Deba's Wulf Pack - Decentralising EBook domain in Web3 through TRON Blockchain

Team Nolecoin is pleased to announce its entry into the prestigious TRON Hackathon 2 in the WEB3 Track :tada:

Project name: Deba’s Wulf Pack #DWP

Team name: The Pack

Team member(s): 4

Project Goal: Create adoption for the TRON ecosystem & community members using the BTFS protocol.

DevPost URL : Deba's Wulf Pack | Devpost

The NoleCoin project is starting a new season with NoleLegends! We thought it is time to apply to this season with our Wulf Pack, with a brand new Nole experience and entertainment to enjoy for all Nolians.

So what makes Deba’s Wulf Pack unique?

We are excited to announce that we will be launching the FIRST EVER DECENTRALISED E-BOOK ON THE TRON BLOCKCHAIN! This Season. We will be publishing an e-book and Hosting it on the decentralized storage BTFS (BitTorrent File System) The ownership of this e-book will be shared with Max 12000 people by the use of a unique and original NFT. The endeavor of this product is to decentralize the e-book market which currently is controlled by centralized players like Amazon Kindle etc.

USP and Benefits of DWP:

Users will get

Ownership of the first edition e-book written by Debasish Himself

A cool unique PFP NFT.

Rights to re-sell the book after reading.

Act as a distributor and resell the book in the open market.

5% cash-back on any purchases done on nolecrafts. com; more discount coupons to be launched in time to come.

Wulf Genesis Minting is now available, Having the E-book available with unlockable content on Kraftly.

Concept Brief: The book market ( $140 billion industry) currently is centralized with publishers deciding what to publish. Further, the control of distribution is with these centralized players. Even for e-books, the content is stored in centralized servers which can be attacked/removed. The authors also lose out on a great chunk of total turnover to these centralized players.

Through this concept of #DWP, we hope to introduce the concept of decentralizing the e-book market ( $7 billion industry) to blockchain enthusiasts. In the current system the user buys and reads and then the e-book remains on his/her device. It is very difficult to resell them. Also, the centralized players hardly share distribution rights with retail users.

#DWP will share the ownership of the book via an NFT, so the user can buy, read and then resell the book in the open market. They can also lend out the book on a P2P basis. Thus DWP creates the first step to WEB3 by decentralizing the storage, sharing ownership & resell rights through an NFT, and thus takes a step forward toward a censor-free, decentralized world, with NoleCoin continuing its storyline and lore and innovating as a storyline brand.

The book has been written by NoleCoin team member Debasish Das; commonly called Deba in the TRON community. Deba carries a decade+ experience in the financial industry having retired as an Associate Vice President of a leading MNC bank. He has been an active TRON supporter for the last 4 years and loves the TRON Blockchain now owning his own TRON Wulf pack!


Why the DWP Name:

We choose Deba’s Wulf pack as the project name because we want to:

  • Create a fun environment.
  • Wulf symbolizes family, unity, thriving & teamwork.
  • The pack here symbolizes the NOLE and TRON community, bringing them together and creating adoption.
  • The economics of the project is designed to benefit the project community and the TRON ecosystem.

TRON Ecosystem Benefits:

  • We will be launching the first lot of 7010 e-books on TRON Blockchain and through DWP we wish to contribute in a small way towards the expansion of TRON Blockchain usage.
  • Contribute towards visibility and usage of BTFS and BTT
  • Contribute towards usage of TRON Blockchain and thus increase energy consumption/burn.
  • Being the first WEB3 e-book on TRON can potentially bring new eyes towards the fast and effective TRON blockchain.
  • Create awareness about investing in blockchain so that people use things based on technology rather than hearsay.

Future Plans:

This is the pilot toward decentralizing the e-book domain. Once successful we plan to extrapolate this into a ready system where authors can release their content in WEB3 and in the process earn more than the current centralized systems and distribute their content across boundaries.
In the meanwhile we keep building the back, focusing on our community and taking our project to new heights.

Are you #ready to join the pack?

We want to thank the TRON Grand Hackathon for this opportunity,

Let’s build WEB3!








That’s a great product making e-Book as decentralised congratulations to @Deba215 and Nole community :star_struck::pray::rocket::rocket:

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Love it, love the concept. Hope it doesn’t end here, but a whole library of books will be added to the portfolio


The story within the NoleCoin community has always played a big part and sets NoleCoin apart from many other projects.

Great to see that part is being highlighted again. Can’t wait to see more.

#aoooeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh :wolf::zap: #DWP


it is the beginning of a journey together #aoooeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhh


Hope to do so with the blessings of all the friends in TRON community :relaxed:


The community together creates the epic story :blush:


Indeed bro :sunglasses: #Web3 is all about Co-creating together :handshake:


Great milestone again!!! Great work #DWP :heart:


Nolecoin is a multifaceted cryptocurrency project with a team that develops things in step with the times. Enter its community and you will feel like you are in a big family.

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Great work mate! Cool with a book on BitTorrent :partying_face::smiley_cat:


Thanks bro … hope you will like it :innocent:


That is a great concept​:clap::clap::clap:
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All the best to the entire team and especially @Deba215 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thanks @Palak_agarwal09 bro :sunglasses:


A beginners like me to cryptos, NFTs and Blockchain. This would be helpful can’t wait to read the book :books:

All the best dear @Deba215 great entry looking forward more information :star_struck::ok_hand:


Shukran @Riyanaz07 :smile:


For sure I wanna have that book and pass it on when I finished it


I just can’t wait to read the book. Blessed to have him as my mentor🙏


A decentralized eBook is a mind blowing idea and something I’m looking forward to it!
Go, Wulfpack, Go!


Hope it lives up to the expectations :relaxed: