MusiCoinCity - myriad places & exclusive sounds

Project Name: MusiCoinCity
Project Track: Eco-friendly
Team Name: ElfWeb
Team Member(s): 1
Dorahacks Project Link: MusiCoinCity | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: A platform that enables users to meet the sounds of various natural environments that they can choose according to their wishes and to donate to organizations that ensure the continuity of these environments

Project Info: Sometimes, we listen to relaxing nature sounds while resting and sometimes studying. On this site, you can hear the sounds of 4 different environments and feel like you are in those environments. You can connect your wallet to the site and donate from the option below to protect or improve the environments where the sounds you listen to belong.

Project Website:
(All donations and smart contracts on our site work on a mainnet, not a testnet. That’s why we set the amount to a very low amount of $ 0.006 right now, we would like to reiterate that if you want to check the buttons, this amount will be deducted from your wallet.)

Github: GitHub - ElfWeb/MusiCoinCity

Video: ElfWeb - MusiCoinCity - YouTube

Project Test Instructions: The user logs in to the site via the specified link and selects the environment they want to be in from 4 different boxes representing 4 different natural environments on the screen. Then, if the user wants to donate, he connects his Metamask wallet to the site and makes a BTT donation via BTTC.

Donation Amount (fixed):
10,000 BTT ~ 0.006 USD
6.3 BTT – gas fee

Project Details: For the BTTC network to be included in your Metamask wallet and to send a BTTC donation over this network, you can click the “Wallet” button on the top right of our site and follow the steps there.

Each user can experience all 4 different environments and donate to projects covering the environment they want. Your donations will be forwarded to the institutions when they reach a certain amount from us.

Smart Contract links:
0x4E523c60E4ad0769d3AEdA5d67cDC0dAfd95FFd5#code (forest → mcc)
0xBcc89d7C252cc131AA4Da0b851EAc0bc16dc6E3e#code (space → mcc)
0xfF4AdE89F5A3394e6150Fee125EFcA4a4b96eb9F#code (desert → mcc)
0x17021007e5b5C8F4BE122Ff58f00427ABd9F1762#code (ocean → mcc)

How our Project integrates to BTTC:
This platform has 4 different wallets and one main wallet for 4 different environments. The amounts in the wallets created for 4 different wallets will be transferred to the main wallet after the 10,000,000 BTT limit. For this reason, a smart contract was created for each of the 4 different environments.

Project Milestones:
:musical_note: Creating the building blocks of the idea and considering the details
:musical_note: Creation of the site after +Design-Thinking
:musical_note: 4 different environment determination
:musical_note: Adjustment of sound parameters to reflect 4 different environments
:musical_note: Connecting wallets to media
:musical_note: Smart contract development and testing
:musical_note: Integration of smart contracts to the site & wallets
:musical_note: Determining the organizations to donate and creating an intermediary channel
:musical_note: Rechecking site security and design


Hello friend! First of all, I would like to welcome you and myself! Yours is the first project I’ve reviewed. And believe me, I really liked it. Good luck! :dancer: :musical_note:


I would like to see more projects like yours in the eco-friendly category!
Welcome to Season 4!
Good luck!


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4


You are highly welcome to this great and the community at large :handshake:
Feel at home :handshake:


You are welcome to S4.
With the donation amount when you say fixed what do you mean please.
I can’t donate more than that or that’s the minimum I can donate?


Bienvenido a este S4, me gustaría obtener un poco más de información, por ejemplo de que entornos y tipo de música se trataría para que los usuarios se sintieran atraídos a escucharla, que monto de donación, y esta donación que instituciones la recibirían. Gracias.


Greetings @ElfWeb ! Your project seems to be missing details on:

DoraHacks Project Link:
Project Website:
Smart Contract Links:

Please add them to your project. Thank you!


@JamWiener @RzareCaptain thank you for your supportive comments <3


Thanks a lot, let me explain.

Since the security updates of our site are continuing, we have fixed the donation as 10,000 BTT, ie $0.006, so that there will be no problem while making the donation at the beginning. We will update this throughout the process so that people can send donations as much as they want.

We will be sharing our site tonight. We will be eagerly awaiting your new questions.


You are highly welcome, wish you all the best in your project


We currently have 4 environments; It’s going to be a bit of a spoiler, but I’ll tell you. Forest, Space, Desert and Ocean. We are also considering adding new environments according to people’s requests. We are waiting for you for feedback when our site is published tonight.

Since we have just started our project, we do not have a contracted institution. In the beginning, we will therefore make donations of the accumulated amount transparently as an intermediary. As an example, we will forward donations to the “Oceana non-profit organization” of the amount accumulated in the Ocean environment. With the agreements we make in the future, we plan to put these donations on a more solid ground.


All will be added in maximum 2 days. Thanks for the reminder.


alright thank you
it is very important to allow people donate as much as they can


Definitely. We will update this in the coming weeks.
Also, thank you for being our first constructive feedback :green_heart: :green_heart:


you are welcome, looking forward for the best for you.
keep building


Hola, tan pronto tenga su sitio publicado lo miraré y le comentaré. Gracias


Welcome to this hackathon, I like your project is different


Nice concept. Wishing you all the best.
My question, no one can decide to listen to a sound from one particular environment like say forest. But will have to select the 4 environments before they can enjoy the platform.

Please what informed the team’s decision to make it four different environments and not say one. Thank you


Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Season 4 hackathon and also express my gratitude for your initiative in coming up with this great idea that aims at the public contributing to improve our environment.

Regarding the fixed nature of the donations, I would like to ask if it will be possible for donors to donate in multiple times. Like after donating the fixed amount of 10,000 BTT and I want to make another donation in a separate transaction, will I be able to do so?