Thanks a lot these kind inspire me to build this project and continue too. thanks a lot

Quick update I submitted my project. There are things which needs to be add. thanks @fabsltsa for letting me know that I can update this project even after submissions.

I am the man in the arena keeps on keeping on… not going any where let’s build a decentralised world. “Nusic cloud” haha

As I said I am keep working on this

here is new page I added

Just created a new artist page so artist can share there page with anyone and gain exposer for there work

Here is my page UI

Here is the demo

Now you ca see the artist in the main page enjoy nusic cloud

Going to add Create listing and Buy Listing features any thoughts guys

Creating an listing functions are completed now working on a UI so any one can create and list there music NFT.

Interesting Project can’t wait for it to go Live, the topic of NFTs and music is very interesting. Even the Project Name sounds cool :star_struck:

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Thanks Adithya these kind words motivates me a lot

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Hola, es un buen proyecto y aunque haya otros que se dediquen a lo mismo, cada ser es único y puede crear algo diferente que lo hace especial.

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Select all the text, and a translate button will pop up, click on translate and it will convert it to english for you. Thank you

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Just updated filter logic for Nusic cloud let me know what you guys think

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Thanks just coverted it into english

“Hello, it is a good project and although there are others who are dedicated to the same thing, each being is unique and can create something different that makes it special.”

so good to know your feedback