Moneyball - Play Basketball, Earn Crypto

Project Name: Moneyball
Project Track: GameFi
Team Name: jtcheng26
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL: Moneyball | Devpost
Project Goal: Reward players for staying active using P2E GameFi mechanics.
Project Info:

Moneyball is the first ever app that pays you to play basketball. Using GameFi pay to earn mechanics and AI computer vision algorithms, Moneyball tracks your shots and rewards you for successful shooting.

Practice alone or play in public multiplayer matches to earn BTT, improve your basketball skills, and stay active!

Explore and own local basketball courts!

Project Repo/Website: Join the Moneyball P2E beta - TestFlight - Apple

Project Details: The app connects to the Metamask mobile app using Walletconnect. Smart contracts are hosted on BTTC Donau Testnet, but unfortunately, Metamask mobile has problems with BTTC Testnet transactions (for me at least), so public-facing transactions are done through the ETH Goerli Testnet using the mapped BTT asset.

Project Milestones:

Check it out here!


It sounds very interesting !!! I would like to play it sometime :grinning:


what’s the business modal? And I think there will be many hacks for this like I have seen some robots just nailing the basketball :zipper_mouth_face:

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The business model is primarily through the in-game shop with ticket purchases and through a 10-20% fee on BTT winnings. The only mechanism (currently) to earn tickets for free requires a fair amount of effort from players (traveling around to different basketball courts), so dedicated players will still be able to earn. There are more revenue streams planned for the future as well.

And yes, of course cheating is an important thing to consider for any gamefi project, especially exercise-to-earn models like ours. Since our games require video recording, however, cheating will be easier to detect and prevent. One idea currently is a peer-to-peer verification system where players can pay to put a “bounty” on the opponent’s video, and then a randomly selected “jury” can vote on the video’s legitimacy, earning them a portion of the bounty if their vote matches the consensus.

So in short, a robot shooting the ball on video would be easy to label as cheating.


A very interesting mobile game. Good luck!!


Such a charming design product :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Good luck :crossed_fingers:


Such a charming design product :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
Good luck :crossed_fingers:

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Me gusta este proyecto, felicidades, sigan construyendo aplicaciones como estas que promueve el ejercicio y los deportes


This one I really want to play

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I can see that too​:blush::blush::blush::blush:

this project looks great! congrats for you job!


Introduction is a bit simple :smiley:

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It seems to be an excelent project … good job :ok_hand:

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This really appeals to me because I love to play basketball

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Interesting project!! Love Basketball :basketball: :basketball_man:

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This is an awesome project. Good luck


Voted for MoneyBall

Your project goal pretty much sums up the reason I like it:

I don’t play basketball but I like that this encourages people to go out and be active. You could apply this concept to archery, knife throwing, pistol or rifle practice. Feel free to use those ideas :wink:. But if you do, let me know and I will give you more support for those projects.

Interesting, you got my vote! is the idea that everyone will earn, or mostly winners (the best players)?

Hey, just voted! If you haven’t voted yet in the NFT category please show Tronbies some support with a vote #N18 Thanks :raised_hands::zap::fire:

Some NBA players should use this! :smiley: Good luck for your project!