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Project Name: Africa Stars / Turu Angels
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: TuruGlobal
Team Member(s): 20 Team members
DevPost URL: Africa Stars | Devpost
Project Goal: Stars of Africa is a tribute to the continent which has been the birthplace of life and civilization. The beauty and the rich history of Africa consists of many stories untold or unknown to the bigger global population. Stars of Africa wants to highlight the African continent by telling its history and culture. We are launching an #NFT collection representing a good collection of Africans best and most famous, we will share details and background stories. We are the African Stars!
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What it does

We built a community of turu warriors with a connection to the African continent and culture, who are helping to spread the gospel of Africa to the world and who together with the wider TuruGlobal team will support local communities using crypto (TRON) as one of our key tools. We have a Africa Stars NFT collection minting key people, artifacts or event of the African Continent into the blockchain to store these for future generations. We will provide incentives to holders of these NFT’s to generate some passive income. Besides this we are integrating our Turu Angels charity NFT fundraising initiative to raise funds supporting African communities in the 7 different charity sections represented by our 7 Angels

How we built it

The core of the African Stars is our website, which we want to help grow into a documented testimony to the history and current culture of the African continent. This will be build and maintained by the community, where TuruGlobal creates the infrastructure and maintenance to do so.

Project Milestones:
Start of the seperate concepts, stars and Turu Angels was in October 2021.
The concept of Turu Angels and the Tokenomics behind was worked out in December 2021.
The biggest challenge of Turu Angels was to find the right charities to support. And in the end it was our African based Turu Warriors who came up with Charities close to the community in May 2022.
Work on Website started in May 2022
First Fundraiser through Turu Angels will happen in June 2022
First three Charities will receive funding in June 2022.


The website is up and running.

Besides a general introduction another key part of the website is the so called StarPedia, where we highlight the history and culture of Africa, told by the African community…

Turu Angels

Turu Angels is an initiative by TuruGlobal to build a charity fund to support charities which are directly connected to their targets. No big charities with lot’s of layers and cost structures but small charities with a direct connection to its communities. By the community for the community.

Turu Angels uses NFT based crowdsourcing for Charity projects.

​TRON wallet: TEYZEzxUwUd2PdzCve2YWj8tQf

The 7 Angels

The Turu Angels project is supporting up to 49 charities spread over 7 different Angels. Every Angel is represented by a Saint. Every Saint represents the type of charities supported and every Saint has its own artist from the TuruGlobal team supporting it with his or her Art.

For Africa Stars, the first Angel will be part of this Hackathon Entry,

Saint Cecilia


Patron of Music

St. Cecilia lived during the Roman Empire in the 3rd century and was born to a wealthy Roman family. She vowed her virginity to Christ, but her parents married her off anyway. She then converted her husband to the Christian faith, and he in turn respected her virginity and converted his brother.

The story of how she converted her husband is quite remarkable. On her wedding night she made her vow known to him, and informed him that an angel guarded her purity. Her husband replied that he would believe her and honor her vow if he could also see her angel. Cecilia instructed him to first be baptized, and afterwards he was able to see her angel. The angel then crowned Cecilia with a chaplet of rose and lily.

St. Cecilia is most remembered today as the patron of musicians due to this legend:

“While the profane music of her wedding was heard, Cecilia was singing in her heart a hymn of love of Jesus, her true spouse.”

The fundraiser document can be found here:
Cecilia Fundraise Document


After the two already supported charities by Turu Angels:

  • Manny Pacquiao Foundation
  • One tree planted

We have started three initiatives together with our team in Africa:

  • Three Archdeaconry Choir (TAC) Lagos supporting the local community
  • Cryptoschool in Ghana for free crypto education using Tron and TuruGlobal ecosystem as a base
  • Talented Minds Music School in Ghana for free music education to the poorer community

Manny Pacquiao Foundation

One tree planted

TAC Lagos

The TAC Lagos Choir has received their Africa Stars / Turu Angels outfit.


very impressed with your support of planting trees in some countries. Let’s go green. Massive support to #AfricaStars and #Turu Angels


Great work @TuruGlobal #AfricaStars and #TuruAngels will sure change a lots of perspective of how people view Africa as a continent.
The Charity event would sure create positivity and smile around the globe. Keep up the good work


Very very impressive. Africa Stars is indeed the project that is going to unveil the continent of Africa to those that thought Africans had nothing to offer. Africa is the birthplace of what the world depends on to survive. Humans and civilization.
Let the star of Africa shine.


This is so nice :heart_eyes_cat: … shows blockchain can change the world for good :innocent:


Green is the future :+1:


Wonderful to see this. Makes a gigantic smile when a project goes out of its way to help others and unselfish in doing so. Most do one type of charity and with TuruGlobal they are reaching out to several areas and already making an impact in those areas. They have growth of that charity in mind. A project with a huge vision and a even bigger heart! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


yes - another very great move from turu !!!


:star_struck: :heart_eyes: - and it will be successful !!!




awesome, going there to vote!


Wow.This is Africa.Africa history will be made known to the world


Wooow his is beautiful. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Always great work to see from TURU! Do you guys plan on updating constantly the owners of the NFT with what has been done in terms of Charity? Through an email list or through another form of communication?


Kudos to the hard work put in by Africa Stars :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Lots of hype around this, love seeing the progress!


Great to see you back for the Hackathon Season 2!

I love the idea. Not just a classic charity organisation. Africa is a very mysterious continent for a lot of western, South American, Asian people and spreading the knowledges of the different cultures that are born and evolve in Africa seems essential to me. Those cultures have been ignored or, worse, erased for centuries and it is time to bring them to the front of the stage.

I also love the tree planting. It can only do good for the planet :clap:

Keep up the good work Turu bros! :raised_hands:


Love Africa, NFTs and the constant improvement & new ideas from Turu! Also the 3 new initiatives are :fire:


Oh wow a good innovation from the team for Africa.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: