D-Safe Library Game - for children, adults and plants

Project Name: The Permanent Library is now online- FAQ here
Project Track: artistry
Team Member: DataPond
DevPost Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/enter-the-library
Early Access Link: MVP: Guide to the library super computer
Project Goal:
A functioning futuristic book game library. Players upgrade their skills in real life. While unlocking levels, they contribute to improve the general quality of the content while gathering insights on how to improve their life’s quality.

Project Value:
This project is a total rewrite of the original Library version currently running on windows and Linux.
Instead of using electron, the choice is to use https://astro.build to pre-render static content - with cutting edge frontend design - facilitating the integration of the TRON tools in the new project.

Project Info:
Our vision extends beyond the hackathon, as we aim to establish it as the premier destination for bibliophiles and knowledge seekers in the decentralized ecosystem. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology, we seek to democratize access to sustainable and ethical development and foster a global community united by a shared passion for green techs, learning and discovery.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

Project Details:
Access the git repo here: datapond / datapond.earth · GitLab

Key Features:

  1. D-SAFE - The D-Safe label is part of the D-Licence which is itself based on creative commons. The D-Safe label ensure that the media content doesn’t fall in any of those categories: Sexual Content , AI Content , History Content ,Social Media Content , Media Content , Political Content , Stolen Content , Hateful Content , Content that overall has a destructive effect on the natural earth ecosystem. , Health & Medecine Content , Spiritual Content, Fictional Content

Designed for public data - it ensures nobody get angry at each others - while everyone’s integrity is protected.
I also decided for my own safety to remove any references to medicine and health - since I noticed in the last few years that people get cancelled for not complying with the pharmaceutical industry $ based “science”.

  1. Immutable Storage: Books uploaded to Datapond are already stored on the Arweave blockchain, ensuring that they cannot be tampered with or removed without authorization. :t_rex:
  2. Decentralized Access: Users can access the Library from anywhere in the world, without the need for an account or a crypto wallet.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The library boasts a sleek and intuitive user interface designed to enhance the reading experience and encourage engagement with the platform.
  4. Long Term
    A self regulated content moderation: only those with a level high enough can add, validate or remove book suggestions trough a transparent decision making app.
  5. Existing software
    This is not a project built only for this hackathon. There is an existing vue.js+electron app already available for windows. This hackathon submission is an attempt fully rewrite the project for the web

Smart Contract links:
WIP: Error while interacting with my contract (Hackathon season 6 )

Project Milestones:
Project milestones at this URL: https://datapond.earth/milestones/

Week 1 => 05/05/2024->12/05/2024

:ballot_box_with_check: Current Version Access here

:ballot_box_with_check: Build a new responsive and accessible UX for the topic layout.

:ballot_box_with_check: Refactor the whole product to using Astro.build Sitemap and image optimization

:ballot_box_with_check: Perfect Lighthouse A11Y scores

:ballot_box_with_check: Integration with Dexie Live chat and Dexie newsletter forms !

:ballot_box_with_check: Contact me link for feedback - Live Chat or Email on every page forms and one discord channel.

Week 2 => 12/05/2024->19/05/2024

:ballot_box_with_check: Release MVP 1 Access here

☐ Implement the leveling system from Student to Apprentice.

☐ Keyboard and Gamepad support.

☐ AAA - A11 score.

:ballot_box_with_check: Gaming story screens upgrade.

Week 3 => 19th May 2024->26 May 2024

☐ Release MVP 2 - TRON

☐ Feedback form design

☐ More Gaming story screens upgrade.

☐ TRON wallet connector integration + first release TRON smart contract deployment TestNet.

Week 4 => 26 May 2024->2 June 2024

Business setup & structure documentation

:ballot_box_with_check: Publish the documents & researches for the registration of non profit businesses. Hidden in one of the two sections; Business, Economy, Finances and Decision Making and Democracy

:ballot_box_with_check: No public book download until acquiring 4000$ for the company incorporation.

:ballot_box_with_check: Documentation of the Library constitution plan for DAO organization, buried somewhere in the TOPIC: Cooperatives or the TOPIC: Legal and Crypto

Week 5 => 03 June 2024->09 June 2024

☐ Release MVP 3 - Book Rankings - DEMO

☐ Based on all user’s shared votes, connect to TRON public data to display the community reading activity for Apprentices levels.
☐ Prepare the demo for the demo week, and demonstrate that the library is ready to go public!

Week 6 => 10 June 2024->16/06/2024

Tron hackathon results announced

Week 7 => 17 June 2024->30/06/2024

☐ Release MVP 4 - Full Access

☐ Unlocks Full access to the Library for all Apprentice Levels


Welcome to hackathon season 6 all the best buddy

Hi, I see it’s the first time you present a project to the Hackatron. Looks like it isn’t an updated project, why have you chosen the builder track?


Welcome to hackaTRONs6 ! Builder category is for projects who have participated in the previous seasons of Tron hackathons. Datapond seems very interesting concept to store information on the blockchain. Maybe web3 category would suit this project best. Tell me which blockchain will be used to storage of information? Good luck !


I am lost, check track
and check your submission too


Builder category in tron dao forum means “project which has joined in previous seasons and now updated many of aspects and joining again”.
So you need to choose one of those: web3, artistry, defi, integration.


The track has been changed in presentation text but not here above (see picture)

Not too sure how to change that tbh. I like to tag @WindsOfChange92 when I’m not sure :joy:


Welcome to Season 6 Hackathon I read your project C-License and I have only one question for you, please share with us details on how did you implement the trust contract for C-Licence


Welcome to Season 6 Hackathon, quite interesting to see an entry in the Web3 track. This is really fascinating as I read your project aims to design a trust contract aligned with the philosophy and requirements of datapond.earth 2, emphasizing permanent library storage, crowd-funded public accounting, and incentivizing community members to vote for future projects.
I’m pretty big on security, hence my next question;

How does the project plan to ensure the security and transparency of the crowd-funded public accounting system?


We are looking for a new Pond family member - whose excellent skills and deep experience within auditing solidity code - to implement a very specific design.

The project is expected to become the official datapond crypto fund engine - to finance its own development.

We hope the winner of this contest to have understood the teaching of the circular economy - as displayed in some of the Library section - and the importance of a FAIR autonomous accounting.

==> Answer 1
Although the security might be a concern - project management and voting logic can be implemented without needing funds.

==> Answer 2

For every Project $, 45% is taken aside for the priority pool.
Every Project with the Priority Tag, gets evenly distributed the funds.
If there are no Priority project - the funds gets evenly distributed across all projects.
55% of the rest is allocated trough public vote.

Priority: When a project has a priority flag, it automatically gets funds from the priority pool.

There are at least a dozen project in the Project pool - waiting to be added and documented in the Project Contract.

Example of a simple Project record:

name:  Bank Security?
description:  how does the project plan to ensure the security and transparency of the crowd-funded public accounting system?
priority: true

Code discussion & collaboration can be started here: Become a Pond

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It is commendable that project management and voting logic can be done without the requirement for funding, stressing efficient resource utilization.
You mentioned the intention for the project to become the official datapond crypto fund engine to finance its own development, can you provide insights into the roadmap for achieving this goal, including milestones and key strategies?

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@lawpond I am thinking that you did not see my message

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I am not sure how to answer this question in details. Thank you, it gives me the opportunity to sit down and start writing about all this…

This has been a several years process - walking with some indigenous lawmen has been an inspiration. Learning from permanent agriculture design also brings lots of engineering answers.

A quest on how to create a self regulated legal entity - based on time as a validation mechanism.

It wants to be a shared understanding that

  • Also being built upon crypto chain - C-Licence prohibits the use of trades, token exchange, or any financial exchange on all Community Licenced platform.
  • A C-Licenced Key - is an anonymous Video Game Key access to the Library, where your Library activity is saved and shared as D-Licence content. Think of the library as a public library.
    Keys are printed trough the free Key donation program -
  • Gvt-Granted-C-Licence, allows any legal department to provide legal requests for removal of index for their national ips. The specifics on how it is designed to fit all requests are going to be detailed in time.
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Yes, I want users of the library to vote for the top 3 projects .
Assuming there are funds allocated to it or not.

The list of projects is not public yet.

In the library design, money doesn’t buy any vote.
But enables it, because Right now , the functionality doesn’t exist…

The strategy is simple:

When reaching level 5, PLayers unlock a Student Key to share all their personal content as D-Licence to the world.
Their usage becomes a permanent vote. Because their personal usage is all historic activity inside the D-SAFE library, the content is still safe to share. Your public data is now a permanent backup and a proof of study.

This also unlock all read access to project management for the Library UI.
After level 7, this unlocks the capacity to vote for the favorite next project.

A milestone would be to gather a first donation. Right now, all this is the work of only one man, and he’s now looking forward walking with other visionaries.

He is busy now building a web version of the library.

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Thanks for your reply, it is worth noting that the library design does not include the ability to buy votes with money, focusing instead on a fair and transparent voting mechanism based on user activity and contribution levels.

Can you elaborate on the criteria for obtaining levels 5 and 7 in the library system?
How does the system monitor and assess user activity to determine these levels?

Thank you for taking your precious time to reply to me, I want to know, tell me about the measures that you have put in place for the protection of the user data and what are you doing to prevent unauthorized access, thank you

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Good day !

The only user data collected is the user activity, which is collected and stored on user’s local machine.
There are no personal data collected, such as email, gender, location, age, and no account or password.
There is a crypto generated key that may be used to do a backup while into the game
, but that is a transparent behavior to the user.

As far as security is concerned, everything is public, so there is nothing much to secure.

There is a new beta version of the library that is coming on browsers.


I am still in the process of documenting those levels.

To assess all user activity, I look at all topics and books and book page visited, and I record detailed time-series metrics for each interactions with the UX.

I then calculate a score from this activity - which translate into a level

Every new week, a backup is made, and this activity is made public to the library indexer.

Every trimester, the library contract runs a big indexer that goes trough all the user backups, and generates a publicmap of global user activity, and create a new index of the library - with community favorite books, pages and topics.

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could you please elobarate this milesstone, im unsure what open accounting is ?

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Welcome to hackathon S6
This is the first project I am getting very confused understanding its concept. Can you please explain to me, in a simple terms, what your project is trying to solve in the blockchain space