Carpe Diem Savings - Certificate of Deposit for cryptocurrencies

Working hard behind the scenes. Still having some issues with the test website…

Have asked my developers to already start working on migrating it to TRON, so we can start testing on the Shasta testnet as well.

Hoping that these issues are resolved this week, so I can share some footage and start testing with my team.

Unfortunately, development takes time, and I’d rather do things good.

I am thinking to launch first on TRON instead of BSC, or simultaneously. The TRON community is amazing and I’ve been talking to multiple valuable projects here!


Yeah launching on TRON is a better idea :+1:


Interesting projects. Will be taking a look at time. All the best in the Hackathon!


Seems to me a very unique idea with a great opportunity mid/long term.


Great :ok_hand: looking forward to start my saving soon :muscle:


Welcome NoleCoin $NOLE to Carpe Diem Savings!

We are very happy to announce that $NOLE will be the first currency to stake in our brand-new platform Carpe Diem Savings.

NoleCoin is a community-driven project operating in the TRON ecosystem since 2018 and has been a connecting factor for a long time. One of their focuses is the so called “lore”, this is the story of the Nolians, integrated in the whole ecosystem. This idea of storytelling is similar as in the game World of Warcraft, and NoleCoin was amongst the first to add these elements to a crypto community.

In the past months, they have been working on an e-book paired with NFTs that are connected to their story. Please see their hackathon post here.

Carpe Diem Savings is highly customizable. We have come to the following pool settings:

Initial share price: 0.01 NOLE
Longer Bonus: Max. 200% @ 3641 days
Bigger Bonus: Max. 10% @ 1000 NOLE

Penalty distribution:
50% - Stakers
20% - Community. Half of it will be used for VIP income, the other half is used as an incentive for external projects to expand the NoleCoin ecosystem.
10% - Charity. Will be contributed to Nole philanthropic events.
10% - Token burn. 10% of the penalties are sent to a black hole address, contributing to the deflation of NOLE.
10% - Carpe Diem revenue

Penalties are paid when a user breaks their staking agreement made with the contract. These penalties are the only source of rewards for the rest of the users.

NoleCoin will be giving some incentives to stake by boosting the pool’s APY. This is done by paying penalties on purpose. Those with the longest stakes will have the most shares, and thus receive the largest number of rewards.

More information can be found at Tron Weekly Journal.

To all Nolians: get your NOLE ready to stake! And please participate in the polls below!

We’re aiming to launch the platform in the next few weeks.

How large will your biggest $NOLE stake be?

  • I haven’t decided yet
  • 0 - 50
  • 50 - 100
  • 100 - 500
  • 500 - 1 000
  • 1 000 - 2 000
  • 2 000 - 3 000
  • 3 000 - 5 000
  • 5 000 +

0 voters

How long will your longest stake be?

  • < 30 days
  • 30 - 90 days
  • 90 - 364 days
  • 1 - 2 years
  • 2 - 3 years
  • 3 - 5 years
  • 5 - 7 years
  • 7 - 10 years
  • 10 - 15 years
  • 5555 days (max)

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Congratulations team :+1::+1:


Looks like a intresting project :+1:


I have full support to this project which believe in Building for long run :smiley::ok_hand:

It’s all about patience and make good returns congratulations :clap:


All the best team.The journey will be fruitful


Best wishes to the project :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Great step team, full support :+1::+1:


Created a one-pager: all the important stuff in one page!


Nice one … quite informative :+1:


Great work team , all the best and wish you all the success


Running preview:


Smooth running preview can’t wait to stake some Nole :innocent:

Any discount or high APY for early stake ?


The price for shares in terms of $NOLE will only increase. Thus, staking early could get you more shares for the same amount of $NOLE.

More important is the length of the stake: long stakes receive a large bonus.

While this bonus can be 200% at max, it will be rewarding in the long run, as it would be harder and harder to get the same amount of shares. Also, shorter stakes will be expiring, and you will end up with a larger pool share, thus getting more rewards.

The NoleCoin team will be boosting the APY of the pool. The frequency and amount of this boosting are not (yet) known.

For short stakes, there is a chance that there will be no rewards at all. However, if you fully served your staking term, you will always get back at least your principal.

HEX has an amazing community and a lot of videos have been made regarding staking strategies and teaching the complex model of a blockchain CD. Great tip to watch some, as for the user it is very similar to Carpe Diem Savings.


Savings is something important for everyone so I see the need for this. Good luck team!


Nice one … looking forward to use it soon :blush::blush: