Capitol Lion Music & Entertainment

Project Name: Capitol Lion
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Core X Labs
Team Member(s): 10 Members
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Telegram Telegram: Contact @Lionxone
Project Whitepaper:

Project Goal: The Development of a Decentralized Multi Chain Social app Built around Music & Entertainment is the Ultimate Goal. A Self Governed environment Where Creators of all kinds can showcase their work in the form of Non Fungible Tokens. We also want to create opportunities for creators to Perform their Tokenized work in a wide variety of Metaverse Environments (Native to Capitol Lion as well as Strategic Partnered Networks).

Project Info: Capitol Lion has aspirations to become a Super DApp for Music & Entertainment. Operations behind Season 2 created the initial establishment of the Network. We formed a Self Governing structure which was made possible by holder’s of the Capitol Lion Genesis NFT. We also introduced the in-house NFT Launchpad, as well as a built in NFT Marketplace.

We believe this season will be a great time to display the overall updates to the Features & Functionalities we’re seeking to implement into Capitol Lion. Such as, Streaming Capabilities which will grant users access to watch Tokenized content or listen to The Capitol Lion Music NFT player. This will allow for the opportunity to incentivize NFT owners based on Stream count & Traffic. This will also set up the opportunity for Non NFT holders to join the organic userbase. Streaming Sections will direct users to Popular Creators & Trending NFTs as well as Track the activity of Creators, Communities, & Collectibles within the Catalog of Capitol Lion.

Another exciting update from last season is that Capitol Lion is pivoting into a direction to become a Social DApp. This transition will allow users to create a profile within Capitol Lion and build their Reputation through Contributions, Engagement, &/or Networking. The Activity & Credibility of Creators, Communities, & Collectibles will become easily viewable with these brand new social experiences. We’re looking forward to encourage Entertainers, Musicians, Engineers, DJs, Art Designers, Videographers etc. to collaborate on projects deployed within Capitol Lion.

Capitol Lion will also have a presence in the Metaverse space. This will be a great opportunity to bring communities and collectibles to life. Creators will have access to a virtual environment to showcase their NFTs through Events & Performances. NFT Ticketing to Events & Tokenized E-commerce store fronts will be available as well. We also want to make this environment much more welcoming to all users, which brought us to the conclusion to a establish a Multi Chain environment for Capitol Lion as we move forward.

Project Website: Closed to Public
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Project Beta Test Instructions:

(Home/Landing page)
⁃ Access the Launchpad, the designated area to Spotlight NFTs that will release exclusively on the Capitol Lion platform.(This Page will Display The Social Hub & Activity pertaining the Marketplace)
⁃ View popular/trending creators and collectibles within the Capitol Lion Platform.

⁃ Choose between creating a one of one NFT or a collection of NFTs. Fill out the details and description of your creation as well as upload MP3/MP4 files to attach to your in NFT. The meta-data/description along with file will be uploaded to our IPFS gateways, which are guaranteed to be hosted for 100+ years.

⁃ This section gives users the opportunity to join Capitol Lion’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization through the acquisition of Capitol Lion Genesis NFTs. These NFTs will grant users voting rights within the platform. Users will have the ability to vote on subjects consisting of community affairs, economic strategies, and underlining technology within the realm of Capitol Lion.

⁃ This page shows all listed NFT‘s that are up for sale or under auction. Easily List NFTs, place a bid and or buy an NFT on the Capitol Lion Marketplace.

⁃ in the Collection tab you are able to set the foundation of your account. Edit your profile and header/background image, to personalize to your liking.
⁃ Here you can view NF tees that you own. Whether they are up for sale or in your wallet. You can also list NFTs for sale directly to The Marketplace from your Collection.

Smart Contracts Integrated

Deploy Capitol Lion based NFTs: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Capitol Lion NFT Marketplace: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

Project Details:


I am so proud of this LionX Team which is always towards giving power to artist and people great efforts I am with you guys :star_struck::partying_face::innocent::pray::mermaid::rocket::rocket:


CoreX team, you do what you do best, the support is here, we are early to the most amazing development on the #tronnetwork


Capitol Lion will soon take the world by storm! Countless days, & hours have been dedicated to ensuring we have The Entertainment Hub of the future! :lion: :notes: :film_projector: Stay Tuned for more details being released VERY soon!


Can’t wait to see what the future holds​:100::dizzy:


@trondao first music #NFT project. Big ups💪 to the team behind Capitol one


Metaverse events, multichain environment,… that’s ambitious! :man_dancing::notes:

Some sneak peaks of the future releases?


@Tashlion Glad you are still growing this project as mentioned last season the real use case for NFT still needs to be reached and this is one project pushing in that direction and away from the glorified monkey head JPegs :grin:

Keep up the good work


@JoshLionX and us early supporters are getting a juicy reward right? :wink:


Glorified monkey head jpegs​:monkey::joy::joy::joy::sob:
There’s no better way to put it…
I’m literally rolling in laughter right now​:rofl::joy:.


I am really hyped so much ! I heartily wishes the project to evolve as successful and make a history on web3 :innocent::pray:


the Lionx project with CapitolLion takes a step forward. Metaverso, music nft, multichain. Many news that will bring investors and the world of cryptocurrencies. New air. Congratulations because Lionx web3 will be something unique. Good luck​:handshake::muscle::star_struck::lion:


Ofcourse the LionX is always in talk due to its consistent effort on giving the power in the hands of people !

Great project following from the beginning!

My wish stands with them always !

Lets Roar :lion::fire::fire::fire::fire::dizzy:


Noice development Lions :lion: :v: :muscle:


@Leinad_Gabriel Its true right, who in their right mind believes thats the future? :joy:


Music NTS’s Sounds Good. Looks like a good platform for Music Lovers. Looking Forward To it.


Hola, me parece genial que se presenten NFt entorno a la música.


Create NFTs around Music & Entertainment

The Capitol Lion Platform will allow for Users to create NFTs around Music & Entertainment , Whether your are creating a 1 of 1 or a Collection of NFTs. The Platform Grants It’s userbase the ability to Tokenize Creativity. Each NFT Deployment will have Intellectual Property Rights embedded. The Capitol Lion Market Catalog will be established through Creators and Communities within This Brand New Entertainment Realm.

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OMG!! This is a giving​:ok_hand::100::muscle:
Lots of siloed musicians out there with no target as to music marketing can finally find a place to call home… Imma share this to my crew.


That’s a great features to build strong let’s go to the moon :crescent_moon: