HackaTRON S4 2023 - Winners Announcements!

Hi everyone have a nice evening all, we shared on the forum before and sent a pm to admin. Just to be sure, we want to share it here as well.
As the ElfWeb team, our MusiCoinCity project works well on the mainnet.

BTTC smart contract links;
0x4E523c60E4ad0769d3AEdA5d67cDC0dAfd95FFd5#code (forest → mcc)
0xBcc89d7C252cc131AA4Da0b851EAc0bc16dc6E3e#code (space → mcc)
0xfF4AdE89F5A3394e6150Fee125EFcA4a4b96eb9F#code (desert → mcc)
0x17021007e5b5C8F4BE122Ff58f00427ABd9F1762#code (ocean → mcc)

For more details, please visit our project page :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:;