[Disqualified] PhotoSafe - Memories shouldn't be forgotten and you shouldn't pay centralized storage providers

Project Name: PhotoSafe
Project Track: Academy
Team Name: 3 Amigos
Team Member(s): @ayman_3x @osama @Adam
DevPost URL:N/A
Project Goal: Utilize the btfs network and create a decentralized app that allows users to upload single/multiple files to the BTFS network and provide a great UI/UX for accessing files.
Project Info:

Video: TRON Grand Hackathon - Season 3 - PhotoSafe - YouTube

Project Website:
PhotoSafe - BTFS Storage3.0
PhotoSafe - Vercel
Project Test Instructions: Connect your wallet and ensure you have enough BTT or WBTT(ERC-20 1:1) tokens available to cover the cost of the transaction ( depending on data uploaded) .

Project Details:PhotoSafe allows its user to upload any file permanently to the BTFS network in a cost efficient manner and provides a nice experience for viewing uploaded files.
Project Milestones:

Frontend (under development):

  • Upload file(s) section
  • Content encryption
  • Gallery to view content uploaded
  • Wallet Integration DONE
  • Initialize BTFS Node DONE
  • User authentication

Contract Addresses on BTTC (BitTorrent Chain) network
Self Vault:


Let’s just hope it moons soonest :palms_up_together::palms_up_together:


@ayman_3x @osama
I’m looking forward to this, my photos will finally not be lost :+1:


hahaha lol i get that honestly


If i am getting it correctly, it is a storage platform where i get to store my pictures.

My question is how safe will it be when i upload some sensitive photos of mine using your platform, and in the end it gets leaked outside.

Can you guarantee that this is not going to happen??


Përshëndetje, e gjithë privatësia është një e drejtë e njeriut, megjithëse kjo është harruar, duket një ide e mirë.


Hola, puede resultar un proyecto interesante, espero más avances. Gracias

allowing users to upload multiples will help a lot

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Nice project, wishing you a successful launch


As far as I can understand, this is a storage platform where documents or images can be stored, my question is, is the platform free of RISK?
If it’s not, does it have a BACKUP SYSTEM of operation?
Thank you.

With this, files can be saved forever in a decentralized platform! This is fantastic. I wish the team goodluck with this and I can’t wait to see the front end soon :blush:


Very nice project… Success in advance…

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Wishing you great success guys.

The idea is cool, implementation can be tricky.

Though there are many decentralised storage solutions on top of IPFS in Ethereum ecosystem.
This project can be a similar version on TRON.

Can you describe what is the speed and did you find the dev-kit for BTFS?

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Hola, la idea de que tus archivos estén fuera del alcance de otros que asuman como y cuando se manejan, me parece muy bien. Suerte en el proyecto

@fabsltsa check this out.

We will support a mechanism to upload directories (Multiple files)

Great question! Almost all systems have a certain degree of risk, In the case for PhotoSafe, if there are no nodes that have the data pinned then it will be forever gone from the network. We will always pin uploaded data and will have to ensure that our node stays active. We are also looking into ways to pin data by other nodes to further reduce risk


Privacy is truly a human right missed out on by many! We will keep this in mind while building!

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Sorry for the delayed response, had to look up an answer to this amazing question!

Content in the BTFS network is accessible to all connected peers as long as they know the hash. It’s possible however to encrypt the content with a key. Here is a implementation on the ipfs network that could also be replicated. We will look into ways to include this functionality in our app.

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if you want to remove a photo forever?

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