Legacy - decentralised app to help secure lifetime worth of decentralised assets

Legacy by Legacy Labs - guarding crypto/digital asset owners from potential permanent loss of assets.

Project Name: Legacy
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Legacy Labs
Team Member(s): @Saheed , @Chuks , @Temitope . [Team of 3]
DevPost URL: Legacy | Devpost
Project Goal: Legacy aims to reduce the annual volume of lost decentralised/digital assets due to death or misplacement of wallets.
Project Info: Legacy Pitch Deck.pdf.pdf (5.5 MB)
Project Website: Legacy
Project Test Instructions:

  • Download Tronlink wallet extension
  • switch to Shasta testnet
  • go to Legacy website
  • connect wallet
  • click ‘get started’ and create your Legacy.

Project Details: In the vast and ever growing crypto/digital space where users lose their key-phrases, passwords, and every other accessibility means to their crypto assets. Legacy is a decentralised application solution built to automatically transfer crypto assets to a next of kin, or secondary wallet after an elapsed period of set dormancy. Hence, users never get to lose their crypto assets even after they lose their key-phrase/private-key and can no longer retrieve it.

Contract Address: TGNNQbUshY9Y7aC7tr4XBS7USKDSxj1HCq


Nice innovation, I am really looking forward to the project to be live on a mainnet

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Thank you so much, we will launch as soon as possible on main-net as we also can’t wait to launch.

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that’s nice move brother

This is a novel project.

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Hi :wave: what’s the difference between this project and Pecunia (also entering this hackathon)?

Thanks :pray:t2:

LEGACY is different from PECUNIA in the sense that LEGACY aims to prevent permanent lose of funds(specifically ERC20 tokens) by Blockchain users due to death, lose of private keys etc. While from PECUNIA summary, it’s tokenizes real estate as NFTs which can be inherited.

LEGACY however is not limited to only one token, all your ERC20 tokens can be inherited by your next of kin!


I had to check this post again. Such a great Innovation in blockchain technology

Thanks for the explanations :raised_hands:

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Thanks for the good feedback Alade

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Thanks for checking out our project

Greetings Chuks! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
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Thats great. Quite similar to what #inheritokens are submitting for this hackathon.

I love how that it is not only one token and all ERC20 tokens can be inherited by next of kins!
This is fantastic


A great project! Kudos and goodluck to the team!


Yes, that’s true @Lammy
We’re also working towards inheritance of Non fungible tokens(i.e ERC721 and ERC1115)

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Wow that’s awesome! Which means this covers a great deal of options.

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People never have to worry about losing their assets forever including NFTs

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Thanks @Papaya

I’m glad you like the project!

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It’s a good project really. I’m wondering @Saheed what was the motivation or some inspiration behind the project?

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