Governance Proposals for Capitol Lion Music Network

Governance of Capitol Lion
This Topic Discussion is strictly pertaining the LionX Umbrella Project, “Capitol Lion Music Network” built on Tron. These Governance Proposals should consist of Changes or Implementations into the Functionality of Capitol Lion such as Economics, Community, & Underlining Technology.

:statue_of_liberty: These proposals can be submitted by anyone. Proposals with active engagement such as, a variety of Likes &/or Replies will be passed to become voted by Capitol Lion Genesis NFT holders. Voting will be held in the Telegram group.

Visit the LionX Telegram Group for more info on How you can become Genesis NFT holder.


Love the name.
Capitol :lion: Music. It’s going to be fire I must say


I have to mint a Genesis NFT so I can become apart of the Governance within the Capitol Lion Music Platform.
Those Genesis NFTs are awesome, I can’t wait vote on things. It really gives holders an opportunity for their voices to be heard.
CoreX & Capitol Lion Music Network is creating a new era of Music. I can’t wait to be apart of it !


Capitol Lion submitted Proposal
Hello I’m TashLion a part of the CoreX Team.
I am here to submit a Proposal …

  • I propose we encourage Partnerships opportunities within the Capitol Lion Platform. This will Ultimately extend our presence on TRON. I believe if we can establish Strategic operations around this topic it creates value behind these formulated alliances .

If you agree with this proposal please like :heart: this post so we can get it passed to the Capitol Lion Music DAO :lion:


Oh wow this is officially the 1st proposal submitted within the Capitol Lion Music Network .
This is some Transparent Governance provided by the Lions.
Keep innovating and bringing New features of Decentralization


Just one one to summarize it all Decentralised :muscle::fire:

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Great thoughts on getting together and increase the presence on Tron

LionX :lion::fire:


I like the idea @Tashlion :+1:!

Btw on a lighter note u r ‘a part’ of CoreX … not ‘apart’ :sweat_smile:


:rofl: :sweat_smile: :man_facepalming: We never speak of this again :joy: We all cant be on your status, I wish one day I can be a Cool Decentralized Author like you :sunglasses: :muscle:


I’ll be submitting a proposal soon :notes::sunglasses:


Deal :handshake: we never talk about it again :rofl:


This proposal is making me smile inside and would always be a big YES :clap:, partnerships and collaboration in the crypto world is about building bridges and introducing new community’s to each other’s projects, the future is bright @LionXeco @CapitolLion

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:joy: :joy: :joy:
I’m forever in debt to you my friend :handshake: :rofl:


This Proposal is Officially PASSED by The Capitol Lion Music DAO
This is the 1st PASSED submitted proposal by the 1st Music DAO on TRON. We are one step closer to evolving the Traditional Music space into a Decentralized Digitized Environment.


Wow great :blush: and good to see I am also part of history :star_struck::pray:


Group Discussion

Let’s formulate a proposal together if possible. Let’s structure some guidelines around the Launchpad before it is released within the Network.

Should there be a fee or percentage charged implemented for users to Utilize The Capitol Lion Launchpad?

  • if so how much should the fee or percentage of sales be ?

Also if that fee/ percentage is implemented, how much should that rate be ?

  • Where would that fee/percentage go ?
    Amongst Capitol Lion Music DAO/Genesis NFT holders ? Sustainment & Future Development of the Capitol Lion Platform ?

Do you want a fee implemented into the Launchpad for users ?
How much would you like it to be and where would you want to see these fees go ?

Let’s Talk about it Lions :fist: :lion:


Not sure if mentioned before…

Lda as trading/buying option… :eyes:

I would say that Fees can be in LDA which can be used for the capitol lions/genesis nft holders and for other development purposes.

Keeping in mind the amount of LDA, it can be 10K LDA


My thoughts on this subject, it should be free to launch your music nfts on capitollions with a small fee on sales, we should implement options of buying with Trx and LDA, the fees or royalties collected from sales should go to the DAO for outside investment and product development, if successful than maybe implement a quarterly payout to genesis nft holders. Sales Fees should be no more than 8% with 5% going into the DAO and 3% to be discussed ( maybe fuel LDA staking pools) as far as Artist royalties I will leave it up to the DAO


Proposal to run a promotional discount period for Genesis NFT Minting.

What does everyone think about lowering the Genesis NFT Minting Price Temporarily to expand MusicDAO Members.

At the time of this post, there is approximately 75 holders with a total of 170+ Genesis NFTs in circulation. There’s about 35+ Capitol Lion Music DAO Members in the Telegram Group.
I believe this promotion period could get the Music DAO more engaging with active users.

What you guys think about this move ?