About the Hackathon Season 3 category

This is the Hackathon project posts category for the Season 3 of TRON Grand Hackathon 2022. Please note that for Season 3 (S3), all participants will have to make a project post in this category and eligible projects will also be up to win an additional Hackathon forum prize. Please make sure to sign up on https://trons3.devpost.com as well if you are participating in the Web3, NFT, DeFi, NFT, or Ecosystem track, as it is one of the current hackathon requirements. The Academy track will have a separate registration link and will be posted here when it is ready.


Requesting access to Season 3 TRON grand Hackathon Post.

Hi @technoprepay
Looks like you posted to the incorrect post.
If you are looking to join the Hackathon S3, you should be posting your request with your Devpost username to TRON Grand Hackathon Season 3 - Get started Now!

Looking forward to see your participation!