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Project Goal: Be the One Stop Destination for News and digital advertisements in Web 3.0

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TronWeeklyJournal (TWJ) background: With the arrival of technologies such as blockchain, there has been a boom in use-case based applications. Keeping a track of all the updates and changes in the industry requires a transparent source, which is where TWJ comes in. Our journalists keep track of the evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem and its peripherals including NFTs and other Web 3.0 based applications.

TWJ also gives its readers the opportunity to be a part of the TWJ token ecosystem: a one of a kind token system where they will be rewarded for being on the platform. They can also be a part of the TWJ Premium Club and basically reward themselves by being co-owners of the website.

Being a co-owner of a digital media outlet will not only create recurring passive income but it is also a matter of pride to be part of a group, where as a team we brainstorm together to build a honest, transparent and impactful Media Outlet.

Hackathon 2 Product: Decentralizing Digital Advertising and News distribution in Web 3.0

Certain sections of Media today are said to be biased or driving an agenda benefiting a particular segment. The root cause is the centralized structure of these corporations. Another challenge in the current media structure is the issues faced by advertisers mainly:

Many of the advertisers are restricted wrt geographical reach due to geo-political restrictions ( for eg Iran, Venezuela, Russia to name few).

Cross border remittances are time consuming and has high fee ( for eg a online service provider in remote Africa wanting to promote their service in Europe/Asia)

TWJ plans to solve these 2 problems by:
DAO Governance for Neutrality:

We will be creating and empowering the TWJ DAO( Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to act as a watchdog for news published on our platform. There won’t be any censorship wrt DAO enrollment i.e people across gender, location, caste, creed, color will be able to join our DAO thus creating a robust governance structure. They will be the flag bearer of news neutrality and will have power to vote down any content which the majority feels is not neutral.

This we feel will make news more honest and relevant for the readers and help us move forward towards a true Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Crypto payments for Advertisements:

We firmly believe in the future of blockchain and will enable direct crypto payment mechanism for advertisers. The advertisers will thus be able to make the payments in seconds and won’t have to worry about any political, geographical restrictions. Free economy is the motto of Web 3.0 and we stand firm to build this decentralized ecosystem.

We will be using TRON Blockchain for the above 2 solutions thus:

Enhancing usage of TRON Blockchain

Laying the foundation for a Web 3.0 Media system on TRON

Empower more TRON users to participate in Media governance

Enable more people across the globe to experience the speed and security of TRON blockchain

Open up the Market of Advertisements (Approx $400 B market) to the TRON ecosystem

Project Milestones:

-Penetrated reach in multiple markets with reader focus in US, UK, France , India and Nigeria

  • Partner at WBS with focus on expansion and network

  • Launch of TWJ Premium Club: Readers could now own parts of the ecosystem thereby creating a holistic and transparent industry.

-(Upcoming) Launch of TWJ’s native media streams for our subscribers who want the latest in Web3.0 right in front of our eyes.

This is an idea we’ve had since the early days of blockchain development for its resilience to censorship and TRON is the best network to deploy for its speed and low transaction cost.

It would be awesome to gain support and momentum for our project so that we can serve a greater purpose. This is why we are participating in the Tron Hackathon 2022 Season 2; to make a difference.


Hi guys, nice to see you participating to the Hackathon season 2.

My question is simple and complicated at the same time.

How do you conciliate the journalism’s neutrality and the streaming income from projects promotion. How to be sure a good project without big funds gets as much or more attention than a project that has a lower quality ecosystem but big funds for ads.

I think that this problem isn’t limited to web2 but very present in web3 as well.

Thanks and good luck!


I’ve read about the downvote mechanism for the DAO members. That fixes one side of the neutrality issue which is a journalist saying good things about a bad project or saying bad things about a good project.

An other part of the neutrality issue is: journalists, medias, influencers ignoring some projects. That is imo even worse in crypto. Not every projects got the funds for paid ads or featured articles. Of course some projects being absent from medias coverage isn’t always (and even often NOT) voluntary. So here is the question:

Will you implement a possibility for projects to request to be featured (or even just named) in an article. This could be submitted to the DAO members vote and if the project is legit, active,… and get the majority of votes, he could be introduced the next time an article is written on the subject.

Sorry I’m tired so I don’t know if I’m really clear :joy:


Excellent news channel and every month received the rewards , this project will go far


this project will go far


This concept of getting clear news or i say Raw news to general public is important and TWJ doing its best :+1:

Looking forward for more development coming days!

I have complete Trust and currently enjoying passive income being co-owner of a media house :house: cheers :clinking_glasses:

Lets go :fire:


I guess the idea you shared is in line with what they are planning !
Also I foresee JM playing a critical role in the idea of crypto payments :slight_smile:


Love this project, never gonna sell my TWJ coin :fire::fire:


Hello TWJ Team, it’s great to see you guys Participating. All the very best🤘


I recently joined the TWJ premium club really great people in the house and building seriously to next level now! I wish all the very best and hope for the win :trophy:

I am able to keep track of recent News :newspaper: thanks for TWJ :star_struck::newspaper::dizzy:


TWJ is one of the OG projects launched during TRON Mainnet … glad they survived and are here building strong … kudos !


This is interesting and an actual original project :slight_smile:


Yeah agree on that :+1::+1:


That’s a great question!

TWJ’s policy has always been to deliver original and legitimate content to our readers. Despite being part of a sponsorship model, we have always stuck to our primary ethos of transparent news. And most importantly, our aim in improving Web3 is for the power to be with he readers.



Looking forward to your participation too!


Wishing More power to your endeavour :fist:

Always posting news items several times a day about all crypto which is great.

Premium club paying rewards monthly which is fantastic.
When this project takes off it will be massive.


Looking forward to your participation with us too!


We believe our users have to be rewarded for all their contributions. Join us on the ride!


Agree with you :100: @Racks-12345 :+1: