Capitol Lion Music Network


Project Name: Capitol Lion Music Network
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: CoreX of The LionX Ecosystem
Team Member(s): 4

DevPost URL: Tash Lion's (lionxeco21) software portfolio | Devpost

Project Goal: The Main Goal of Capitol Lion is to evolve The Traditional Music Scene. Ultimately creating a platform merging Products, Services, Tools and Resources of Music through the NFT Standard. While Organically connecting Creators & Communities with brand new levels of ownership. These levels will structure shared progression of success between the two. We’re Seeking to build a community of music lovers, which main focus is to promote productivity through collaborations and team building. This will Grant the opportunity to formulate a brand new Democratized Music Environment. This Platform’s goal is to give the Tron Ecosystem the ability to Fractionalize Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights, which will be Distributed from LionX based Smart Contracts. The LionX Community Loves adding layers of Utility to The TRON Network. We Ultimately want to bring NFT Streaming to Web3.0 Applications .

Project Repo/Website: LionXeco | Twitter | Linktree
(Capitol Lion Music Network Website Available Soon)

Project Details: Capitol Lion Music Network is a LionX Umbrella Project which is Ultimately creating a MusicDAO. The MusicNFT Economy will be integrated into the LionX Ecosystem of Networks, with it’s very own Music Launchpad. Genesis Holders/DAO Members will Govern this Music Network as a Collective effort. The Governable sectors of this Network pertains Economics, Community, & Underling Technology. Resources of Decentralized Finance will also be compatible within the Platform.

Genesis NFT Minting: Capitol Lion Genesis – Welcome to The LionX Ecosystem

Genesis Marketplace: Capitol Lion's GENESIS NFT - Collection | APENFT

Genesis NFT address: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Brief Introduction Video: Capitol Lion's Season 2 Tron Grand Hackathon Official Entry - YouTube

Join Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Lionxone

Join Discord: Discord

LionX Twitter:

Capitol Lion Twitter:

-Initial Mint of Genesis Collection
Upon Minting the Genesis NFT collection, NFT holders will officially become apart of the DAO “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” native to Capitol Lion Music Network. Essentially transferring ownership & governance rights to Genesis holder’s. Which will formulate shared incentive streams as the platform & network grows.

-Collaboration Phase
We want to create a safe environment for this community of Music Lover’s to be comfortable enough to Team up with one another. One of our main focus is connecting the community while producing quality NFTs through these collaborations. We want to highlight the value of Team building within this brand New Music Landscape. We’re extremely excited to see what products, services, tools and resources come from these creative collaborations.

This is where we spotlight Projects Launching out of the Capitol Lion Music Network. We help Genesis Holder’s & Community members Tokenize Music content and promote their movement to our partners across Tron Network and beyond. Capitol Lion will build the music catalog through the launchpad in the beginning. While Promoting Productivity through this sector of the platform, This unique Network gives the community the opportunity to help creators early in the process. This Platform will be a tool to create opportunities to grow alongside the creator.

Once an NFT collection is sold out you will not be able to obtain any, unless you acquire from an existing holder. NFT holders will have the opportunity to buy and sell the rights/ownership to each NFT that is minted from Capitol Lion Music Network.

The holders of the Genesis NFT Collection will make up the DAO implemented within the Capitol Lion Music Network. Each Genesis NFT will be used as a unit of account, meaning each (GNFT) Will count as one vote. The voting power of each member depends on the number of NFTs each member has. Governance proposal process Will be conducted on TronDAO forums (Link will be Provided soon). Proposals with active engagement such as, a Variety of likes and replies will be passed through to be voted upon within the Genesis NFT (MusicDAO) telegram group.

-CoreX & LionX
The CoreX Team are the visionaries behind the community driven project LionX. CoreX has spent countless hours striving to turn these Visions into Reality… (Digitally).
LionX is an ecosystem of Networks built around products & services of DeFi +NFTs. The CoreX team provides Tools and Resources for the LionX ecosystem to become Self Sustaining and Decentralized overtime. LionX is mostly ran by smart contracts with minimum to No human interference. The community prides Itself on the LionX self operating systems implemented. Lions are seeking to Decentralize the Future, & They’re Going to do it One Network at a Time.


Project Milestones:

  • (Pre Mint Launch)
    -Build Organic Twitter Following. :white_check_mark:
    -Build a WhiteList of Early Supporters. :white_check_mark:
    -Whitelist Contest/Giveaway. :white_check_mark:
    -DeadLine for Whitelisted member Registration. :white_check_mark:
    -Whitelisted Sale conducted. :white_check_mark:

  • (Mint)
    -Public Sale (Live Minting) :white_check_mark:
    -AMA with CoreX. :white_check_mark:
    -% of TRX from Genesis sales will go to further development of this
    to Network.
    -Governance Proposal Process. :white_check_mark:

  • (Collaboration Phase)
    -Group/Team building activities.
    -Access to our MetaVerse networking environment. :white_check_mark:
    -Staking Capabilities implemented.
    -NFT holders will be encouraged to create music & visual art with one another.
    -Submission Realm.
    -Listen & Support to Earn incentivizes.

  • (Launchpad Ignition)
    -Launchpad activated.
    -Community access to Tools & Resources of the pad.
    -NFT Awards/Plaque for top performers within the Network .
    -Shared incentives for Genesis NFT holders with Transactions of Launchpad.

  • (Marketplace)
    -Build Product Catalog of Quality NFTs to gain credibility as a Network in this Space.
    -Buy and sell NFTs native to Capitol Lion on the Marketplace.
    -New Asset Class Developed Through Fractionalized Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights

Genesis NFT Address: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Learn More about Capitol Lion:


This is gonna be huge


Remarkable steps being taken by the CoreX Team to build onto the already thriving Lionx ecosystem, there is no stopping the success of @LionXeco to accomplished to be a major player within the #tronnetwork :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Next stop, is the moon! :first_quarter_moon_with_face: :rocket:. further in depth Details/Docs will continue to be released as we progress!!!


Its looking solid :clap::clap:


CoreX Team of LionX has always been belive in #Build and does the same always :muscle:

Entering music industry with #NFTs a great thought and makes crypto and NFTs go main stream congratulations :clap:

Team that never sleep :sleeping: keep Building and make everything decentralised cheers :clinking_glasses:


What is the
Genesis NFT Collection & Launchpad within Capitol Lion?

This is the One & Only NFT collection produced by LionX’s Core-X Team on this Music platform.
This process will Transfer ownership of this Music Platform into the hands of The Genesis NFT Collection Holders. These holders will become Members of The MusicDAO.

This will essentially be the early adopters to the Network. Becoming a Genesis holders Grants you Perks such as but not limited to Platform Governance, Premium access to LaunchPad, Exclusive Bounties/Challenges, Incentives/Rewards, DeFi opportunities & much more.

The Genesis Collection has a Max supply of 5,555 NFTs. Each NFT represents the Authenticity of Your Membership to this Elite Club within Capitol Lion Music Network.

Each NFT gives the opportunity for holder to obtain Voting power within the Network. Through the initial Mint of the Genesis Collection, CoreX is Ultimately Empowering the Platform through it’s organic user base. Creating a Self Governing Music Environment for all genres integrated into the LionX ecosystem.

Whitelisted registration will be available for a limited amount of time. This will give Whitelisted members the opportunity to Mint a portion of the collection with The LDA Token before it goes Live to the Public. Which afterwards will cost TRX to Mint, once whitelisted phase is completed.

This Network is Targeting skills of all kinds to promote the creative process of Music.

The elegant Tokenomics of The Genesis NFT collection will seek to attract passionately creative individuals that want to take part in the evolution of Music. We’re inviting Creators of all types, Song writers, Artists, Producers, Engineers, Art Designers, Directors, you name it. If you’re a piece to the puzzle of music, then we want you amongst the elite Genesis holders .

We’re globally connected more than ever nowadays, Thanks to the current state of the internet. We’re seeking to build a thriving Network which main focus is to promote productivity through the process of Team Building & Collaboration.

This community of Genesis NFT holders will play a vital role in connecting with one another. Join The Journey of integrating NFTs with Music through Web3 & Blockchain Tech on Tron.

-What is Capitol Lion’s Launchpad?

This Launch Pad will be an environment for Music Creators of all kinds. This sector of the Network is a platform designed to spotlight projects developed through Capitol Lion. The Launchpad naturally handles all of the technical aspects of formulating these NFT collections. During this event, these projects are highlighted amongst the Network for promotional purposes, organically obtaining traction to gain productivity within the Minting phase. Simply send file & we’ll handle the rest, updating + educating, every step of the way. You’ll Gain exposure to our LionX members & partners across the Tron Network during this process.

Genesis NFT holders will gain early access to The Capitol Lion LaunchPad first & foremost. This early access consist of Utilizing the Pad to Launch holder’s own projects &/or Early exposure to LaunchPad Projects before General user base.

Genesis holders will also gain a portion of Transaction fees from Launchpad as well.

A Launchpad built around Music will be a 1st of it kind on Tron Network.

Let’s Decentralized the music environment & empower the connection between creators & communities with Capitol Lion.

Will you be apart of The Evolution of Music ?


Absolutely hooked on CapitolLion, the opportunity and utilities are endless, let’s join the mass adoption of the Music Industry through blockchain capabilities @LionXeco you just never stop to amaze me :guitar::microphone::musical_score::notes::musical_keyboard::star_struck:


Wow another fantastic development by the LionX team, outstanding :clap::clap:


When I read the news of the Lionx team ,I am always very impressed. This time for me he took a big step. I like how he describes everything and I fully support their way of expanding the project. Thank you for everything and good luck to everything. Lion team is the pride that is doing a great job :muscle: :lion: :100:


This Music Network is seeking to attract individuals whose main interest is The Evolution of Music. This community is established to keep the rights and power into the hands of Creators & Communities. The NFT standard is unlocking new layers of ownership and connecting supply and demand on a whole new level. NFTs implemented into the Capitol Lion Music Platform will collectively connect creators and their communities at scale. By the creators distributing shares of Tokenized content, the community ultimately benefits from the success rate alongside the creator. The Genesis NFT collection will kick off the independence of Capitol Lion as an Official Network within the LionX ecosystem. Genesis NFT holders will act as The DAO, native to the Capital Lion Music Network.

The initial mint of the Genesis collection will be the settlement base layer for Self Governance to be implemented within the Network. Throughout the Minting process we want to build a superpower community of music lovers with skills and experience levels of all kinds. We want to encourage teambuilding within this Network, ultimately developing tools and resources to connect Genesis NFT holders to form alliances around creative collaborations pertaining the art of music. We are seeking to migrate a wide variety of talents and styles into the ecosystem. This will be the start of a Path into a brand new Digital Landscape of Music. Once the launchpad is released the network will have the opportunity to Spotlight their tokenized content while utilizing tools and resources native to The Capitol Lion Music Platform.

Once a few projects are released through the Launchpad’s initial phase, this will start building up our marketplace catalog. When each collection is sold out you will not be able to obtain these NFTs anywhere, unless you buy it directly from someone &/or on the marketplace. This Network is a solid Foundation to the Digital Frontier of this new era of Music. NFT, Blockchain, and Web3 are all creating new opportunities of Collectiveness. Join us as we set the NFT standard to grant the empowerment of Free Thinkers and Free Markets back into the environment of Music.
“The Community are the Puzzle Pieces,
Capitol Lion is the Puzzle completed”
“Where words fail, music speaks.”


This is something new era creating on Tron by LionX :lion: community is strong and believe in long game !


Music :notes: NFTs connects Blockchain industry go main stream

I love what they do from the start days ! Go for it :fire:


Whitelist Registration Phase

Now that the Official Snapshot was successfully completed for eligible members such as MafiaMane, Tronics, LionX NFTstore NFT holders &/or members with 10K+ LDA (Liquid or Staked)

The Whitelisted phase is finally upon us!

The Registration process will last until all slots are filled. There will be a maximum of 45 available slots in total for This Whitelist . Once this number is met, they’ll be No one available to join the waitlisted/pre-distribution phase.

During this process you will be reserving the rights of ownership to either (1) or (2) Capitol Lion Music Network Genesis NFTs.
The imagery of these NFTs will be revealed towards the Grand Hackathon Season 2 Submission Deadline.
To become eligible you must be a member of the LionX Telegram Group Chat.
Fee is 2,500 LDA per Genesis NFT.
Reserve Ownership Limit of (2) per member.
Send 2,500/5,000 LDA to Whitelist deposit address.
Please refer to the directions to join Whitelist later in this passage.

Whitelisted Members will have exclusive access to perks before launching, that general users will not have access to.
We’re going to create a private chat for Whitelisted members pertaining everything within the Evolution of Music & Capitol Lion Music Network .
Get 24/7 Access to our MetaVerse Art Gallery & Hangout spots created for engagement.
Exclusive scheduled Informal & Social Networking events will take place in the MetaVerse.


  1. Click Send LDA [(1=2,500LDA)/(2=5,000LDA)]
    to Wallet address TX4KwH1XRiaaDL69LKRArnJ6Ss1UsBaKcu
    & Add Notes/Memo to this Transfer with your “Telegram Username”
    … Now proceed to Complete transaction & send it .

  2. Copy the Transaction hash from & Send it to TashLion or JoshLion from the LionX Main Telegram Group.

This Phase is 1st come, 1st serve.
The First 45 Successful Transactions will make up the Whitelist .
Starting …… Now.


Put me down for 2, transaction will be with you shortly :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::gem::raised_hands:


What’s Coming Up Next for LionX Umbrella project, Capitol Lion Music Network? …

  • The Grand Hackathon Submission Video describing the Capitol Lion Platform & The Process of Turning this Vision into Reality.
    Will be available soon, as well as
  • Capitol Lion Webpage reveal.
  • The Launch of Capitol Lion Genesis NFT collection.
  • 4K NFT imagery reveal.

We’ve successfully Completed the Snapshot for LionX Asset holders .
The Whitelist registration is still active for members of LionX that want to reserve (1) or (2) Capitol Lion Genesis NFTs. Payment required for each reservation is 2,500 LDA. With a maximum of (2) per member.

Stay tuned with everything pertaining Capitol Lion Music Network by Joining the LionX telegram group Telegram: Contact @Lionxone
The evolution of Music is creating a future of Decentralization. Let’s dance to the tunes of empowerment!


How will you go about attracting music creators to create NFTs on the platform? Also, will Capitol Lion Music consider integrating with ApeNFT marketplace like how Kraftly recently Integrated with ApeNFT, synching the two platforms so that it can hit a wider range of NFT buyers?

Any PDF presentation so that I can easily show some people I know maybe in the industry?


Thanks for this awesome question, let me see if I can elaborate more on this topic…

It’s going to be a process of Multiple strategic phases to be able to attract quality content onto our Capitol Lion Music Platform.

We ultimately want to build an organic Catalog of Talent within This Network.

Our Genesis NFT collection will be the 1st means of Attracting great talent.

Becoming a Genesis NFT holder of this collection grants you inside access to the Platform as well as early access to The Music NFT Launchpad.

Before these features are implemented we have a Phase strictly for Collaboration & Team building. First and foremost Whitelist Membership will have exposure to this phase, Then Genesis NFT holders will be granted access as soon as the Collection is released. We have a few Music groups ready to drop content that we believe will set a spark for New & Existing Users. We want to take the time to build organic + original content for our Members via Launchpad. During this Phase the CoreX team will guide the platform with hands on tactics. We strongly believe that if we can build an initial Catalog from Members of The Genesis collection before the Official Launchpad is completed, the Network will ultimately attract Music Lover’s from Tron Network & Beyond.

As for the Marketplace, we love the idea of Collaborating our Music Markets into 3rd party Marketplaces such as ApeNFT & Kraftly, it will ultimately give the Platform & Community exposure to a wide variety of people not confined to one Network.

We have a bunch of ideas to build on once Our Music Markets are in motion. We believe it will ultimately benefit Tron Network & Tronics as a whole if we’re seamlessly compatible with additional NFT Marketplaces.

We have additional documentation coming very soon. I’ll be sure to keep you updated with everything. Thanks so much for your interest.


The Capitol Lion Music Network will roll out in phases.

These phases will build the layers of a foundational infrastructure needed to create a platform for The People, meanwhile continue to set building blocks of the Future of Music.

We seek to create a Decentralized Music Environment through the Standard of NFTs.

These 3 key Fundamental Phases will connect The Governance as well as the Utilities harnessed by The Music Network.

:zap:(Phase 1) - Genesis

So our (Genesis NFT Collection) will make up the MusicDAO that Governs the Platform .
:boom:WhiteList Registration is Currently Open​:boom:

:zap:(Phase2) - Launchpad

(Launchpad Collections)

Music Catalog NFTs Released from the Capitol Lion Launchpad :lion::rocket:

:zap:(Phase3) - Music Markets

Once the Public has access to Products, Services, Tools & Resources of the Capitol Lion Platform. Users of the Community will be able to deploy NFTs pertaining Music Creation, while Utilizing The Network in a Decentralized manner.

:point_right:Tap in with The CoreX Team Live on Discord.

:point_right: The CoreX Team will conduct a Live AMA
Today @ 10PM UTC .
We would Love to see you there.


Can’t wait to see going live cheers :clinking_glasses:


Hope i can be there. as a european :hugs: late hours hope to stay awake