D-Safe Library Game - for children, adults and plants

This is a book library using arweave.

There is more on the website. https://datapond.earth

The library available on LInux & Windows only - currently operate 100% of the blockchain, is totally decentralized, and needs no account , no maintenance and no funds to operate -

it is now a standalone 250 years permanent video game.

If you have time, and those OS, feel free to try the library - you can find the download link from datapond.earth .

The concept of open accounting is borrowed from this book:

An attempt of documentation is here

and here

Creating a permanent library storage across generations and implementing a crowdfunding public accounting system sounds like a very nice innovative approach to preserving knowledge and incentivizing community involvement. Can you provide more details on how the permanent library storage would function?
What types of content would be stored, and how would it be accessible to future generations?

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Indeed, this is a fantastic product.
The library is already built, and is running into an electron app that you can download on Linux or Windows here . Demo and Downloads

The choice to use Arweave for the storage of individual books - guarantees a long term and inflation free storage across the next 8 generation to use.

The data is public and not encrypted.

Therefor, we only publish copy-left, abandoned rights, or creative common licensed content.

There are about 5000 books, mainly in English.

The index is currently static, and there are no way for anyone - except me - to add or remove items into the library .

“I removed a lot of things from a big folder I found on a forum”, he told me.

You can see a short video of the library,


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Thanks for your reply, makes me wonder :thinking:
How do you address data ownership and user consent concerns with the weekly public backup of user activity? Are users aware of the gathering and use of their data, and do they have the choice to opt out or manage the sharing of their activity metrics?

Thank you for replying to me, you talk of a new beta version of the library in your write-up, what new features are we going to be expecting, thank you

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Data is licenced under the creative commons:
This link answer most of your questions.

The data gathering is currently collected only on their personal computer.
There is no data publishing yet done.
The library can be used fully without having to share any data with anyone.
There is no need for any account, or authentication.

In the future,
Users will also have access to all book rank updates from the community.
They will be asked - as part of a game integration, to unlock a free student key.
There is still no need for any account, or authentication.

Simply put, the library knows nothing about their user - except what book they open, and which pages are read - were they willing to participate into the video game.

Some of it is documented here - Community Licence

User data of the library can be stored permanently in clear in the blockchain - it is not possible to remove them, but it is possible to remove any reference to it from the index calculation, making it invisible to everyone but those who have the address of this backup.

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Oh wow, the assurance that the library can be completely utilized without the need to exchange any data with anyone, as well as without the requirement for user accounts or authentication, supports inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that the platform stays open to all users.

While data gathering is currently limited to users’ personal computers, are there any plans to expand data collection in the future, and if so, how will the project ensure transparency and user consent throughout the process?


Good day !
Is it ok now?

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Yes it is okay now. Good day !

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Hello @manfred_jr @ines_valerie @Chizz @Youngyuppie @Prince-Onscolo

I present you a new demo , written from scratch in the last 2 weeks. It should work in all browsers.

It allows you to explore the collection, without opening the books.

Enter the Library - Agroforestry.

If you want to open and get the books, you must install the native app.


My suggestion is that you should work a little more on the user interface. Everything else looks good.

There are also many platforms that work with the same logic but are free or do not require users to pay. I wonder how you plan to compete with them?

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I am more a programmer than a designer. I think it is functional enough, but there are definitely many improvements to be made.

I don’t know of any other platform that stores books permanently on the blockchain - I don;t think I have any competitors yet.
Possibilities are endless, I have a list of dozens of (very) innovative ideas.

The last time someone built a serious book store with the latest tech, was amazon…

I don’t plan to compete with J.B. I don’t believe that anyone on the planet would want to even think about it. Nobody will ever be able to get cheaper prices , larger choice and world wide delivery - like amazon does.

What I can do is build THE alternative.

I don’t plan to compete with anyone.
Since it is a public service, it should be financed by the public.

A public DAO - that has built-in secure portals for cooperating with government agencies to make sure the content is legal and doesn’t break any local laws .

Therefore, I am planning to target Grants from governments.

Fast forward in 10 years, and I am successful.

The library will be finalized, autonomous. won’t need any upkeep, and it will be

  • A school for adults , families and children
  • A Video Game
  • A platform for governments to finance the distribution of public digital knowledge.
  • Or/And A self regulated content moderation. It becomes possible that only those with a level high enough can add, validate or remove book suggestions trough a transparent decision making app.

Really nice app you’re building here!
UI/UX are great, really efficient! (but it can be better)

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What’s your Dota handle?
I’ll be free to play with you in a few weeks if you’re still playing the game ! ^^

Subject: Update on Project Scope for the Hackathon

Dear Hackathon ,

I wanted to provide an update regarding the scope of my project for the upcoming hackathon. Due to some unforeseen urgent commitments that I need to attend to starting in a couple of days and lasting for the next few weeks, I’ve had to make some adjustments to my original plan.

Initially, my project aimed to develop a web3 community accounting system for decentralized libraries. However, due to time constraints and the complexity of rewriting the library with static URLs instead of a web3 application, I’ve made the decision to pivot the project’s focus.

The new scope of my project will now be centered around creating a library-themed video game adventure. In this game, players will be tasked with identifying and thwarting the activities of a saboteur who has infiltrated the library’s digital collection.

By shifting the project’s focus to a video game adventure, I’ve significantly reduced the project requirements and simplified the tasks involved. This adjustment allows me to still participate in the hackathon and submit a project, despite my time constraints.

While I may not be able to dedicate as much time to coding as initially planned, I will still be available online to answer questions and provide support on a daily basis. Additionally, I hope to contribute small code contributions when time permits.

I appreciate your understanding and support as I adapt to these unforeseen circumstances. I am committed to delivering a quality project within the constraints of my current situation and look forward to sharing my progress with you all in the coming days.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

It’s really commendable how you keep building, kudos!!
The UI/UX is really fascinating, I love the dark mode innit.


I like the website, it has good colors

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Ah yeah, it’s been a mission for the last 2 years :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the colors!

Is there anything you would suggest that I add/remove/modify from the current version?

Thanks heaps!

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To all, I have updated the description of the project:

  • D-Safe label definition
  • Milestone

Any type of feedback or question are welcome . :blush:

Welcome to Tron hackathon season 6.
Your website looks so cool and it nice that your content are marked safe for children.
What plans are made to sustain longevity of your product beyond this hackathon.

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