MeDo by Vad - Decentralized freelance platform

Project Name: MeDo

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: Vad

Team Member(s): I’m a solo hacker

DevPost URL: Vadym Kutsenko's (vadkutsen) software portfolio | Devpost

Project Goal: Create a safe freelancing platform guaranteeing payments by smart contracts, providing security and an integrated payment system that can decrease delays and minimize fees

Project Info: Contract - solidity, Frontend - React

Project Repo/Website:

Project Details: The platform allows users to add paid tasks. Two types of tasks are currently supported: FCFS - the first user who applied will be set as an assignee, Author Selected - the task author can select an executor from the candidates list e.g. by their ratings. Other users can apply and get paid by executing the tasks. The task author can rate the executor.

Project Milestones:

  1. Prototyping stage - completed.
  2. Smart contract - completed.
  3. Frontend - completed.
  4. New features such as milestones, the ability for executors to rate authors, in-app notifications, change requests, reward negotiation - TBD.
  5. Develop to the production-ready state and deploy to the Tron mainnet - TBD.

First tests of the contract.
Screenshot 2022-06-07 at 01.53.54


Prototyping UI


I think a freelance platform is much needed. This would probably help a lot of smaller projects find people who can help them out not only on TRON but with blockchain development in general.

Do you have a website yet? Or is this still just very much a prototype?

Also, what milestones are going to be finished? Like the full platform is done in Season 2?


@WindsOfChange92 Unfortunately no public website yet. Only local dev env so far. I’m going to deploy it to the web shortly. I hope to complete the base functionality on both the backend and frontend within Season 2 and deliver at least a minimum viable product within a couple of weeks.


Have you officially entered yet? I see draft submission on your Tron Hackathon devpost.


Still need to finish the frontend. Hope to submit in a few days.


@vad awesome so a web 3 decentralized version of Fiverr for example, can see this doing well especially if we can use crypto without having to trade for fiat to pay for gigs

When can we test out the platform?

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Hi @Simon! I’m glad you’re interested. I believe I will complete the frontend in 3-4 days and then will deploy to the web. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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The contract is finally deployed to Nile testnet and the app is deployed to the web. Feel free to check it out here: MeDo. Just core functionality so far. I’m planning to add more features in the future. Such as milestones, the ability for executors to rate authors, in-app notifications, change requests, reward negotiation, etc. I will be grateful for feedback, comments, and suggestions.

Do you have any wireframes or user flows set up for this? I think this is going to be huge in the next mass adoption run !

@Bbq I have a user flow like this
MeDo user flow.pdf (76.8 KB)

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Thanks so much for providing! Does this user flow also consider an escrow smart contract?

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I’m not using an escrow smart contract for now. But I’m considering using it in the future and adding the ability for other users to verify tasks results

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Would be awesome to see! You actually have some “proof of work” :joy:

Great idea. Would be nice to get a side gig or even a primary one in crypto. Interesting to see where this goes.

I can see you’ve put a lot of efforts here, keep it up. :grinning:


This could really solve some problems

This is a great purpose. I hope it consolidates

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  • Have you considered assistance with blockchain security