The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 2 Winners Announcement!

En mi opinión ha sido una grata experiencia, a dado la oportunidad de conocer nuevos proyectos y conocer opiniones.

Actually laughable how some of you think that a hackathon should be about marketing and hyping a project, not actually building something. Some of the community winner projects are complete vapour, can you not see that? They don’t even have working code. Seriously, I recommend that you look at all the submission videos from the community winners, and then from the judge vote winners. There is a clear difference in quality, and the fact that the judges weren’t affected by the result of the community vote is GOOD, since the votes should be independent.

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Anyways, I think this was a good hackathon @admin.hackathon & @TronLive and I think it’s absolutely crucial that you use judge voting in future hackathon aswell if you want a chain full of developers rather than marketers and bots :man_shrugging:

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Wow! I’m so happy to be among the winners! Thanks a lot, Tron community, hackathon organizers, and judges for supporting me and my project! Congrats to all the winners!

DigitalMart and DBanta will keep building, collaborating with different projects in these ecosystem, and all our updates and progress will be updated here on the community and on all our social channels…

You can follow up on twitter to keep in touch with our community updates

Or on Telegram

We will keep our community abreast on all our progress, Thanks so much Tron Dao, thanks so much these wonderful community for having faith in use and believing in us, even when we are new and just starting on these journey…
We will make you all proud and we will have massive rewards for our followers and communities in the long run, just follow us in our socials and telegram.

Thank you TRON DAO and congratulations to all Winners! What an amazing contest again. Proud to see where the TRON chain is moving right now.

Deba and I are always welcome for your questions about the latest progress within The Pack

We will continue to post our updates on the forum, but feel free to always join us on Telegram!

What’s next?

  • Feedback sessions about the first e-book, about the quality of our NFT and concept.

  • The VIP will “Summon” The Pack (6000 e-books and Unique NFTs into NoleVille)

  • New Chapters are in the making for the community to enjoy

  • Lore and Storyline will be extended over time - Next up - Releasing the living area of the wulfs. (Next Week) and taking the Nolians on a journey.

  • The second Chapter of our Cartoon Series will be released which we want to extend into a 3D animation!

  • New Pack chat features will be enabled

  • In a later stage of the Project, People that hold their NFT will have access to any events we organize related to Deba’s Wulf Pack. or NoleCoin.


Let’s be real here, this is not the first time Tron has let down it’s REAL Community massively. It’s becoming a frequent thing, and from the looks of it none of these projects will probably speak up because it wouldn’t be a good look on them to Not support lol. If you guys were really in tune with the community you would understand none of the real Tron projects are happy about the legit smack in the face of the Dev Post outcome.


That is true that a lot of projects here was not good and there were a lot of spamming.

I guess it is required to give updates about the project you are building. NFT and DEFI winner had 0. What kind of QUALITY is that?

Go check NFT winner Umbre.

  • No like, comment, update

  • No github, just a simple webpage

  • The menu links to TRON DAO

  • If you launch the app you see nothing, again the menu links to TRON DAO

  • No Twitter, TG or such

If that is QUALITY than we have a big problem. But please feel free to share any usefull info about them :wink:


I don’t know about that project in particular, but you would seriously rather have the $1m prize pot be given out the community vote instead of an unbiased jury that votes on the merits of the project? If that were to happen, you know that EVERY prize EVERY hackathon would go the teams with the largest discord, telegram, twitter community etc right? The actual project being developed wouldn’t even matter. Why even have a hackathon then? Just give out free money to justmoney and the others

No one disputes that the hackathon should be about marketing and hyping.

Have you had a look on the community winners? JM not building, TURU, USTX?

We really have to look on the submission videos and judge by that? At least I could try their solutions…

I think it is a huge a problem that we don’t know how the judges were affected.

There are no lessons learned


First of all, why don’t you write from your main account so we know which one was your submission? And okay, take TURU as an example. Imagine you are a judge and you take a look at their 27s submission video. Are you seriously telling me that you would be impressed and vote for that?

To be fair, these results are completely detached from the results of the Trondao forum.
Ok, you can argue that the forum result may have been influenced by fake votes. Perhaps.

But how is it possible that none of the “BIG” is even within the top 8? I think I have the answer: trondao is trying to populate the ecosystem with new projects, new ideas and new teams, and this is something understandable, but only when the projects are worth that amount of money. The real result is that a team that puts in daily effort, money, sweat and (very limited) financial resources will be discouraged from thinking about how to come up with new ideas, keep the community engaged, keep the forum engaged with daily updates if these are the results.

Now what should we expect for the S3? Will new projects and new teams be favored again or will it be possible to return to a meritocratic system?

Congratulations to all of the winners, everybody is hoping that those money will be well invested in developing your projects, but it’s tremendously obvious which was the “plan” behind these results


Buddy, a lot of nuances and so on. No need to get upset and pour out negativity. everyone understands perfectly. Indeed, there are projects that do not deserve awards at all, but there are really cool projects among them. So just have fun!

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Or… The judges didn’t think that the “BIG” project’s submissions were good enough to get their votes? I certainly think that the judge won projects on average are clearly better than the community won ones (you might think differently), so it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy.

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Either way it’s good for the development on TRON new projects attract new people so in the end it is a win win for everyone.

Yes there are some odd picks , also suprises me none of the community favorites is in the top 8 but nobody can controll the judges their vote its up to them to study the projects and choose which they like most.

Like said before looking forward to all the new developing projects to come to alive so we can all use them. And in the case some don’t let’s hope Tron Dao also learns a lesson.

We at TuruGlobal will just keep continue to build as we do this will not slow down our progress :muscle: :eagle:

And we hope that other projects who also did not fall into the judge their vote also will continue the grind and buidl buidl buidl ! :raised_hands:


Congratulations everyone!

All these projects are adding a lot of value to TRON and BTTC. Even those that didn’t win any prize.

Hope to see many more hackathons in the future, this was really great!


Might be.
But this would mean that suddenly all of the most established projects failed presenting their new ideas to compete in this second round.
All of them

Yes, in life everything could be.

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Appeal to the administration.

The idea of ​​holding such competitions gives young people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.
As a rule, young developers have only an idea, but no main thing - money. When the guys get a chance like a Hackathon, they put all their efforts into their projects and try to achieve a result, hoping for an honest assessment.
At this Hackathon, I saw many worthy projects that are interesting in their own way.
There are also projects that have a good idea but a bad implementation.
I think the idea behind the Hackathon is to bring the community together.
Now what is happening is that the community is fragmented.
The guys who are trying to release the most finished project, investing effort, money, do not understand why another project that has only an idea takes the prize.
Such actions will lead to the fact that strong guys no longer want to take part in the competition.
Why does a project win in the NFT category that no one knows, the person did not participate in communication with the forum audience, and the people who participated as much as possible were left with nothing?
Why does a project win in the voting on the forum that clearly brought people from outside, not from the forum, and this has been proven?
So many questions and so few answers.


I don’t know who said that the prize pot should go to community winners, or projects who have the largest community. :grinning:

Let’s check DeFi winners.

USTX (com winner) has built a working product, I can try it out, check their Github and yes they have a community.
Plus it’s on Tron mainnet and also good for USDD stakers. So basically to TRON COMMUNITY.

Meson (Devpost winner) came with an already working product. Nothing is stated on Devpost what they built for the hackathon, what is their future plan or what they will do with money.
They are on 12 chains, checked their Twitter and nothing about TRON or Devpost, Hackathon (scrolled until May). If you are participating on the TRON Hackathon then how this is okay? I get that they have a nice product but how they will contribute to the TRON community?

I am sorry for the negativity but if we are just saying congrats and don’t share any concerns then how are we supposed to develop TRON?
It’s not a coincidence that major Forum projects are not here :frowning_face:


Representing JustRug
1)I am happy with the hackathon because of the attention it brought to the strength of my project.
I am happy for the excitement the hackathon brought to tron in general.
Moving forward our main focus is entering partnerships and growing our community as large as possible, as well as hiring more qualified staffs for our project, that is where most of the prize will be spent.
2)I am a bit worried about the winners on DevPost, most of them are brand new projects with no community or engagements, I am worried they will run off with the prize, I would prefer the milestone version of last hackathon.
3)You might build the best product but if there are no users and community to back it up, it’s just as good as nothing, I encourage the Devpost winners to try and engage with the community next time.
4)Congratulations to everyone that participated in the hackathon S2, I look forward to seeing all of you in S3