Hackatron season 5 submissions reminder 🎗️

Good day fam, you have seen a lot of registrations this season but few have submitted their projects here. It’s about time we start posting on all social media platforms about submissions on this platform.

We have less than a month to end this season’s submissions and we do not have up to 20 project’s submissions here.

Are they not aware of publishing on this platform or they are just waiting for late hours.

If you know anyone who has registered, kindly remind him or her to publish the project here.

Thank you


Thanks for this reminder,

This submission date can be confusing, so to Avoid extra added time it best we have periodic reminder .

I will make a post to summarize all the sessions 5 HACKATHON later in the day.
Not more than 20, I believe they don’t wait for last minute rush.


What happens if one doesn’t submit here

Automatic Disqualified. As the Rule says must Submit here too

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You can check out here.Online Hackathon | HackerEarth developer event | HackaTRON Season 5


Already answered by @Gordian

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Well i didn’t think :confused: if you dont register you’ll get disqualified.

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Exactly! Very few projects have submitted on the forum till now. We should create more awareness so that teams start to do all the necessities to be eligible for the hackaTRONs5


Yes you will 100% get disqualified. if you dont submit your project both on the TRONDAO forum and HackerEarth


If any team can’t even read the rules carefully before joining hackathons must get disqualified

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I wonder what is still holding them to publish, do they need some email reminder or they are not ready


I have 0 tolerance for projects that don’t read the rules of the competition before entering or even read the weekly emails being sent out to their emails, asking them to register and post on the forum.


I noticed the exact same thing bro, it’s no wonder how and why projects rolling into the DAO forum are scanty or a little too slow compared to the previous season.

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Time really flies, even though we made our first submission weeks ago, it feels like just 3 4 days have passed. We hope that all projects can be completed within the submission dates.

@Prince-Onscolo were there many teams that failed to meet deadlines in previous seasons?
In such a situation, how does the TRON team approach?


OK they were not many. I think less than 5 (2 or 3) projects


It has been said times without number, these projects are contacted almost every week to make their forum post, this has been a problem since season 1.

We wont pamper them again. If they dont post in the forum its their loss.

As @WindsOfChange92 said, we should have 0 tolerance for such people. This time around no grace period.

We shouldn’t tolerate all these things again. We can’t continue to sound alarm when you know its a requirement. We have been babysitting them alot.