Project Name: NusicCloud

Project Track:NFT

Team Name: optimised101

Team Member(s): 1, optimised101

DevPost URL: mr optimised's (optimised101) software portfolio | Devpost

Project Goal: The goal is to create a Music NFT marketplace over the Tron blockchain

Project Info: This Project is for my passion which is Music, I just love music I can’t live without it. It’s bloodline for me and I know it’s true for many people. So I created a simple platform where anyone comes mint there Music as NFT easily sell and buy others music and at the same time enjoy the vibes of musics.

Project Website:

Project Details: So we are trying to build a platform where music artists can easily sell, create, and buy music NFTs collections Creating an NFT collection is hard and making music NFT is harder where to store data and how to manage everything because an artist you can focus on 1 thing creating music or thinking about blockchain so with this platform we want to remove the burden from the artist.

Project Smart contract :
Nusic Token: A TRC721 Token for all the NFTs in our platform

Nusic MarketPlace Contract: Use to buy, sell and auction music NFTs

Project Milestones:

  • Almost done with designs and now start building components
  • Nextjs application with UI/UX
  • Working on TRC721 Smart contract for launching music NFT smart contract
  • Integrating Web app with Smart contract and wallet intergration



Here is my twitter account to follow all the latest updates

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interdasting, let me know when u have website

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Yeah sure, working on it designs and few pages are done going to live it in 2 3 days, thanks for your the interest please consider follow us over twitter

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Hola, una opción interesante, dedicarse al campo de la música, donde los Nft tienen una gran utilidad.

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Translate that into english thanks

Hey going to launch by tomorrow my token called NusicCloudToken that give earlier access to the some cool features.

Almost done with code just have to test my @trondao smart contract for the NusicCloud pass token that gives access to cool events whitelist spot for NFTs collections and cool features for NFT market place

who is excited

It looks very good, the topic of NFTs and music is very interesting

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Thank you so much jose means a lot

As I promised I am launching nusic cloud token here is the UI still working for contracts but here you look into UI and let me how it’s looks feels like.

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New updates for project here is the tweet link

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Yes Fix the wallet issue now you no need to connect to wallet again and again if you are connect it’s automatically connects you.

Updates the links and tweet about the roadmap

consider follow us on twitter.

I am here to build

Yesss my


's #MusicNFTs marketplace is done and deploy successfully over Testnets tomorrow I start integrating things

Love your support over twitter guys here my Account

If you want to pay less for deploying contacts you can consider freezing a bag of trx for energy or simply buying energy on an energy marketplace like tronpulse, NRG or tokengoodies.

Question: How is your platform going to compete against LionX Music Dao which already has a big support amongst Tron’s community, is led by a motivated team but still, works as a DAO? Or, conversely, do you see some complementarity, some ways to collaborate, and in that case which ways?

Good luck for the hackathon :beers:


Thanks for Contracts but I am still not clear about this “freezing a bag of trx for energy”

about the competition I am thinking about them a lot
Are you talking about them

and they created this platform to be real I just found out this

So never give a thought about how things go that way, Goal is to build a really good NFT marketplace and that’s a gradual process.

thanks a lot, looking forward for more your opnions

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perfect project name I loved that


Good concept… but I’d request u to check @LionXeco Capitol music… they’re already very active in the space… and wish Nusic Cloud brings something that is unique than LionX team…and together can benefit the community…