small team of hard working people who take a lot of pride in our Rexian community and project. It may take us longer to produce results, but slow and steady wins the race!

Thank you to everyone who supports us, we will continue to grow and keep you getting that passive income to enjoy financial freedom.


Website: Trexpunks.com

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/TRex_Punks

GitHub: https://github.com/Trex-punks/trex-punks

Buy $TREX token: JustMoney Swap

Medium: T-Rex Punks – Medium

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @trexpunk

Discord: T-Rex Punks

  - T-Rex Punks Community


Such an amazing project for the community! They have nothing but a non stop token on the rise! The buy back and burn is amazing! I can’t wait to the staking rewards for holding NFT/token.


Trexpunks is one of the few original projects in the Tron NFT space.
They Are Community Driven. I have been a HODLR of their Trexpunks since launch (back in 2021)
And Now with the Token Launch on Justmoney Im a holder of the token as well.

New Goal!!
Join the 100 Milliy Club

Lets Keep on building


Ive watched this project grow from a little dino egg 2 the beast it has become today & things are just getting started. The community is family together as a pack T-rex will stomp the yard…


This is an amazing project run by Mr & Mrs Rex who are giving it their all to build a successful NFT project on Tron which will be an achievement in itself. They work tirelessly for their community and are open to suggestions from them, whilst also building up their new Coffee shop business. Hat’s off to them they could have launched T-Rex Punks, made their money and forgotten about it whilst launching their coffee shop, but no, they are determined to make both successes which I’m sure they will.
All the profits go straight back into the project, this is what brings new holders to the Rexian Family, in the current crypto climate it is wonderful to see a small family run project that is bucking the trend and making waves.
Check it out you wont be disappointed

Join the Rexian family🦖


I love this community! Great friends and I feel like I’ve known them forever! Ive been a part of this community since the beginning and seeing what it has formed to and even bettter, what it’s going to become is simply fascinating!

The NFTs are made individually and not by some computer generated bot, making each and every T-Rex that much more unique. As an indie/self-published author, I can appreciate the time and dedication it took to individually craft each Dino.

I will HODL on with T-Rex Punks, not only because they are now my friends, but for everything this project has become and has potential to become. This project is still under a year old and look what has been accomplished! Come to Planet Rexuan with us!


T-Rex Punks are the best! Their community is so welcoming and people care for each other.
Transparency is always something I’m missing in the crypto world. However the T-Rex Team is striving to be as transparent as possible.

Not even to the moon, get in next stop: Mars


Its going to be exciting


Its Exciting to see them building
Got my access into the 100 Million club today!!!


Awesome project. The NFTs are unique and not simply copy / paste from a different chain and the token just keeps appreciating. I look forward to the upcoming staking. Keep up the great work trex team.


Still not standing still with the new Millionaire club incoming, wow get a T-Rex NFT based on you if you hold 100m Trex, now that’s fantastic :tada::tada:


Thank you so much Shawn! We will keep building no matter what obstacles we have to jump.


Thank you racks Turu was a big influence on this idea with their millionaire club. It’s amazing to try and have the time to actually make it happen.



T-Rex making waves on Tron

What type of project T-Rex will delivery for Hackathon S2?


Do you have some project milestones for S2 of the Hackathon?


Hello, this is Mrs. Rex! Yes our milestone we are working towards is our NFT staking contract where you will earn passive income for staking your NFTs. Above you can read about our staking contract we are working on! Have a rawrsome day! :t_rex:


Definitely we are working to create a very cool game to earn tokens such as $TREX $TBT and coming soon C2C token!


This is really amazing to see getting onboard hackathon 2 :star_struck::ok_hand:

Heartiest best wishes and lets make the best to community of #Tron Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Love the updates here
Lets keep on Building


Staking will be coming soon, and we will build a game at some point when we get the time. Hopefully win this thing so we can really put some more money into it for you all to benefit from. :rocket::t_rex::rocket: