@fabsltsa meant u’ll require energy (kind of gas on eth) to interact with smart contracts and for that… u either need to stake Tron tokens or rent Energy from energy providers like NRG or token goodies etc…


I guess you are right read your other pots reply too. like for me it’s a first tron blockchain project I just learn how to work with TRC standards and only found very few projects on this chain like Tron official website mention only and nothing about

but now I guess my project is not unique, because I am also doing same like Kraftly almost same features nothing unique.

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And others into this hackathon is doing almost the same so at the end it becomes the Bettter UI/UX wins thing.

It’s better to piviot from this point thanks for pointing out this @gujjucryptoguy and @fabsltsa

well I am sad but it’s better to build something small and unique then existing, though I have no what to builld

Didn’t mean to say your project is not good. Just curious about the specificity and how you planned to be competitive. Maybe you can contact LionX team and see how your both projects could become complementary instead of competitors.


Yeah I understand I do contact them thanks. to be frank before you guys mention it I don’t have idea about lionx so I was in this world where I thought this is unique but as I mention it is almost same.


Ahhh… I can understand the issue… it happens… don’t be disappointed as the space is very unique and innovative… would just suggest u to check out with @LionXeco if together u can produce something more innovative… That would be beneficial to both the projects & ultimately to the Tron and community…

All the best :+1:t2:


Loved the concept, waiting for website


Greetings optimised101! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Info
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Contract Address


whats the supply going to look like?


Hey Guys I just came back, I lost my grandpa
So didn’t work a lot. but now I am mentally find. and let’s try, How Much I can do in 10 hrs. really appreciate that you guys show interest to this. Before any thing my contracts are done and some part of UI

just added Create NFT and Collection page with

Thanks a lot. and Sorry guys who suggested me pivot or and something new. I guess no time for it, but sure even after the hackatho I try to add value in tron ecosystem

Adding it thanks a lot

Thanks Elis love your project too about Endanger animals

Today is the last day for the application. But you can keep building. Judges will start reviewing most likely in 2 weeks, the time for trondao team to check the validity of application. Do your best :+1:

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Thanks a lot fabsltsa you helped a lot

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Here is the new tweet from Nusic cloud

Woah Now you can mint Nusic NFTs with

verified contract

Note: we are still in Beta and testnets, due to shortage of time but need your support when I said We it means I only "I am single person" haha

Would love to get some feed

— Nusic cloud (@nusiccloud) November 14, 2022

But Have to complete this today itself, I am moving out in next 2 days so going to busy for a while

Have fun Create collection is live

Here is contract

New update live here

Would love some support

Now you can listen to music NFTs

Just Updated

Now added Navigation for easy navigation btw pages

I am coding as fast as possible enjoying every bit of it.

Love Tron

Fantastic project… Keep it up…Great

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