DWILL VAULT: A decentralized storage system

Project Name: DWILL VAULT
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: alliance
Team Member(s): 1 @stan
DevPost URL: https://devpost.com/
Project Goal: DWill Vault helps you securely protect your WILL immutably, tamper proof that can not decay in time!
Project Info:
A critical part of estate planning involves preparing your Will. Doing so helps ensure that your estate will be distributed to your heirs according to your wishes. Unfortunately, many people neglect to prepare a Will.pdf (1.0 MB)

Project Website: Coming soon
Project Test Instructions:

Project Details: A Last Will and Testament is one of the single most important documents a person can have; yet, so many of us put off dealing with it for far too long.

Many people assume that they’re “too young” to need a Will. Some people believe that they don’t own enough assets or have a big enough net worth to necessitate a Will.
You might even think it’s too late to start your first Will. But our mission is to explain that regardless of your age, net worth, or stage in life, having a Last
Will and Testament should be a top priority. We’re here to help as many people as we can protect their families and prolong their legacies with tamper-proof and
highly secured means yet at the cost of a token.

A highly secured decentralized application will be deployed to protect your testament and memories forever at the cost of a token.
A trustless system that can not be controlled by any central government or system. A Highly tamper-proof smart contract chain.

In the age of technology, one needs to secure his testament and last wish for the unborn generations at a fingertip!

History they say is the best teacher, and keeping the memory of events of life gives proof of existence to yet-to-be unborn generations. Even the health system can
chronicle diseases and document them with high precision.
Project Milestones: 2022-11-06: Smart contract compiled and deployed to Tron Nile Testnet successfully
2022-11-12 - Final project integrated


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This is really worth having
Nice project idea
Kudos :+1:

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Very nice and fantastic idea…


Thanks, @Hugoh. It’s my pleasure to be working on this ecosystem!

Thanks for the compliment @Easybank

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You’re welcome @stan

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Very fantastic, mine question is can changes be made to my will to include or exclude things, and how do my family get this will after i am no more, will there be some kind of notification. And how well can they authenticate this will is my true will and not something fabricated.

In my part of the world, we have people who can prove that the colour black is white and still win.

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Hello @Nana66419, thanks for the compliment. On your questions with regards. to my project, I will try to explain in details.

  1. You can edit your Will but then the old Hash key or Content Identifier (CID) will become invalid as the new edit will come entirely as a new blockchain hence a new hash or CID that overrides the edited one.
  2. You can give the CID to an executor, a lawyer or keep it in a safe that can be accessed by your loved ones incase your death.
  3. Data is immutably stored on a blockchain, hence, tamper-proof that can not be fabricated, tampered with or decay intime. (It is forever stored!)
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This is going to be great. I love this idea of WILL better. You guys knows what is needed and i hope u execute it to perfection.

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Thank you @Nana66419 , the project will definitely go live and secured!

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This project is going to change how we see and store our will the blockchain and modern way.


Really awesome tech!

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@Nana66419 That is the essence of advanced technology. Also, we are working on setting up automated deployment of the will to specified emails in case the owner dies and did login for a period of time.

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Thanks @MatthewBridgen your comment is highly noted!

Kudos, this is a worth while project. So glad to be on this

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