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To whom it may concern,
My name is “TashLion”, speaking on Behalf of Capitol Lion an existing protocol that’s returned from Season 2 Hackathon. The Capitol Lion Project was recently disqualified from The Season 3 HackaTRON due to “Failure to Meet Requirements”… This Letter is not intended to reevaluate us to meet requirements, just to state our experience with The Hackathon process and how to improve foundational support for the Developer Economy on TRON moving forward.

For existing projects, we were directed to this FAQ section …

  1. Q. Can I join the hackathon if I already have an existing developed/developing project?

Yes. You can still join the hackathon provided that you have made significant updates or new feature additions to your project.
Please make sure to make it clear to judges and the community what you have built and what will you be building during the hackathon period.
Projects found not making any updates during the hackathon period will be disqualified.

  1. Q. Can I join the hackathon if I have participated in TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 1 & 2?

You are more than welcome to join season 3 of the hackathon if you have launched your existing hackathon project for the community to use.
You must make sure to select that you are submitting an existing project during your Devpost project submission so the judges can judge accordingly.
Each judge will make their own decisions on how they treat pre-built projects vs new projects.
You will need to signup on DevPost like the rest of the participants and create a new project post under

Which we strongly believe we successfully provided enough information on Forums & DevPost to make it extremely clear to Judges and The Community what we built and what we were building during the hackathon submission period.
The only way to be ineligible for existing project reentering is stated here,
“Projects found not making any updates during the hackathon period will be disqualified.”
This was the only message we received clarifying the Situation of Disqualification, which in my opinion isn’t Valid.

Below is Capitol Lion’s Submission entry post from Season 2 & Season 3
Forums :
Season 2 = Capitol Lion Music Network
Season 3 = Capitol Lion Music & Entertainment

DevPost :
Season 2 =
Season 3 =

Just to highlight the Projects Differences stated from Season 2 - Season 3 :

Season 2 =

Capitol Lion Music Network is a LionX Umbrella Project which is Ultimately creating a MusicDAO. The MusicNFT Economy will be integrated into the LionX Ecosystem of Networks, with it’s very own Music Launchpad.
Genesis Holders/DAO Members will Govern this Music Network as a Collective effort. The Governable sectors of this Network pertains Economics, Community, & Underling Technology.

Season 3 =

The Development of a Decentralized Multi Chain Social app Built around Music & Entertainment is the Ultimate Goal. Operations behind Season 2 created the initial establishment of the Network. We formed a Self Governing structure which was made possible by holder’s of the Capitol Lion Genesis NFT. We also introduced the in-house NFT Launchpad, as well as a built in NFT Marketplace. We believe this season will be a great time to display the overall updates to the Features & Functionalities we’re seeking to implement into Capitol Lion. Such as, Streaming Capabilities which will grant users access to watch Tokenized content or listen to The Capitol Lion Music NFT player. This will allow for the opportunity to incentivize NFT owners based on Stream count & Traffic. This will also set up the opportunity for Non NFT holders to join the organic userbase. Streaming Sections will direct users to Popular Creators & Trending NFTs as well as Track the activity of Creators, Communities, & Collectibles within the Catalog of Capitol Lion. Another exciting update from last season is that Capitol Lion is pivoting into a direction to become a Social DApp. This transition will allow users to create a profile within Capitol Lion and build their Reputation through Contributions, Engagement, &/or Networking. The Activity & Credibility of Creators, Communities, & Collectibles will become easily viewable with these brand new social experiences. We’re looking forward to encourage Entertainers, Musicians, Engineers, DJs, Art Designers, Videographers etc. to collaborate on projects deployed within Capitol Lion.

DevPost currently has us as an active Participant and accepting votes in the Hackathon & also sent us confirmation emails stating we’re eligible and Voting has begun.
Prior to Officially entering The Season 3 Hackathon, Capitol Lion applied for a Developer Grant and Ecosystem Fund grant in which on Sep 28, 2022 we were Denied for both and were recommended to enter the Season 3 Hackathon.

Here is what was stated from Management within TRONDAO … “I came across your responses on our google form and think you would be a hand in glove fit for our upcoming Tron Grand Hackathon.
To give you a feel for what’s in store, last year we presented winners with over 1.2M in prizes across six tracks.
Please let me know if you would like to attend and I will personally get you set up.”

We replied back stating all operations we are currently involved in and stated we were in the previous season. We have yet to receive a reply from TRONDAO Leadership suggesting how we should move forward.

I stress this topic not to create FUD, but to spotlight the influence Hackathons & Grants have on Projects and Communities. For Community Driven ecosystems such as ours, They pride Themselves on the integrity of being community driven & backed. Hackathons & Grants create opportunities to keep that integrity alive during the development of settling the Foundational Infrastructure without exposing your Projects to VC’s or Investment entities looking for a profitable gain short term which can ultimately cripple an organization especially in it’s early days of identity discovery. We believe TronDAO & Judges should take this process carefully whether it’s a New Project or Existing. This is a great opportunity to expand the DApp development within the organic ecosystem of TRON. Before Disqualifying a project it should go through a transparent process of evaluation, especially existing projects/Teams who are previous winners. When projects are entering these Hackathons, everyone is ordered to open their playbooks and give public access to your entire operation. For those Leaking these details before fully established is a big gamble as it is. Especially when We’re seeing a pattern of New projects winning and then disappearing after winners are announced. Their should be TronDAO Team Members with boots on ground & synchronized with the Hackathon, so teams/projects are aware of concerns or issues before it’s too late & voting actually begins.

There’s a bunch of credible Tronics who have given great recommendations on how TronDAO should structure Future Hackathons.

-Examples of Valid viewpoints on existing teams and projects entering from @Sirluke & @fabsltsa

Another suggestion for disqualification procedures is “Letting teams know what they have to change, add,… and giving them 2 days to either comply with the requirements or be disqualified”

If these Hackathons are truly constructed for adding Value on top of TRON & BTTC, We need more ways to transparently track progression of milestones. Here’s what some additional credible Tronics had to say about this Topic:

At the end of the Day I’ve been here since 2018, I’ve Personally witnessed firsthand the evolutional process of TRON over the years. I want what is best for the Community as a Collective, I don’t speak out about matters like this too often because I don’t want to stir up negativity or Doubt within our Ecosystem but I believe constructive criticism is much needed during times of opportunities like these. We should grow every season with efficiency and not back track with mistakes that will jeopardize organic value being implemented into Tron’s protocol long-term .
On behalf of The LionX ecosystem & Capitol Lion, Thank you very much for Letting me. Voice my perspective.
Feed Back is Greatly Appreciated :fist: :lion:


Tron actually did some wonderful move some years back which actually convinced me that it a good investment and it has future


Hola, se aprecia la manera que ha expuesto su disgusto en la no elección de su proyecto, a mi forma de ver es un buen proyecto que se ha ido expandiendo, supongo que como otros proyectos que se han encontrado como usted. Tal vez haya sido una falta de comunicación entre las dos partes. No es agradable, pero de los errores sean de una o de otra parte se aprende. Esperamos que en la próxima temporada se tenga en cuenta este suceso y se remedie de ambas partes, se pretende que los proyectos al igual que el foro sean completamente transparentes.


Estoy 100 por ciento de acuerdo con esta declaración. Agradecemos mucho sus comentarios. Mientras aprendamos del pasado e implementemos lo que hemos aprendido en el futuro, creo que es una victoria para ambas partes Liderazgo y comunidad juntos.


Es una sabia decisión, le dará grandes logros en lo que se proponga.


Thank you @Tashlion for making a stand for @LionXeco and there umbrella project @CapitolLion #hackerthon season3 entry. I think there are lessons to be learned on both trondao and developers site for upcoming entries. Will it cause a setback to the development of @CapitolLion, of course not. It will just install more drive to succeed and bring the project to the masses. :handshake:


Thank you @Tashlion for sharing your views. I hope this unfortunate episode will not diminish your motivation to achieve your goals.


Thanks guys for all of the feedback, I’m more than grateful… & to be honest, this just added more fuel to the fire. The Motivation level is currently higher than ever :grin:


I believe to invest that Capitol Lion is a good and innovative project .his non participation in Hackthon season 3 will not stop its development .Tashlion explained everything correctly. I would like trondao to log into the Lionx channel and support the project .This for me :lion::globe_with_meridians::muscle::handshake:is to make the tron ​​network strong .thanks


Thanks for sharing your view.
I know this won’t stop you from building.
Keep building

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M y Friend :fist: :lion:


This Letter is not meant to create FUD or spread Negativity whatsoever. This Letter is to create a discussion around vital components within the TRON ecosystem. This is simply my perspectives on how I’m viewing things at this given point and time. Like I’ve stated at the start of this Topic Discussion, I’m a fellow Member of the Community since the early days & I just want what’s best for the community, whether you’re a shrimp or whale.

In this Letter I will address Energy & Bandwidth Rate Hikes & Scaling Solutions I believe can help the state of Transacting on TRON …
First off, Let’s start with the most recent passed proposal …


  1. Propose to modify the fee of 1 unit of Energy to 0.00042 TRX
  2. Proposal to modify the upper limit of the fee of a smart contract to 15000 TRX
    Proposer: BlockchainOrg
    Passed: 2022-12-04
    Upvotes 22, Not voted 5

Now, Let’s go over the Most recent rate hike events from the past…


  1. Propose to modify the fee of 1 unit of Energy to 0.00004 TRX
    Proposer: CryptoGuyInZA
    Passed: 2020-11-24
    Upvotes 19, Not voted 8


  1. Propose to modify the fee of 1 unit of Bandwidth to 0.00014 TRX
  2. Propose to modify the fee of 1 unit of Energy to 0.00014 TRX
  3. Proposal to modify the upper limit of the fee of a smart contract to 5000 TRX
    Proposer: CryptoChain
    Passed: 2021-02-11
    Upvotes 19, Not voted 8


  1. Propose to modify the fee of 1 unit of Energy to 0.00028 TRX
  2. Proposal to modify the upper limit of the fee of a smart contract to 10000 TRX
    Proposer: BlockchainOrg
    Passed: 2021-10-28
    Upvotes 18, Not voted 9

If History Repeats itself then it’s going to be extremely expensive to Deploy and Transact on TRON’s MainNet. What happens when TRX get to .30, .60, $1 ? What will Transaction fees Look like ? I understand that fees help against spamming transactions & it’s a great tool to incentive contributions such as Validating etc. Some people even like the deflationary proponents that are implied with Higher Transaction fees, I’m a Fan of this as well to a certain extent. TRX is supposed to be a Utility coin within TRON’s Network, too much Deflation will cause users to hoarder which in practice cuts down the usage of the Network as well as the coin itself. We need more DApps and global business mottos being integrated into TRON if we’re going to compete with
other chains that are faster + cheaper with more adoption. I’ve seen a lot of good community members migrate to other blockchains because of this same issue.

Why are SR’s Upvoting these implementations ? Do they truly think this is for the Greater Good of the Ecosystem of TRON? Are we pricing out blockchain gaming, on chain social engagement, or even Business logistics in general with these frequent rate hikes?

I believe there’s a Solution already present & it’s called Sun Network’s DApp Chain. Even though I love BTTC & It’s Bridging capabilities. I believe Sun Network is the Overall Powerhouse we all need to be focusing on. In 2019, Freezing TRX gave you 100x more Energy on DApp Chain compared to Freezing TRX for resources on TRON’s MainNet. For Example, freezing 1 TRX on DApp Chain gets 10,000 energy everyday.

As stated on the headline of Sun Network’s site, DAppChain is TRON’s sidechain project. The goal is to help DApps to operate on TRON with lower energy consumption, faster speed and enhanced safety, providing unlimited capacity for TRON’s main network. So why aren’t we
utilizing this Great resource built along side the TRON protocol ? Which is also fueled by the same underlining asset as MainNet, “TRX”. Why have OG’s and Leadership roles neglect this resource available to all TRONICS ?

There are Parameters set that enable eligible Proposals to be made (TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器) .

#60 _ Propose to initiate EVM-compatible mode for TVM which is “Not activated” …

If this becomes activated, it will also make Sun Network/DApp Chain EVM Compatible.
Opening the gates to a wide variety of Opportunities.
(TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器) (Sun network)

Which can potentially bring the same value that BTTC brings to the TRON ecosystem …
If we have more Developer resources available for Builders, I believe it could be an organic
network of growth which at the end of the day will add value to TRON’s Economy as a whole.

What are your thoughts on this Matter?
What do you think can be a solution for high transaction fees on TRON ?
What has your experience been like interacting with TRON & it’s DApp’s, compared to other chains like Ethereum & Polygon/Matic ?


You can find a good supporting argument here : Telegram: Contact @Lionxone

Arthur Hayes explains quickly why Deflationary Mottos aren’t necessarily good for Blockchains
with a Main focus of Utility …

Check it out for yourself


What is the Main objective of the Sidechain Sun Network ?

TRON’s Sun Network is a sidechain project that aims to provide additional capacity for the TRON mainnet, allowing for lower energy consumption, faster transaction speeds, and enhanced security for decentralized applications (DApps) built on the TRON platform. The Sun Network is intended to complement the TRON mainnet and provide DApp developers with additional resources and support for building and deploying their applications on the TRON network. It is fueled by TRX, the native token of the TRON network

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Stay up to date with Energy & Bandwidth Rates @ Tron Station

I know I’m kind of talking to myself here but I believe it’s my duty as an active member of the Tron ecosystem to bring to your attention an issue that I believe needs further discussion and elaboration. As you may know, the Tron network utilizes a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus mechanism and is known for it’s fast transaction speeds. However, one aspect of the network that has become increasingly concerning to me is the rising cost of energy and bandwidth consumption. As a result, the transaction fees associated with these resources have become extremely expensive, and it seems that this is starting to price some members of our community out of the ecosystem.

While I love the overall Decentralized environment and the organic community that surrounds the Tron ecosystem, I believe we need to come together as a group and discuss this issue. We need to find ways to address the high costs of energy and bandwidth consumption and ensure that all members of our community can continue to participate and benefit from the network.

I hope that you will join me in this discussion and work together to find solutions to this issue. Together, we can make the Tron network even stronger and more accessible to all.


The cost of energy and bandwidth is quite a pressing issue, i rent most of energy from @TronNinjas’s tronNRG, it used to cost me 7trx for 100,000 energy for 3days. But due to the rise in energy and bandwidth consumption, it has risen to 10trx

And as if that is not enough, the 100,000 energy can be used for just one or two transactions and its all gone you will have to wait for the next day for it to replenish.

If there is something that can be done to curb this energy crisis it will be better.
The earlier it comes down, the better for us all.


Si, estoy de acuerdo que esto es un problema que se tiene que atajar, la mayoría de personas entraban en tron por el coste bajo.

Yh that is very true. The issue has to be tackled head on. First you needed to freeze 3500trx for 100,000 energy, now u need to freeze close to 5000trx for that same energy.

Since i dont have that much, i just rent from #tronNRG. Its cheaper at their end.

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Yes I agree 100% with you both . Don’t get me wrong I love the NRG marketplace, it allows everyone to participate on both sides of borrowing and lending & it’s rates are cheaper than their competitors. I direct all of my peers to the platform . But it’s still in it’s early stages and with so much demand for cheaper energy nowadays, the available supply of energy on the platform is slim at times. The ones with longevity in mind need to all come together and figure out alternatives like Sun Network side chains & EVM Compatibility. It’s our duty as Tronics to have these types of discussions to ultimately become the best ecosystem we can possibly be as a collective unit ! Thank you so much for you feedback it’s greatly appreciated :fist: :lion:

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